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Gallery January 1974

"Sammy Davis, Jr. by Baron Wolman.

"Weird Harold (Rubin) -- A portfolio of Pornography: Part 1" by Linnette Vorphas.

"The Mitchell Brother (Art and Bob) -- A Portfolio of Pornography: Part II".

"My Birthday" by Robert Hazel.

"Oh! Cal Coolidge!" by Larry Tritten.

A Scholarly Treatise on the Humor of a Little-Known President.

"The Dallas Spit 'N' Whittle Cowboy" by Carlton Stowers.

Walt Garrison Might be the Definitive Good Ol' Boy.

"Georges Simenon: The Supreme Sensualist" by Joyce Myrus.

"Three Maxi Girls From the Hustler Mini Clubs" photographed by Stan Malinowski.

  • Tonie Paulson
  • Marion Jean Ritchie
  • Althea Leasure
  • "Erotic Fantasies" artwork by

  • Andrew J. Epstein
  • Ed Paschke
  • Dan Clyne
  • William K. Marhoefer
  • Cliff Raven
  • Models

  • Susan Westgate (Marilyn look-alike) (cover and inside) photographed by Robert J. Todd
  • Photos by Ron Mesaros, Wayne Phillips and Stan Malinowski.

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    wish list Gallery February 1974

    wish list

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery March 1974

    Mickey Spillane by Earl Doud.

    "Foxy: The Evolution of a Call Girl" by Susan Hall.

    "Letting the Cat Out of the Bag" by Robert J. Cole.

    "The Hit" by Leonard Katz.

    Frank Costello, "the prime minister of the underworld," was the boss -- the capo -- the power behind Tammany Hall. On the night of May 2, 1957 he has marked for a "hit".

    "Cop Out!" by Jimmy Breslin.

    "Miles Ahead" (Miles Davis) by Robert Palmer.

    "Lions on the Fairway" by George Plimpton.

    "The Ultimate Survivor" by George Bartram.

    "Rocky Mountain High" by Susan Root.

    "Portfolio 1" photos by Mitchell Funk.


  • Rima photographed by Siwer Ohlsson
  • Barbro Klingered photographed by Marvin Newman

    Heather Lake photographed by Eugene Finkei

  • Photos by Christer Flodqvist and Bob Ellison.

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery April 1974

    Rex Reed by Earle Doud.

    "Sex Without Love" by George F. Gilder.

    "The Golden Age of Grease!" by Jerry Leichtling.

    "Parton of the Arts" by William Rotsler.

    "Shortcuts" by Susan Price Root.

    "Down-Home Mama!" by Myra Friedman.

    "Sexual indifference to Janis Joplin was an intolerable blow -- her retaliation could be scathing.

    "Bisexuality: The Last Taboo" by Marco Vassi.

    "The Truth Laid Bear" by Stanley Elkin.

    "Wilt the Stilt" by Wilt Chamberlain and David Shaw.

    "Babylon Revisited" by Bill O'Connell, photos by Barry Kinn.

    "Portfolio 2" artwork by Ron Walotsky.


  • Blaze Taylor photographed by Ralph Hampton
  • Meegan Bradley photographed by Marvin Newman

  • Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery May 1974

    Roger Grimsby by Earle Doud. His one liners have become legend. He has taken teh reporting of news and made it almost palatable.

    "Harry Reems Comes Clean" by Jack Deacy.

    Harry swears that he still daydreams about basketball games while boffing such lovelies as Linda Lovelace, Tina Russel, et al!

    "The Thresher Disaster" by John Bentley.

    On April 10, 1963 the Navy's prize nuclear submarine took 129 men to a watery death.

    "Portugal -- Off the Beaten Track" by Leonard Todd, photos by William Doggrell.

    "Partytime in the Infield" by Abe Wischinia.

    "Striptease Trapeze Smoke Ring". by Jerry Ellis.

    "Horsing Around" by Vic Ziegel.

    "Solomon's Temple" by Stanley Hoffman.

    Jay Solomon, lustful cavalier in a fat man's body, would give anything to lose his virginity. Even 118 pounds.

    "(Bob) Dylan Revisited" by Steve Ditlea.

    "Delta Wings" by Rich Taylor.

    "Portfolio 3" artwork by Marica Marx.

    Photos by Siwer Ohlsson, Christer Flodqvist and Mike McClue.

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery June 1974

  • Telly Savalas by Fred Robbins
  • Professor G. Remington Zank
  • Features
    "They Don't Stay Up Till 3 a.m. For Just Another Pretty Face" by Michael Jahn.

    "Harry Chapin: Music Tells His Stories" by Eileen Stukane.

    Walking the Waves" text by Drew Kampion, photos by Steve Pezman.

    "Meet John Waters, the Underground Director of the Most Repulsive Movie Ever Made" (Pink Flamingos) by Robert Ward.

    "The Ibiza-To-Tangier- Lost Brick Bruise" by Sheila Weller.

    "Is There Sex After Spanking?" by Joel Oppenheimer.

    A whimsical look at sado-masochism today.

    "The Magical Superman Suit" by Gerald J. Francischelli.

    "The Incest Urge" by Martin Shepard, M.D.

    "Good Grief Great Pyramid" by Glenn O'Brien.

    "Yesterday's Iago" by Marco Vassis.

    "Down to the Sea in Ships" by Nick Browne.

    "Portfolio 4" photos by David Schoen.

    "Dreams of Silk and Satin" photos by Mitchell Funk.

    Photos by Johnny Castano and Toshi.

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery July 1974

    Jackie Gleason by Fred Robbins.

    "Baseball Is a Game of Inches" by Vic Ziegel.

    "Making Movies of Making Love" videographs by Philip K. Perlman with Mark Brownstone and Michael Sullivan.

