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Club February 1976 (Vol. 1 #12)
Models: Karyl Pierson photos by Clive McLean, Olivia Clark photos by Fred Enke, Molly (Centerfold) photos by Fred Enke, Lois Hersh photos by Rupert Daines. Feature: "Water Babies" Drawn by Olivia DeBerardinis, "The Blue Angel" Peter Jackson photos by Tony Currin.Interview: The Mitchell Brothers by Barbara and Patrick Salvo photos by Fred Enke.

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club March 1976


"Getting it on credit in Bananaland" by Peter Lefcourt.

"Private Mail" by Tuppy Owens

"Frankie and Johnnie" by Amnon Bar-Tur.

"Limey at large" by Frank Norman.

"Last exit to Bricklin" by Fred Enke.

"Growing up Gay" by John Marvin.

"The Desert Thong" by Fred Enke.

"Teacher's pet" by Mona Mason.

"Well Kiss my Ass" fashion by Robin Saidman.

"Modus Operandi" edited by David Jones.

"A Question of Taste" by Karl Steiner.

"Fiona's First Feature Film" by Fiona Richmond.

"Rape, They Said!" by Olivia DeBeradinis.


Laurette by Clive McLean.

Amy by Clive McLean.

Michele by Rupert Daines.

Dora by Rupert Daines.


Photos by Rupert Daines and Clive McLean.

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club April 1976
Richard Harris by Brian O'Hanlon.


"Death of a Hooker" by Frank Norman.

"Perverse Verse" by Douglas Friend.

"Debating Experiences" by Bradd Milstone.

"Search me" fashion by Robin Saidman.

"Dates to remember" by Chet Bernard.

"Felicity and Friend" by Fred Enke.

"Bizarre Allurement" by Mark Royston.

"Problems of the Orgasm" by James Hewitt.

"Fiona's First book" by Fiona Richmond.

"Modus Operandi" edited by David Jones.

"After the balls" by Olivia De Beradinis.


Mimi by Amnon Bar-Tur.

Sara by Fred Enke.

Alison by Clive McLean.

Karyl by Clive McClean.

Robin by Rupert Daines.


Photos by Rupert Daines, Fred Enke,Clive McLean and Amnon Bar-Tur.

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club May 1976
Clive Barnes by Frank Norman.


"The night the toys came out" by Barry Kaplan.

"Thar she blows" by Chester Bernard.

"Roll 'Em" by Jay Myrdal.

"The Kiss" by Fred Enke.

"Handwriting" by David Stanley.

"The Repubic of West Vagina" by Bradd Milstone.

"Phallic Metalics" by Hipgnosis.

"Time-lag Orgasm Prolongation" by Fulton Brycer.

"Down in the Glade?" by Fred Enke.

"Modus Operandi" edited by David Jones.

"Fair Play, Girls" by Olivia De Berardinis.

"Fiona's First Film" by Fiona Richmond.

"Tatoo Much" by Jay Myrdal.


Laurette by Amnon Bar-Tur.

Annie by Fred Enke.

Kerry by Clive McClean.


Photos by Rupert Daines, Fred Enke,Clive McLean and Amnon Bar-Tur.

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club June 1976

Confessions of a Lady Cab Driver: Fare Play in the Back Seat by Conrad Barney.
The Ferns: Week-end camping was never like this by Samantha Carr.
Bound To Please- Or tying her up in knots by Karl Steiner.
Plus America's Sexiest University and Some Really Sensuous Ladies.


Dana photographed by Clive McLean. Lilith photographed by Amnon Bar-Tur. Esty photographed by Allan Sass.


Born Show-Offs by Chet Bernard.
Love-All: Sauna or Later by Fred Enke.
Lilith by Amnon Bar-Tur.
Some Like It Hotter by Jonathan Clements.
Ladies in Waiting by Olivia DeBerardinis.
Girls Will Be Boys by Todd Mallanson.
Jaguar XJ-S by John Blunsden.
Fiona in the South of France by Fiona Richmond.

