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wish list Hustler July 1974

Premiere Issue!

Paul McCartney.

Mark Friedman

Bob Dylan by Bob Rudnick.

Ben Gazzara.

"It's Not My Rain" by G.L. Tassone.

"A Good Credit Rating" by Roger Clancy.

"Hustler's Girls"

  • Barbara Jenkins
  • Karen Dermer
  • Linda D'Alessandri
  • Juliana Zhivarsin
  • Marion Jean Ritchie
  • Tebra Dagy
  • Jane Berry
  • Models

  • Marida Lindbloom (Hustler Honey)
  • Vicki Maroni
  • Inge (cover and inside)

    wish list

  • Adults Only
    Price: $198.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler August 1974

    "Saving Your Heart -- Dr. Michael De Bakey" by Joseph Sander.

    Q & A
    "Frank Zappa's Got Brand New Shoes" by Deidre Offen.

    "Taste Orge: 2041" by Ron Offen.

    "Anatomy of a Drug Bust.

    "The Romans Sure Knew How to Get It On" by Patrick Butler.

    "Up the Male Myth" by Boye De Mente.

    Reverie photographed by Frank Lerner.

    Adults Only
    Price: $78.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler September 1974

    "Ray A. Kroc: King of the Fast Foods" (Founder and chairman of McDonald's Corporation).

    Jackie Wilson by Liz Evans.

    "It's About Time Cincinnati Got Some Attention!" by Ed Ward.

    "Gangsters Had That Special Touch When It Came to Funerals" by Patrick Butler.

    "The Divine Powers of Sex" by Tony Richards.

    "What Happened to Pool's Good Name?".

    Adults Only
    Price: $58.95
    Adults Only

    wish list Hustler October 1974
  • Waylon Jennings Interview
  • Centerfold: Diana
  • The Absolutely Fool-Proof One-Man Box-Office Caper
  • Penis, Buttocks and Jelly
  • Has Glenn Turner Been Stopped?
  • Hustler Profile: Stevie Wonder

    wish list

  • Adults Only
    Price: $25.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler November 1974

    "Jim Buckley: The "Famous" Publisher of SCREW"

    "The Milhouse Awards" by Robert Gutschick and Bob Goodrich.

    "Any Way You Choose It...Sexual Aberrations" by Crayson MacAllister.

    "Love is Nothing But a 4 Letter Word" by Joseph Sander.

    Adults Only
    Price: $25.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler December 1974

    Special Holiday Issue

    "Paul Morrissey: Andy Warhol's Ace Director" by Timothy Green Beckley.

    "Dirty Talkin' Gals of Chi-Town" by Ron Offen.

    "Burlesque Bounces Back!" by Frank Thistle.

    "Concentrated Girl" by D.R. Butler.

    "Afternoon on Skid Row" by James Hines.

    "Scandal in Washington" by Len Lawson.

    Adults Only
    Price: $25.95
    Adults Only
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