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Gallery January 1975

Special Holiday Issue

Louis L'Amour by Jeff Sweet.

"Patriarch of the Underfunnies -- Cosmic Cartoonist Dan O'Neill" by Richard Milner, cartoons by Dan O'Neill.

"The Bomb in Your Back Yard" by James Chang.

Yes, atomic reactors can generate electricity, but a "nuke" in civvies is still a "nuke," and a major failure in one of them could trip the Ultimate Catastrophe.

"The Cherry Kid" by Spencer Brydon.

"Cunnilingus Ergo Sum -- A Portrait of the Director" (Gerardo Cumiano) by Larry Tritten.

"Current Shock" by Dirk Wittenborn.

"A Night At Sex Central" by Michael Riskin.

"Rubout at the Clamhouse: The Joey Gallo Hit" by Albert A. Seedman and Peter Hellman.

"How the Bullshit Hits the Fans" by Glenn Dickey.

This sportswriter takes the view that the Hall of Fame might better be a Rogues' Gallery. Was Durocher right when he said, "Nice guys finish last"?

"Hard Harry & Sweet Susan" photos by Maddy Miller.

Superstar Harry Reems and a lovely newcomer named Shawn Harris team up in the heaviest X-flick yet.


  • Kathy McKee photographed by Sondra Scott Brascia Redd Foxx's lady
  • Linda Farrar photographed by Eugene Finkei
  • Denise French photographed by Clive McLean
  • Photos by Siwer Ohlsson.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery February 1975

    Jumbo Anniversary Issue

    Cornelius Ryan by Fredric Messenger. Author of A Bridge Too Far, The Longest Day, and The Last Battle.

    "The 47-Minute Erection" by Al Berger.

    "The Unisex Perplex: A Disco-Dance in One Act" by Arthur Agajanian.

    "The Death Wish Debacle" by Jonathan Warren.

    Brian Garfield, author of the book that spawned filmdom's backlash shoot-'em-up, lashes back. Peacefully.

    "The Clockwork Testament" by Anthony Burgess.

    "Miss Jones and Her Devil Meet the Sexpot at the End of the Rainbow" by Roy G. Biv.

    "The Arabs are Coming!" by D.P. Michael.

    What the Arabs do with their fat, oily billions of dollars is going to affect everyone in the rest of the world. The prospects are fascinating -- a frightening.

    "The Radicalization of a Masochist" by Terry Kolb.

    The author, a feminist and a sex slave, writes about two life styles that are not necessarily contradictory.

    "See Jane Scree: New Dimensions in Sexual Education Training Films" by Don Carson.

    "The Divine Miss H." (Honeysuckle Divine) by Bruce David.

    "Portfolio: Raymond Bertrand" artwork by Raymond Bertrand.

    "Instant Foreplay" by Jeff Sweet.


  • Shawn Harris (cover and inside) photographed by Armen Kachaturian
  • Becky Thatcher photographed by Fred Enke
  • Christine Deveau photographed by Fred Enke
  • Candice Cavanaugh photographed by Robert Scott Hooper
  • Photos by Siwer Ohlsson and Douglas Mesney.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery March 1975

    "Peter Fonda: Easy Rider Meets the Marx Brothers" by Steven Y. Mori.

    "Gal Porn Filmer Roberta Findlay -- Men's Sex Trips Are Her Meat" by Diana Clapton.

    In a profession dominated by men, this sexy lady gets the big bucks by playing on castration anxieties.

    "Twelve Inflation-Proof Jobs" by Benjamin Stein.

    "Where Have All the Groupies Gone?" by Michael Gross.

    "ESP and the Super Stars -- The Mysteries of Excellence" by Rhea White.

    "The Ghost Writer: Uncanny, Spooky, Creepy -- A Very Brief Glimpse of Eternity" by Jeff Sweet.

    "The Real Dope on Cocaine" by Francie Schwartz.

    "The Making of Mindy Minneapolis" by Daniel Garry.

    "Sol Y Sombra" by William Wiser.

    "In Praise of Getting Loaded" by Arnold Benson.

    "A Night Without Rules" by Tim Nesbitt and Robin Green, photos by David Laech.

    Melanie Seasons photographed by Ed Alexander.

    Photos by Fred Enke, Siwer Ohlsson and Doug Mesney.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery April 1975

    Joe O'Reagan by Henry Miller. The grand master of erotic letters lovingly recalls the bawdy vagabond who shared a prurient poet's literary dreams.