Adults Only
Price: $26.95
Adults Only

Club July 1976

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club August 1976
David Bowie by Patrick Salvo.

"The two hundred year old woman" by Exclusive club interview


"Screen Test" by J. Leland.

"Painted Ladies" by Michael Walsh.

"Sex Education" by Samantha Carr.

"Lover Trucker" by Fred Enke.

"Confessions of a Bisexual Man" by Roger Caine.

"Twogetherness" by Fred Enke.

"Wet Dreams" by Fashion by David Meyer.

"Hanging Loose at the Gaiety" by Michael Rock.

"Modus Operandi" edited by David Jones.

"The Ladies that warmed the Hearts of American cockles" by Olivia De Beradinis.

"Fiona in Bangkok" by Fiona Richmond.


Andi by Fred Enke.

Jessica by Clive McClean.

Julia by Rupert Daines.

Benita by Allan Sass.


Photos by Rupert Daines, Fred Enke,Clive McLean and Allan Sass.

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club September 1976

Richard Pryor by Patrick Salvo.

"Milk is Thicker Than Water" by Enzo d' Amberni.

"Getting Ripped" (bodybuilding) by Bruch Berman.

"A Surfeit of Chorines" by Chet Bernard.

"The Shrink-Wrapped Deodorized Non-Returnable Girl" by Todd Mallanson.

"Any Man Can be Had" by William Hardcastle.

"OperaOtics" by Joan Goodman.

"Taiwan On" by Olivia DeBeradinis.

Photos by Rupert Daines, Olivia, Amnon Bar-Tur and Clive McLean.

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Club October 1976

George Carlin by Patrick Salvo.

"This Rick's on Hooker" by Peter Lefcourt.

"Tit Mad" by Karl Steiner.

"Teen Pubes" by Paul Novak.

"How I Almost Got Laid in the Swimming Pool Business" by Peter Lefcourt.

"Birds of Paradise" by Michael Walsh.


  • Letty (cover and inside) photographed by Olivia
  • Alison Roberts photographed by Clive McLean
  • "Super Ball" drawing by Olivia DeBerardinis.

    Photos by Mike Bramman, Olivia, Rupert Daines and Bob Carlos Clarke.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Club November 1976

    O.J. Simpson by Patrick Salvo.

    "Police Please Me" by Ted Lewis.

    "The Erogenous Bathroom" by Rachel Cavendish.

    "Hard Porn" by Irma Kurtz.

    "Room 408" by Del Cummings.

    "Limbo" by Martin Baker.

    "Splendor in the Grass" by Olivia DeBerardinis.

    Model Priscilla Proud photographed by Mike Bramman.

    Photos by Olivia, David Meyer and Clive McLean.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Club December 1976

    Bill Wyman by Mick Bygrave.

    "Turning On To Myself" by Elizabeth Johnson.

    "Grease Monkey Women" by Constance Blumenstiel.

    "The Generation Game" by Robert Brandt.

    "Male Eros Goes to the Movies" by Clarke Taylor.

    "The Sketchbooks of Eric Stanton" introduction by J.B. Rund.

    "Table Manners" drawing by Olivia DeBernardinis.

    Photos by Gadja, Jay Myrdal, Olivia, Dwight Fox, Mick Rock and Eugene Finkei.

    note: This magazine has more than one cover, we will ship what we have on hand.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Club Holiday 1976

    Sean Connery by Clarke Taylor.

    "The Awful Ordeal of Titti Bittern" by Angela Saxon.

    "Never Look a Gift Whore in the Mouth" by Noel Kiljen.

    "The Ways and Wills of Howard Hughes" by Clifford Irving.

    "Twolip Service" by J.T. Izord.

    "SMerry Xmas" by Carl Jaeger.

    "Nymphs & Styrs" by Karl Steiner.

    Photos by Dwight Fox, Rupert Daines and Olivia

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only
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