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Gallery November 1972
Premiere Issue.

Jack Anderson. A candid conversation with the pulitzer-winning author of the most widely-read column in the nation, "the public's watchdog of government".

"Collector's Item" by Rod Serling.

"A Stand-Up Jewish Comis Who Wasn't Very Funny Because He Always Told the Truth" by James Walsh.

Leonard (Lenny Bruce) Schneider.

"Jesus is Alive and in Woodstock" by Alan Watts.

"The Italian Connection" by Dan Jedlicka.

"When is a Magician a Real Magician? I Opening" by Robert Anton Wilson.

"Divorce American Style" by Simon Moon.

"The Stones" photos by Bruce Glassner.


  • Becky Dawson photographed by Thom Jackson
  • Kris Wambay (cover) photographed by Stan Malinowski
  • Linda Evans photographed by Jon Derek eight page spread

  • Adults Only
    Price: $98.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery December 1972

    Dennis Hopper by Lawrence Linderman. A rap with Mr. Easy Rider concerning movies, drugs, James Dean, shoot-outs, the people who are tearing this country down, etc.


  • "Orson Welles Likes Himself" by Joseph McBride.
  • "Drinkin' the Night Away With Rod Stewart" by Les Bridges.
  • Features
    "Whitey" by Donn Pearce.

    "Window Dressing to Stimulate" by Gina Bray.

    "Mobius Strip Trip" by James Kahn.

    "If Birds Can Fly, So Can I" by Bruce Glassner.

    Skysurfing: the hundred-dollar-high.

    "Sex on the Mount" by Orummond Rennie.

    "Commuter's Guide to In-Town Pads" by Richard Harris.

    "Up Against the Wall Out in the Street" by Michael Demarest.

    Is there such a thing as a financial article that isn't boring? We give you our stock market primer.

    "Through the Past -- Pin-Up-Ly"

    The paper doll papers -- a modest history --
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Joan Caulfield
  • Jane Russel
  • Theda Bara
  • Annette Kellerman
  • Lucille Ball
  • Rita Hayworth
  • Betty Grable
  • Models

  • Mary Mendum
  • Claudie Perrin photographed by Serge Jaques

  • Adults Only
    Price: $34.95
    Adults Only
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