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wish list Femme Fatales January 14, 2000 Volume 8 Number 10
Asia Argento: Horror Princess: Italy's raciest rebel combines graphic sex and an autobiographical guessing game in her debut as film director.

Sigourney Weaver: Alienated: A femme fatale at 50, Weaver - cast as a has-been sci-fi squeeze in Galaxy Quest - spoofs Star Trek.

Galaxy Quest: Behind the scenes: Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen and crew discuss the space saga's scrapped concepts and the revised vision.

It's Kelly Van Halen - In 3D: Making her debut in an IMAX movie, Van Halen - a drummer's ex-wife - cracks the (Hollywood) Boy's Club.

Bond babe at House On Haunted Hill: Famke Janssen, Goldeneye's vixen, is queen of the Castle in a '99 hybrid of bogeymen and B-pix panache.

Tia Carrere is the Relic Hunter: Cast as a "female Indiana Jones," the Hawaiian beauty strikes gold in her TV role as an assertive woman.

Sara Barrett: Curves and cadavers: The Snapdragon singer raps all about bone chillers, B-films, Cannes, nudity, punk rock, aliens, sex and Satan.

Life of a starlet #1: Griffin Drew: The Surrender Cinema siren, who swings (on-screen) with randy ghosts and Martians, talks torrid scenes.

I was a teenage "Dead Hate The Living": Full Moon shot a movie in a "haunted" hospital: only the film survives (along with the cast, crew and craft service...)

Jamie Donahue: "Dead Hate Living" diva: Formerly sentenced to women-in-prison flicks, this Full Moon femme is zapping zombies and hustling screenplays.

Life of a starlet #2: Amber Newman: Inside the ingenue's survival kit: erotic cable, films shot in 5 days, surgery, sexy robots and Sally Jesse Raphael.

Life of a starlet #3: Sita Thompson: The Cannes belle's bountiful year: Bob Rafelson, stripteasers, go-go dancers, Michael Madsen, oaters.

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Adults Only

Femme Fatales February 4, 2000 Volume 8 Number 11
NOTE:The masthead of this magazine (inside) lists the date as December 3, 1999 where as the cover lists the date as February 4, 2000

The Femme Fatales of "First Wave": The sex is out of this world! Chris Brancato, creator of the sci-fi series, introduces you to his weekly venue of babes from outer space. Will earth be rescued by an extraterrestrial addiction to lust?

"First Wave" babe: Claudette Mink: "I'm a sexy, evil alien whose mission is to seduce the hero. I stick a worm, made of brain matter, in his ear." The actress - who's sizzled in a surfeit of sci-fi entertainment - is a bad girl from beyond.

"First Wave" babe: Brandy Ledford: This former centerfold plays a strumpet from outer space. But she is no stranger to sci-fi, what with The Outer Limits. "And I was the Fiber Op Girl in Demolition Man. I was just horrible."

"First Wave" babe: Keegan C. Tracy: During one episode, she was probed by aliens, dangled from a dam and performed her first nude scenes. The actress recalls racier footage that have made waves in the European market.

Emmanuelle Beart: French Fatale: Do you remember her sexy role in Mission: Impossible? She hopes not. France's #1 sex goddess, whose roles include an angel and a nude model, prefers intimate movies to blockbusters.

"Date With An Angel": clipped wings: Ms. Beart made her U.S. debut in a 1987 fantasy, which bedeviled critics and exorcised audiences from theatres. Things got off to a shaky start when patrons shot down the ending at previews.

CC Costigan is "Shadow Warrior": While sharpening-up her comedy chops for a sitcom, the model/actress "kicks ass and takes names" in a western camouflaged as a sci-fi saga ("It's like La Femme Nikita meets Species"). So what do Jamie Lee Curtis, Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore & Dennis Rodman have in common? It all has something to do with Madonna's cone bra and the late Princess Di's garter belt.

Horror auteur, Kevin S. Tenney: The director/screenwriter whose output includes cult classics, Night Of The Demons and Witchboard - reflects on budgets, nudity, sequels, special effects and his favorite femmes fatales.

LoriDawn Messuri: Sci-Fi siren: Before nailing a recurrent role on Party Of Five, she was a real blast in a sci-fi shoot-'em-up called Wasteland Justice. Messuri recalls the embryonic stage of her career: bikini contests.

Adults Only
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Adults Only

Femme Fatales February 25, 2000 Volume 8 Number 12
LoriDawn Messuri: Sci-Fi star 2000: Increasing her media visibility - and hanging with Party of 5 - she starred in a provocative horror film.

Robin Tunney: "Supernova" siren: Reflections of genre fare (she rejected Scream), independently produced films and nudity in outer space.

Angela Basset: "Supernova" siren: The Oscar winning actress, no stranger to sci-fi, talks about the film's director & a "bloody" good role.

Heather Donahue & the "Blair Witch": Her recollections of auditions, outtakes & optional endings. Also insight on the sequel & life beyond Blair.

Making of "The Blair Witch Project": The filmmakers discuss behind-the-scenes contretemps, budgets, favorite femmes and stupid titles.