    "In Praise of Gambling" by Bill Ingram.

    "Axe Man" by Christopher-robyn Gilmore.

    "John Willie: The Rembrandt of Restraint" by David Carson.

    "James Dean: The Rebel Recalled" by John Gilmore.

    "The Long Howl" by Sandra Katzman.

    "How Darold Shipp Bulit His Middle-American Erotic Empire Out of a Topless Barber Shop" by Don Causey, photos by Philip MacMillan James.

    "Belly Up to a La La Girl & Leave Your Brains Behind" by Jesse Kornbluth.

    Reggae's Here to Stay.

    "Who's Who in Sex 1975" by Paul Wesson.

  • Annabel Battistella
  • Beverly Harrell
  • Marilyn Chambers
  • Harry Reems
  • Jennifer Leigh
  • Kellie Everts
  • Erica Jong
  • Jean Powell
  • Earl Wilson Jr.
  • John Elliott Brooks
  • CIndy Mills
  • Georgina Spelvin
  • Marc Stevens
  • Jody Maxwell
  • Tina Russell
  • Andrea True
  • Brigitte Maier
  • Models

  • Alix photographed by Fred Enke
  • Elena Morrow photographed by Fred Enke
  • Betsy Starr photographed by Nippy Phillips
  • Photos by Jerry Wainwright and Jon Stevens.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery May 1975

    Mike Nichols by Jeff Sweet.

    "Suzi Quatro: Little Miss Leather Rock" by John Calendo.

    She plays hard-core fifties rock, and she's whipping everyone into a frenzy.

    "Klan Power! Powder Keg in the Prisons" by William Heffernan.

    The Ku Klux Klan -- often ridiculed, sometimes suppressed, but never destroyed -- is back in action. But this time its attack is more insidious than ever. For this time it s victims are prisoners of the law -- and helpless to defend themselves.

    "Electric Bobbie" by C.C. Parker.

    "How to Write Pornography" by Larry Hankin.

    "Gallery Encounter: moderated by Alex Bennett.

  • Peter Boyle
  • Robert Klein
  • Marshall Efron
  • "Cocksman in a Bull Market" by Christopher-robyn Gilmore.

    "Night Line" by Jonathan Greenblatt.

    "Olusty Month of May" by Larry Shames.


  • Dee Kahn photographed by Bob Orwell
  • Faye Walker photographed by Frederick Esmond
  • Janet Kimberly photographed by Chrles Alexander
  • Photos by John La Puma.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery June 1975

    George Harrison by Laura Gross.

    "War -- The High Price of Staying Solvent" by Gordon M. Barnes.

    "The Sports Revolution is Here" by Jesse Kornbluth.

    "The Man With the Golden Mouth" by Michael Gross.

    "Armpits: Your Newest Sexual Playground" by Don Causey.

    "The 10,000th Orgasm" by Jack C. Haldeman II.

    "The Teachings of Don Annout" by Ed Naha.

    "Croatoan" by Harlan Ellison.

    "Masturbation U." by Sandra Katzman.

    "The Ordeals of a Well-Hung Superstar" by Marc Stevens.

    "Erotica Observed" drawings by Marquis Von Bayros.


  • Lee Ann Reno photographed by Mel Oldman
  • Anelia photograhed by Marvin Newman
  • Photos by Fred Enke and Edward Blackoff.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery July 1975

    Cheech and Chong (Richard Anthony Marin and Thomas B. Kin) by Earle Doud.

    "The Coming Bank Bust -- Take Your Money and Run" by Benedict Walters.

    "The Endless Ecstasies of Kundalini" by Richard Milner.

    "All-Star Confessions of a Baseball Bimbo" by Herb Michelson.

    Different Strokes -- The Pleasure Point Here is to Get It On -- Not Get In In. Get It? You Will" by S.E. Xavier.

    "Gallery Encounter: Decadence 1975" moderated by Alex Bennett.

  • Al Goldstein
  • Taylor Mead
  • Holly Woodlawn
  • "Come Back Short" by Malcolm Braly.

    "Dueling Dinosaurs: The Future of Rock 'N' Roll" by Michael Gross.

    "Doomsday: A Practical Preview" by Arthur Herzog.

    A catalogue of coming cataclysms from weather warfare to incurable man-made viruses.


