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Gallery January 1986

Stephen King by Douglas Winter.

"Wired for Christmas" by Michael Cahlin.

"FBI America's Gestapo?" by C.H. Shuttleworth.

"What Really Happened to D.B. Cooper" by Max Gunther.

"Battleground: Manila" by Brett Woods.

"Harmony Girls".

"Seeing America" by Rod Elrod.

"Christmas Unforgettable" by Jane Merrill.

Photos by Jean Rougeron.

Adults Only
Price: $17.95
Adults Only

Gallery February 1986

"David Duke: White Supremacy -- in Black and White" by John Bowers.

"Satellite TV -- Beaming With Pleasure" by David J. Elrich.

"American Kampf -- The Resurgence of Violent Racism in the U.S." by David Alexander.

"The Nazi Invasion" by Brett F. Woods.

Old fascists never die -- the CIA won't let them.

"High on Laughs" by Robert Edelstein.

  • Ron Darian
  • Larry Amoros
  • John Mendoza
  • Joe Bolster
  • Alan Havey
  • Margaret Smith
  • John Kassir
  • Frankie Pace
  • Eo Philips
  • Stu Trivax
  • "Rivergods -- Becoming More Than Just a Man on More Than Just a River" by Richard Bangs.

    "Buns! Bottoms are Tops" photos by Frederico Mendes.

    Lalli photographed by Leslie Turtle.

    Photos by Jean Rougeron.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery March 1986

    Elmore Leonard by Bob Ellison.

    "Heroes the Vietnam Experience: The Other War" by Brett F. Woods.

    "The Spy Game -- Nazie Klaus Barbie was America's Ace in the Hole" by Brett F. Woods.

    "Mardi Gras!" by Charles Gatewood.

    "A Story Untold" by John Bowers.

    "The Pink Side of the Moon.

    "Career Couples" by L. Kaye.

    Photos by Harry Ormesher, Jim Paris and Jean Rougeron.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery April 1986

    Douglas Adams by Lorenzo Carcaterra.

    "Taxing the System -- Beating the IRS at Their Own Game" by Tom Callahan.

    "Triathlon" by David Smith.

    "And Justice for All?" by William John Watkins.

  • Bernard Pagano
  • Lenell Geter
  • Mark Davidson
  • Reggie Chance
  • Judge John J. Devine
  • R. Kathleen Morris
  • Judge Robert C. Thomspon
  • "Why Cops Hate You" by Chuck Milland.

    "Reward!" by Rheuben Buckner.

    "Face to Face" by Jane Merrill.

    "Just Friends" by Gail North.

    Tanis (cover and inside) photographed by Harry Ormesher.

    Photos by T.B. Classique and Jean Rougeron.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery May 1986

    "George Romero: The Master of Home-Grown Horror" by Donald F. Matthews.

    "Firepower! Arming Ourselves to the Teeth" by David Alexander.

    "Gun People -- Up in Arms" by George W. Gardner.

    "Inside Indy 500" by Daniel Charles Ross.

    "City Weekends -- Time Out ofor the Big Time" by Chris Dubbs.

    Stacy Donovan photographed by Jim Paris.

    Photos by Jean Rougeron and Michael Ancher.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery June 1986

    "Rupert Murdoch -- Australia's Citizen Kane Conquers the States" by Ivan Prashker.

    "Heroes the Vietnam Experience: Expiriation Date" by Ray Anderson.

    "AIDS" by William John Watkins.

    "Greenpeace -- Nature's Heroes Come to the Rescue" by Richard Pocklet.

    "The Baseball Hall of Shame II" by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo.

    "Loving the Bisecual Woman" by Gail North.

    Paloma photographed by Harry Ormesher.

    Photos by Jean Rougeron.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery July 1986

    Robert K. Brown by James Verniere.

    "Heroes the Vietnam Experience: No Killer I" by Thom Koehl.

    "Gold Rush" by David Elrich.

    "Abdication by Assassination" (Rafael Truillo) by Brett F. Woods.

    "Splatmasters! Everythings Real But the Dying" by David Smith.

