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Club February 1975 (Vol. 1 #1)
First Issue. Interview
Mae West by Gordon McGill.


"The Dominant Killer" by Colin Wilson.

"Girls with their pants on" by Todd Mallanson.

"Roman Holiday" by Peter Stafford.

"Fiona Richmond in California" by Fiona Richmond.

"Pollack the porn" by Richard Green.

"Return of the Classic" by John Blunsden.

"Time on your hands" by Wendy Gable.

"The fears of the obsessed" by Karl Steiner.

"For no extra charge" by J.T. Izard.

"Modus Operandi" edited by David Jones.


Beth by Eugene Finkei.

Sasha by Fred Enke.

Polly by Amnon Bar-Tur.

Karen by Christer Flodquist.

Rae by Amnon Bar-Tur.


Photos by Eugene Finkei, Fred Enke,Christer Flodquist and Amnon Bar-Tur.

Adults Only
Price: $98.95
Adults Only

Club March 1975

Adults Only
Price: $48.95
Adults Only

Club April 1975

Adults Only
Price: $37.95
Adults Only

wish list Club May 1975
Clive Barnes by Frank Norman.


"The night the toys came out" by Barry Kaplan.

"Thar she blows" by Chester Bernard.

"Roll 'Em" by Jay Myrdal.

"The Kiss" by Fred Enke.

"Handwriting" by David Stanley.

"The Repubic of West Vagina" by Bradd Milstone.

"Phallic Metalics" by Hipgnosis.

"Time-lag Orgasm Prolongation" by Fulton Brycer.

"Down in the Glade?" by Fred Enke.

"Modus Operandi" edited by David Jones.

"Fair Play, Girls" by Olivia De Berardinis.

"Fiona's First Film" by Fiona Richmond.

"Tatoo Much" by Jay Myrdal.

Laurette by Amnon Bar-Tur.

Annie by Fred Enke.

Kerry by Clive McClean.

Photos by Rupert Daines, Fred Enke,Clive McLean and Amnon Bar-Tur.

wish list

Adults Only
Price: $23.95
Adults Only

Club June 1975
Tina Turner by David Jones.


"Deb's Delight" by Frank Norman.

"Agony of the Ecstasy" by Karl Steiner.

"Cleaning up" by Jay Myrdal.

"The future: a pleasure profile" by John Sladek.

"Rolls Royce Camargue" by John Blunsden.

"Having a hard, hard time" by J.T. Izard.

"Twin Set" by Amnon Bar-Tur.

"Coital quotes from Hollywood" by Leslie Halliwell.

"Fiona in New York" by Fiona Richmond.

"Modus Operandi" edited by David Jones.

"Three Piece in Greece" by Lennart Osbeck.

"Milly Molly Mantlepiece" by Robin Ray.


Zena by Fred Enke.

Robyn by Rupert Daines.

Irezumi by Angela Carter.

Bliss by Michel Moreau.

Renee by James Ballard.

Elizabeth by Rupert Daines.


Photos by Rupert Daines, Michel Moreau, Angela Carterk Fred Enke, and James Ballard.

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club July 1975
Peter Sellars by Paul Tabori.


"Dial a hooker" by Fred Enke.

"Pubes go public" by Jay Myrdal.

"You pays your dues, Lady" by Godfrey J. Anderiesz.

"Ripe on the vine" by Fred Enke.

"With this song, Baby, it don't matter" by Ted Lewis.

"Room service and other overnight delights" by J.T. Izard.

"Fiona in Singapore" by Fiona Richmond.

"Three in a tub" by Fred Enke.

"Feeling the urge" by Karl Steiner.

"Hose Down!" Fred Enke.

"Modus Operandi" edited by David Jones.

"Sexual Superlatives" cartoons by Keith Reynolds.

"Milly Molly Mantlepiece" by Robin Ray.


Penny by Fred Enke.

Peggy Sue by Fred Enke.

Stephanie by Clive McClean.

Maria by Rupert Daines.

Carla by Art Mancini.

Lou by James Ballard.


Photos by Fred Enke, Clive McClean, Rupert Daines, Art Mancini and James Ballard.

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club August 1975
Exclusive Interview: Telly Savalas on life, lollipops and licking it by Fred Robbins.Models: Jane Holman photos by Fred Enke, Alma photos by Jon Marvin, Anna photos by Amnon Bar-tur, Donna photos by Fred Enke. Feature: Fiona Richmond in Bali. Pictorial: All Down in Black and White by Siwar Ohlsson, Shoe-In by David Parkinson. Article: T for Two words by John Blunsden photos by Fred Enke.

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club September 1975

Route 69 -- An Interesting Position for a Chauffeuse.

  • Happiness is a Heavy Lady.
  • Around the World eighty lays.
  • Fiona in Toronto.


    "Slave Girls in the Deep South" by Todd Mallanson.

  • "Club Connoisseur" Edited by Marvin Bevans.
  • "J.P. Donleavy Interview" by Mike Bygrave.
  • "Cut Above the Rest" by Amnon Bar-Tur.
  • "Dair Game in the Future" by Jon K. Johns.
  • Models: Claudine Costeau photographed by Jacques Bourboulon.

  • Martie photographed by Fred Enke.
  • Thelma Dougan photographed by Clive McLean.

  • Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Club October 1975

    "Evel Knievel Interview: After the Fall" by David Jones.

  • "Male Delivery: The Ultimate Experience" by Eric Stevens.
  • "Tyrolean Capers: Sex on the Ski Slopes" by J.T. Izard.


    Kate Voigt photographed by Fred Enke.

  • Marisa and Karen photographed by Fred Enke.
  • Carolina Simmons photgraphed by Mike Bramman.


    "Oh, Baby Doll" by Lee Hazelwood.

  • "Royal Flush" by Fred Enke.
  • "Cool Customers" by Fred Enke and Alan Walton.
  • "Snakes Alive" by Godfrey Anderiesz.
  • "The Best of Femmes" by Fred Enke.
  • Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Club November 1975

    "Club Connoisseur" edited by Marvin Bevins.

    "The Cult of Dracula" by Daniel Farson.

    "French Lessons and Swedish Drill" by Todd Mallanson.

    "Alice (Cooper) Through the Looking Glass" by Michael Gross.

    "Rachel and Eureky" by Katy Akin.

    "Samurai" by George MacBeth.

    "Cocaine -- The Champagne of Bottled Drugs" by Michael Gross.

    "Aristocratic Erotica" by Daniel Farson.


  • Ginny Butler photographed by Mike Bramman
  • Sue Worthington photographed by Fred Enke
  • Lee Conrad (cover and inside) photographed by Ammon Bar-Tur
  • Photos by Allan Sass and Clive McLean.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Club December 1975/January 1976 (Vol. 1 #11)
    Models: Vivian Kane photos by Fred Enke, Kerry Turner photos by Amnon Bar-Tur, Mia Santana photos by Rupert Daines, Toni photos by Fred Enke. Feature Article: Python Mania by Gordon McGill and Brian Murphy. Pictorial: Three Piece Sweet photos by Fred Enke.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only
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