    "The Game of Touch" by David Kranes.

    "Five Your Fantasies!" by John and Mimi Lobell.

    Why limit your passions, explorations, and sexual adventures to only one partner?

    "My Kind of Man" by Richard M. Cohen and Jules Witcover.

    The downfall of Vice President Spiro T. Agnew.

    "How Come None of Those Captains Ever Made Major? by Gerald J. Francischelli.

    "A concise history of the Golden Age of comic books, from SUperman and Batman to the ManThing and -- would you believe? -- Plop!

    "Sexual Surrogates" by Jane Heil.

    "Always the Threat of Violence..." by Marc Olden.

    A federal narcotics agent tells how and why he does his job. Beware of him. He's tough.

    "The Rape of Country & Western" by Chet Flippo.

    Nashville has been invaded by the Philistines -- from Dinah Shore to Richard M. Nixon. The good ol' boys are out in the cold, and the great ol' boys have hauled ass -- for good.

    "Keeping Score" by Bill O'Connell

    Radley Metzger's lates excursion into erotic cinema is good bisexual fun.

    "Portfolio 5" photos by Michael Boys.

    Aurora photographed by Ralph Hampton.

    Photos by John Castano and Ralph Mader.

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery August 1974

    Isaac Asimov by Gerald J. Francischelli.

    Ross MacDonald by Jeff Sweet.

    The Grand Master of hard-boiled detective fiction talks about his craft, his methods, and the soft-boiled world we live in.

    Lou Reed is Not a Nice Boy" by Paul Williams.

    He's the cameleon king of gutter glitter, come on down.

    "Getting into Mrs. Robinson" by Larry Shames.

    A Tribute to the charms of older women. Oh, What a young man can learn.

    "Swinging All the Way to the Bank" by Jane Heil.

    The World of the swinger isn't all fun and games. A few entrepreneurs are making post of money.

    "Four Art Films in Search of a Critic" by Larry Tritten.

    "Portfolio 6" photos by Zee Gajda.

    "Macho Comeda" by Gillermo Yuscaran.

    Octavio's Appetite for Beuatiful Women was Legend in the Caribbean.

    "As Fresh as Yesterday's Fish" by Richard Natale.

    "The Other Racket" by Dick Miller.

    If you haven't tried your hand at platform tennis -- the fastest-growing racket sport in America -- you're missing out on what's In.

    "The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat" by Bill O'Connell.

    The coolest of the cool cats returns -- stoned out of his lascivious skull, and nine times as potent as before.

    "Ever Talk to Y?" by Jerry Ellis.

    The story of a small town girl with a talking what?

    "I Wonder Who's Screwing Me Now" by Colin Davies.

    "Blowing "The Dating Game"" by Gerrit Grahm.

    So it's daytime TV at its cheesiest, but what could I lose? And I might win a glorious weekend with a lady wrestler at the Fresno Fig Festival.

    Photos by Christer Flodqvist, John Demetrius, R. Scott Hooper and Zee Gajda.

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery September 1974

    Rusty Warren by Gerald J. Francischelli.

    "Tunnels Funnels and Telephone Poles" by Larry Shames.

    A Pointed Survey of the Fertile Field of Sexual Symbolism.

    "How to Middle the Bookies at Pro Football" by Al "The Boston Kid" Sandler.

    Want to turn Sunday into an extra payday? Just follow these eight simple golden rules.

    "Looking Forward to the Past" by Ed Naha.

    "The Monarch Butterfly" by Christopher-robyn Gilmore.

    "A Fitting Climax" by John Lobell.

    "Erotica A La Carte" photos by Joshua Armstrong.

    "Portfolio 7" artwork by Ludvic Saleh.

    Photos by Siwer Ohlsson and Scott Hooper.

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery October 1974

    Irving Wallace by Kathryn Sutton.

    "The Fan Club"

    From Irving Wallace's best-selling thriller.

    "How Dirty Are Women's Minds?" by Christine Morris.

    "Watch It, Lady -- You're Tromping on My Machismo!" by Nick Browne.

    "Amanda Takes on the World" by Jeff Vickers.

    "What to Do When Your Nude Sex Therapy Group Comes to Dinner" by Philly Gree as told to Steve Kraus.

    "Who Is That Lady?" by Jerry Schneiderman.

    She's Andrea True, Former star of porno flicks, current rock 'n' roller on her way to singing stardom.

    "Portfolio 8" photos by Steve Walosker.

    Connie Merrow.

    Photos by Steven Weiner, Tony Currin and Zee Gajda.

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    wish list Gallery November 1974
    This issue was not published.

    wish list

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery December 1974

    Alan King by Fred Robbins.

    "How to Survive the Coming Bust" by Bill Flanagan.

    A leading financial writer takes a hard-nosed look at the inflation clouds gathering over us, and comes up with some shrewd, practical suggestions for weathering the storm.

    "The War Gamers" by Mike Jahn.

    "I Am An Emergency" by Jerry Ellis.

    "The Lash-For-Cash Syndrome -- Rap With a Sado-Swinger" by Peter Whittaker.

    "The Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy" by Chet Flippo.

    The journey of David Allan Coe -- from Death Row to Nashville superstardom.

    "Tropic of Unicorn" by Larry Shames.

    "The Black Magic Erotic Primer" by Gay-Darlene Bidart.

    "A Peter Principle for Unprincipled Peters" by Joel Oppenheimer.


  • Gayle Sanders (cover and inside) photographed by Stan Malinowski
  • Amanda "Mandy" McDee photographed by Jeff Vickers
  • Photos by Christer Flodqvist and Marvin Newman.

    Adults Only
    Price: $23.95
    Adults Only
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