Making of "The Bare Wench Project": No script, low-budget: it's like Blair Witch, except for the lesbian bonding & nude bonfire dancing.

Making of "The Erotic Witch Project": No script, low-budget: it's like Blair Witch, except for the lesbian bonding & nude bonfire dancing.

Babes in the woods: Burkittsville: A quiet town in Maryland - a backdrop for Blair Witch - suffers the consequences of the film's success.

It's the ballad of Joanne Rubino: An actress/aspiring producer literally applies muscle in her crusade to crack the Boy's Club (the Hollywood branch).

Cameron Diaz: unmasked: The former model and co-star Catherine Keener talk hair, Hollywood sapphism and last year's surreal cult movie.

Baywatch's Bonnie-Jill Laflin: The witch (she played one in Macbeth) & ex-Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader on mermaids, fantasy film & more.

The life & films of Mary Millington: As Britain's horror industry dwindled, softcore sex boomed. A star was born in 1977. She died two years later.

Adults Only
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Adults Only

wish list Femme Fatales March 17, 2000 Volume 8 Number 13
"The Lost World": Safari sisters: A pulpy panache fuels this TV series but, bottom line, the scripts are skimpier than the heoine's makeshift bikini.

Neve Campbell: A bad girl is a scream: Reflecting on the Scream 3 set, Campbell talks scary stuff, stereotypes, Party Of 5 and Wild Things.

Wes Craven: Scream no more: Venting his final Scream: the director on the script, the horror franchise's future and real violence.

Kevin Williamson: His silent scream: It started wth a script titled Scary Movie: the scribe recalls sequels, censors & Jamie Lee Curtis.

"Hangman's Daughter": Dusk/Dawn 3: Reopened for business, the Titty Twister unveils it's #1 vamp: should you pull-up a stool? The director's dialogue.

Kristen Cloke: "Final Destination": One of sci-fi's sexiest icons raps about her supernatural thriller: co-star Ali Larter hates horror & loves N.J.

A couple of sci-fi sirens make a movie: It's the production saga of Me & Will: two actresses snub Hollywood to produce & direct a film lauded at Sundance.

"Hot Wax Zombies On Wheels": The script lampoons yuppie vanity & B-pix. So why is it likely this film may be exempted from cult status?

Elke Jeinsen: Baywatch & Ballistics: It's a Hollywood fairy tale: Germany's primary bombshell finds peace, prosperity and true love in L.A., right? - Not!

"Witchcraft" vs. corporate voodoo: This franchise is all about bosoms & bogeymen. But will the critically-drubbed, low budget series survive 2000?

"Witchcraft": Alisa Christensen: A stunt woman/horror vet has wrestled with Jim Carrey (Man In The Moon) and "nudity in low budget stuff."

From Amish country to "Witchcraft": Cast in films officiated by Roger Corman & Francis Ford Coppola, genre pinup Kim Kopf turns producer.

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Adults Only

Femme Fatales April 7, 2000 Volume 8 Number 14
Jeri Ryan

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Adults Only

Femme Fatales April 28, 2000 Volume 8 Number 15

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

Femme Fatales May 19, 2000 Volume 8 Number 16

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

Femme Fatales June 8, 2000 Volume 8 Number 17

Adults Only
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Adults Only

Femme Fatales June 30, 2000 Volume 9 Number 1

Adults Only
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Adults Only

Femme Fatales July 21, 2000 Volume 9 Number 2
The babes of "X-Men": "It's a superhero comic movie that women can appreciate as much as men." The director pledges fidelity to the comic: will fans buy into alterations ("sexy but practical" slants on the trademark costumes)?

"X-Men" mesmerizer: Anna Paquin: "It was really cool to play Rogue," says the actress. "She is very strong - she just had to be to survive." The Oscar-winning actress adds dimension to the comic book's fatal, & literally untouchable femme.

"X-Men": The making of Mystique: A real challenge for the makeup department: cast a sexy mutant, supermodel Rebecca Romijn-Stamos wears little more than scales, prosthetics, some blue spray paint & a very steely expression.

"The Curse": Feminist werewolves: A female director/screenwriter probes role reversal: a woman turns into a hairy, nocturnal predator who feasts upon male victims. Bottom line: it's all about lycanthropy, rage and PMS.

Jason (Part X) and his girl Friday: The hockey mask is back, transplanting his mayhem to outer space: however, contrary to rumor, he's matched with a femme - not Freddy Krueger. Producer Sean S. Cunningham offers a preview.

"Whirlgirl": Cyberspace siren: Described as "Xena in the 21st century," she's an illustrated sci-fi crusader who's kicking butt on the internet. Is Whirlgirl the shape of things to come? Will Sandra Bullock play her?

Paula Prentiss: Stepford Meltdown: The sizzlin' screen legend/actress/comedienne - whom Empire cited as "one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history" - recounts an illustrious career and her transformation into a Stepford Wife.