  • Stephanie Kellund
  • Elizabeth MacKee photographed by Patrick Barnes
  • Melissa Carroll photographed by Dennis Owens
  • Photos by Siwer Ohlsson

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery August 1975

    "Three Film Critics" by Jeff Sweet.
  • Andrew Sarris
  • John Simon
  • Judith Crist
  • Profile
    "Won't You Come Home, Bruce Springsteen?" by Paul Williams.

    "The Great Fem-Lib Rip-Off" by W.D. Sprague.

    Have radical feinists and sensation-hungry media masterminded a vindictive conspiracy? he backlash of angry men -- and women -- starts here.

    "Messing Up on Madison Avenue" by Sam Meridith.

    "Divinity's Rainbow" by Randall Alfred, Donald Stone and Alan Tobey.

    For the window-shopping worshiper, the modern religionists have come up with a wild variety of gods and godheads.

    "Connoisseur -- Sorry, Sucker" by Chris Miller.

    "Gallery Guide to Veterans' Benefits" by Bill Snead.

    "Kinky Sex for Those Who Dare to be Different.

    "How the West was Blown -- A Messy Tale of Law and Order" by David "Sunset" Carson.

    Susan Penney photographed by Edward Blackoff.

    Photos by Siwer Ohlsson, Arthur Kling, Ron Corman and Dennis Owens.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery September 1975

    Freddie Prinze by Bob Lardine.

    Cleo Laine by Leonard Feather.

    Laine is, quite simply, the best singer in the world. She is a towering artist.

    "How to Live With a Liberated Woman" by Alan Ebert.

    "10 Opinions on Liberated Women"

  • Richard Kriedman
  • Dom Giofre
  • Barry Newman
  • Don Imus
  • Tony Roberts
  • Ed Lewis
  • John G. Alvidsen
  • Kinky Freedman
  • Richard Savitsky
  • Charles Moed
  • Nick Lecakes
  • "The Brotherhood of the Coast" by Christopher Gilmore.

    "An Introduction to the Assassination Business" by L. Fletcher Prouty.

    Foreign assassinations, and to a degree domestic assassinations, are set in motion not so much by a specific plan to kill the intended victim as by efforts to remove or relax the protective organization around him.

    "Shatterday" by Harlan Ellsion.

    "Tennis Foreplay: New Sex-Courting Scene" by Tim O'Brien.

    Photos by Johnny Castano and Allan Neumann.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery October 1975

    Roger Daltrey by Fred Robbins.

    Kinky Friedman by Susan Toepfer.

    He's a freak, he wears yellow stars of David, he offends everybody, he's that awful Jewboy from Texas.

    "Welcome, Victim, to the World of Oligopoly" by Larry Simonberg.

    "Sex in the Afternoon...Being a True Memoire of a Swedish Pornographer" by Graham Masterton.

    "The Guns of Dallas" by L. Fletcher Prouty.

    John F. Kennedy assassination.

    "Lilyan's Dream House" by Evan Hunter.

    Photos by Johnny Castano and Siwer Ohlsson.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery November 1975

    L. Fletcher Prouty by F. Joseph Spieler.

    "Where's Charlie? (Charles Pierce)" by Alan Ebert.

    He's Been Carol Channing, Judy Garland, and Tallulah Bankhead. See the real face of the female impersonator.

    "Andy Warhol Angel of Death" by Ed McCormack.

    "Black Magic Blues" by Christopher Gilmore.

    "The Bank Bandit" by Fred Darwin.

    "The Model" by Robert Bloch.

    Alysse (cover and inside) photographed by Patrick Barnes.

    Photos by Johnny Castano, John Kirk and Eugene Finkei.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery December 1975

    Barry Newman by Janel Bladow.

    "Splitting: The New Divorce" by Carlton S. Kramer.

    "The Ping Pong Hustler" by Lisa Collier.

    "The United States Military Consists of the Army, the Air Force, the Navy and Marines, and The Fourth Force" by L. Fletcher Prouty.

    "American Music Part One: The Madhouse That Rock Built" by Meridee Merzer.

    "The Stainless Steel Saviour" by Davis Grubb.

    "Instant Nostalgia -- The Collectibles of the Mid-Seventies" by Harvey Martin.

    Susan Hollis photographed Harold Rose.

    Photos by Moranev and Johnny Castano.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only
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