    "The Untouchables" by Tim Anderson.

    "No Body's Perfect" by Sheldon Bart.

    "Down Under" by Jerry Ellis.

    "Love Trap" by Nina Malkin.

    Photos by Michael Ancher, Harry Ormesher, Jean Rougeron and Donald Milne.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery August 1986

    Tim O'Brien by Marc Leepson.

    "Heroes the Vietnam Experience: Night Fear" by Louise Michaels.

    "Terror in the USA" by Harry Turner.

    "Rock & Roll Girls -- the 10 Best Reasons to Want Your MTV"

  • Madonna
  • Sheila E.
  • Sada
  • Whitney Houston
  • Annie Lennox
  • Aimee Mann
  • Kate Bush
  • Tina Turner
  • Susanna Hoffs
  • Chryssie Hynde
  • "The Reality of the American Dream" by Tom Callahan.

    "Going After Cacciato" by Tim O'Brien.

    "Long-Distance Lovers" by Tim Watson.

    Photos by Leslie Turtle, Jean Rougeron and Blumebild.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery September 1986

    Donald Trump by Dick Belsky.

    "Heroes the Vietnam Experience: Not Like the Movies" by Joe Al Fairchild.

    "Risky Business -- A Director Goes to War" by Jeff B. Harmon.

    "Law of the Land -- American Indians vs. Big Business" by Stanley Young.

    "Electronic Warfare" by Richard Bocklet.

    "Intruder" by Richard Christian Matheson.

    Mersey (cover and inside) photographed by Harry Ormesher.

    Photos by L. Randall Veatch and Jean Rougeron.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery October 1986

    Danny DeVito by James Verniere.

    "Heroes the Vietnam Experience: Bloodlines" by Jim Simmen.

    "No Holds Barred -- Wrestling Fanatics Steal the Show" by Keith Greenberg.

    "Illegal Aliens -- Foreign Mobs Control American Crime" by Tony Scaduto.

    "American Chernobyl" by William John Watkins.

    "The Streets" by Michael Zausner.

    "Kickoff '86" by Barry Janoff.

    "On the Road -- The American Way to Travel" by Chris Dubbs and John Bowers.

    "Slow Love -- Reach Out and Caress Someone" by Larry Henson.

    Photos by Donald Milne, Jean Rougeron and Jim Paris.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery November 1986

    "Mike Tyson: Rebel With a Cause" by Barry Janoff.

    "Winners and Losers" by Bob Claverley.

    "Of Vice & Men -- Political Scandals of 1986" by David Alexander.

  • Mayor Ed Koch
  • Geoffrey Lindenauer
  • Queens Borough president Donald Manes
  • U.S. attourny Rudolph Giulliani
  • Asst. Attorney General Stephen Trott
  • Mayor Marion Barry Jr.
  • Mayor Roger Hedgecock
  • Judge Wayne Olson
  • "Lucky Going Down" by Martin Kelly.

    "Jump for Your Life" by David Smith.

    Survival in a Well of Sacrifice.

    "Operation Snafu -- Military Madness in Grenada" by Brett Woods.

    "The $20 Million Giveaway" by Steve Kaplan and Larry Marcus.

    Percy Ross says: "Take my money, please!"

    "Hell on Wheels -- Roller Derby is Back" by Keith Greenberg.

    Photos by T.B. Classique and Blumebild.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only

    Gallery December 1986

    "The Littlest Casualties" by J.W. Milenki.

    "Marijuana Moonshiners" by Rod Elrod.

    The inside dope on America's number-one cash crop. "War College" by Carl Swayer. Where the Army goes for a general education.

    "Needles & Sins" by William John Watkins.

    The epidemic of medical malpractice.

    "Urban Voodoo -- The Island Beat Hits the City Streets" by David Alexander.

    "Win, Place, & Snow" by Keith Greenberg.

    Dogsledders conquer the great frontier.

    Hyapatia Lee photographed by Hans Ruedelstein.

    Photos by L. Randall Veatch and Jean Rougeron.

    Adults Only
    Price: $17.95
    Adults Only
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