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Femme Fatales January 2001 Volume 9 Number 9
Thora Birch: Dungeons & Dragons: The American Beauty is back! Cast as the sword 'n' sorcery saga's heroine, she's definitely not playing games. Birch broaches the attire, special effects, script and sequels.

Kristen Wilson: Dungeons & Dragons: "My charachter is one hot bitch," she says. Grilled on the film's Prague locations, this "elf" kicks serious Keebler butt.

The making of "Dungeons & Dragons": After 10 years in development, and brushes with Coppola & Cameron, the dragons are out of hibernation.

Zoe McClellan: Dungeons & Dragons: Her "uptight virgin" wields magic & a pet pocket Dragon. But McClellan "kmew nothing about D&D game!"

Bond babe reaches a "Vertical Limit": Izabella Scorupco (Goldeneye) & Robin Tunney (End of Days, The Craft) admit to getting "very high."

The batlin' babes of "Battle Dome": Bye, bye Cherry Pie. Stripping-off their alter egos, the bombshells reveal their personal lives. Meet the Catholic schoolgirl, the bitch, and the Emma peeled down to her lingerie.

Bullets & Brinke Stevens: Killin' Time: The horror veteran plays it straight (absolutely no shower scenes!!). Her recollection of Real Time, a violent vignette: waterbeds, beer, blood, the Tarzan Room, goth & a ghost.

"Real Time": Hotties/Horror or Hype?: An innovative scary flick with a femme fatale at the core? Or schlock? A diary of carnage, budgets & bloopers.

Francoise Yip: Return of Robocop: Hong Kong's action star meets the Chromed Crusader in a Canadian comeback. Yip raps about the fatal femmes.

Babes of "Wes Craven's Dracula 2000": Jennifer Esposito and Colleen Fitzpatrick (Vitamin C) on the sexually liberating frills of vampirism, 21st-century style.LoriDawn Messuri: A stripper & Satan: It's an odyssey in hell. Table Of Five's Messuri bumps 'n' grinds in a horror pic described as "sexy, disturbing."

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

wish list Femme Fatales March 2001 Volume 10 Number 1
Julianne Moore, Hannibal femme: A revealing interview with the two-time Academy Award-nominated actress who talks about her start in soap operas, B-movies, and the importance of working with Steven Spielberg and serial-killers.

Hannibal: Behind-the-scenes: Nine yeras after the first blockbuster hit theatres, we begin round two with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, this time at large in Italy.

Traci Lords: "First Wave" femme: Spicin'-up the Sci-Fi Channel in prime time, Lords kicks alien butt as First Wave's curvy crusader ("My heroine starts as a tough-as-nails Linda Hamilton meets Tomb Raider").

First Wave: Shape of things to come: For openers, there's the "hospital Lolita"... and one delicious doctor. Vixens (human and alien) invade the third season. Will Earth surrender to their sexual conquests?

Sheeri Rappaport: "NYPD Blue": The actress & former FF writer plays a recurrent role on the hit series. She recals the good old days - Little Witches, Xena, a female director, nudity & Sci-Fi's 50 Sexiest. Is it a real site? This internet-based horror film featuring Playboy babes is filled with suspenseful, sizzling scenes and karate-kicking sorority sisters. Is it live, or is it the Internet?

Dario Argento and the sex kitten: A preview of Argento's latest, I Can't Sleep. Chiara Caselli, an Italian bombshell, reflects upon the director's return to his Giallo turf - an expanded body count & deeper shades of red.

"Creature Features": Back to the '50s: "We used to dream-up the title first, then make the poster!" Babes, brain eaters, spiders, sex, vamps, Viking women, voodoo - vintage American International "monster pix" are remade for HBO.

Paula Labaredas: "Eves's Preyer": This talented B-movie actress discusses her psychological thriller movie, growing up sheltered, and trying to make a path for herself to movie stardom. Can A-list be far behind?

"Drainiac": Honey, the sink's backed up: A sleeper shot on barely a shoestring, combines slime, spirits, skin, a succubus & shoddy plumbing. So why is it infinitely more entertaining than Titanic or any Sharon Stone movie?

wish list

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

Femme Fatales May/June 2001 Volume 10 Number 2
Cover: Gena Lee Nolan

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

Femme Fatales July/August 2001 Volume 10 Number 3

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

Femme Fatales September/October 2001 Volume 10 Number 4

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

Femme Fatales November 2001 Volume 10 Number 5

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only

Femme Fatales December 2001 Volume 10 Number 6
Asian pulp cinema: Your front row seat is right here with coverage on everything from soft-core to anime to comedy and horror. They might not be award-winning or mainstream, but they are memorable! Jay O'Donnell and his Central Park Media give us the tour.

Beatrice Chia: This gifted starlet from Singapore (we were told that this issue could get you arrested there) reflects on her life, her future, and her love of the theatre. Brainy beauty Beatrice even endures bruises and bashes for the sake of her craft.

Cynthia Rothrock: We can't get enough of this multi-talented action hero! With her million-dollar gams, her take-no-prisoners attitude, and a body built for ass-kicking, you'd think she was genetically engineered. Check out the moves in her newest film Redemption.

Zhang Ziyi: The feisty female action star of Rush Hour 2 (which topped the $200 million mark at the boxoffice this past summer) and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is working her way toward leading-lady roles. She might not speak English, but she's proven herself as a bona fide actress.

Eugenia Yuan: The physical demands of action films are no problem for this former gymnast and star of Flying Tiger Leaping Dragon. The daughter of Hong Kong movie star Cheng Pei-pei is destined for big-screen fame herself. Let Eugenia seduce you with these exclusive, never-before-seen photos.

Candace Camille Bender: Her versatility and survival instincts in the industry satisfy her hunger as she does everything from modeling and music videos to starring in several television series. She's not a household name yet, but she's working toward a successful career in movies and the small screen.

Shannon Lee: The heir of martial arts dynasty, the beautiful daughter of Bruce and sister of of Brandon comes into her own by carving out a growing career as an action star. She's more determined than ever to leave her own legacy.

Jeanne Chinn: The lead in the UPN film Code Name Phoenix shares her passion for her work, stories of the risks associated with acting (including fire-eating!), and views on media typecasting.

Adults Only
Price: $9.75
Adults Only
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