Kim Dawson: Bikinis, B-pix, Boss lady: The blonde bombshell's candid reflections: tackling torrid roles and living with stereotypes. Frustrated with recurrent gigs as bimbos and strippers, Dawson graduated to screenwriter & producer.

Claudia Jennings: The drive-in diva: A definitive behind-the-scenes chronicle of the Playboy icon's life & death. Hugh Hefner, and a legion of filmmakers, recount the Gator Bait actress who was almost one of Charlie's Angels

Amanda Tapping: "Stargate SG-1": "I don't want my charachter to become this sci-fi sexpot..." Tapping into the reformation of genre heroines, she raps about the Boy's Club (Hollywood branch), extraterrestrials & The Outer Limits.

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Adults Only

wish list Femme Fatales August 11, 2000 Volume 9 Number 3

wish list

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Adults Only

wish list Femme Fatales September 1, 2000 Volume 9 Number 4 / Volume 9 Number 5 (Special Double Issue)
Jennifer Lopez: "The Cell": The pop diva, previously cast in modest successes, stars in a sci-fi saga about a serial killer. A blockbuster?

Our reunion with Hilary Swank: We Introduced you to Swank, who made her debut in Buffy/Vampire, in 1996: her post-Oscar interview.

Barbara Payton: Hammer tragedy: The Hollywood horror story of a blonde bombshell who developed a double life in a '53 Hammer sci-fi film.

Ingrid Pitt: Hammer Vamp: Pitt pounds our Top 50 list... reveals how Hammer duped censors... talks nipples... recalls Vampire Lovers.

Hammer's 50 sexiest: Comely cavewomen, bloodthirsty belles, virgins & vixens: a survey of Hammer's femmes.

Yutte Stensgaard: Hammer heat: She screamed & screamed again. But, off-screen, the actress declined to talk about a sapphic vamp role.

Martine Beswicke: Hammer hellcat: Whether playing Sister Hyde, an evil vamp or an Amazon Queen, the Jamaican actress is good at being bad.

The Collinsons: "Twins of Evil": Juicing the genre as Hammer's titillating twins, the Playboy Playmates recall stories about their classic.

Caroline Munro: Hammer honey: The bodacious Bond Girl/Sinbad sidekick nixed nudity but filled-in for Farrah Fawcett in bikini-laden sci-fi sophistry.

"Zeta One": The distaff "Plan 9"?: T&A from outer space: a '69 forerunner of Surrender Cinema starred familiar faces from Hammer's horror stable.

Sam Phillips: She turns on the radio: The B-movie starlet (Phantasm II, Sex Crimes) chronicles a new career as L.A.'s morning talk show host.

Regina Russell: "Sex Files II" preview: Cast as a mermaid, she made her debut in Steven Spielberg's Hook and later swam into sexpot roles.

Glori-Anne Gilber: Video vamp: She cooks in Camcorder quickies: take Killer Sex Queen From Cyberspace - please.

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Adults Only

wish list Femme Fatales October 2000 Volume 9 Number 6

wish list

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

Femme Fatales November 2000 Volume 9 Number 7

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

Femme Fatales December 2000 Volume 9 Number 8
Kelly Hu: Martial arts mistress: Her Martial Law series, though popular, was canned! Hu talks about the quiet finale, fights, free shit, the good/bad psyche of her femme fatale, stunts, Sammo & sex appeal.

Drew Barrymore: Charlie's Angel: Not at all bedeviled by her controversial past, the producer/actress reflects upon her company, Poison Ivy, angels, bad girls, Batman, sci-fi, Cinderella and sensuality.

Charlie's Angels: Sex and the 70's: The advent of TV's 'jiggle' epoch: the Angel who contributed to the TV series' origin, fall of the Farrah phenomenon, the pre-Charlie "B-movies" and careers in purgatory.

The "Angels" 2000: Sugar or spice?: They're not exactly angels, anymore. The film's director raps about "jigle" ("a bit of nudity"), honing the script into shooting shape and which Angel was the toughest to cast.

Laurie Wallace: Smokin'-up sci-fi: She doesn't dig Shakespeare but she peeled at Poe's tomb! The mesmerizing Maxim model muses as a Bond babe, sci-fi siren & tasty comic book bombshell.

Asia Argento: Blood & beta sex: "I'll never get my tits out again for a film." Debuting as film director, the daughter of Italy's #1 shockmeister talks casting couches, critics & the horror pic she declined to direct.

Vera Gemma: (Italian) Scary movie: "I have a pistol tattooed on my ass." Opting for sex appeal over Spaghetti Westerns, she looks in Asia Argento's Scarlet Diva & heats-up a remake of a horror classic.

Carrie-Anne Moss on "Red Planet": Between Matrix sequels, Moss - a sci-fi icon whose credits include Terrified, an "early Heather Graham" vehicle - resurfaced in the genre: her commentary.

Lindy Booth: "Relic Hunter": "My character is not blessed with too many brains!" Formerly cast as cheerleaders, this fantasy film femme traded her pom poms for a weekly gig as TV's sexiest sidecick.

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only
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