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Hustler January 1978

"Sexplay" by Sean Carisle.

"Why We're Freezing This Winter" by Ira Rosen.

"Third Annual Unbiased Consumer's Guide to Men's Magazines" by Garrett Morris.

"The State of the Indian Nation" by Charles Raisch, photos by Bob Day.

"Slider" by Bruce Margolius.

Photos by James Baes, Suze Randall

Adults Only
Price: $21.95
Adults Only

Hustler February 1978

"Ervil LeBaron -- Preacher, Polygamist, Killer" by Bruce Margolius.

"Sexual Positions" by Todd David Schwartz.

"The Law Can't Save Us" by John Henry Faulk.

"Cockfighting" by Michael Bane.

"Scorpion" by Nicholas St. John.

"Fantasy Father" by Todd Curtiss.


  • Pantera Malone photographed by James Baes
  • Beverly Kaszycki
  • Photos by James Baes.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler March 1978

    "Racehorse Haynes -- The Smoothest Mouth in the West" by Joe Nick Patoski.

    "Male Masturbation: Coming to Grips With Ourselves" by John-Michael Williams.

    "The Chosen Few" by John Eskow.

  • Garner Ted Armstrong
  • Sun Myung Moon
  • Billy James Hargis
  • Claudius Vermilye, Jr.
  • Oral Roberts
  • L. Ron Hubbard
  • Billy Graham
  • Reverend Ike (Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II)
  • "Little Skeeter's Gotta Learn" by Roy Campbell.

    "Hustler's Erotic Beaver Guide" Illustrations by Alex Ebel, commentary by Todd David Schwartz.

    Photos by Clive McLean, James Baes and Ron Vogel.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler April 1978

    Al Goldstein by Larry Flynt.

    "The Commercialization of Easter".

    "We Are What We Are: Sadomasochism in Society" by Frank Fortunato.

    "Hot to Meet Girls" by Bruce David.

    "The Last Shiksa" by B.H. Litwack.

    Photos by Suze Randall and Clive McLean.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler May 1978

    Happy Mother's Day!

    "Chuck Badone Straight From the Horse's Mouth" by Rob Fleder.

    "Losing Virginity: A Female Point of View" by Suzanne Felzen.

    "Torture -- You'll Tell Them Anything" by Malcolm Braly.

    "TV Censorship -- The Screening of America" by Jonathan Black.

    "Grave Undertakings" cartoons by George Trosley.

    "An Affair of Very Little Importance" by Charles Bukowski.

    "The Wayward Wife" by Pat Franklin.

    Photos by James Baes and Clive McLean.

    Adults Only
    Price: $28.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler June 1978

    "Roger MacBride -- Extremist in Pursuit of Liberty" by Paul Hoffman.

    "Prostitution Around the World" by John Michaels.

    "Who's Who in Bluegrass -- White Man's Soul Music Heard 'Round the World" by Bob Allen.

  • Bill Monroe, Mandolin
  • Earl Scruggs, Banjo
  • Chubby Wise, Fiddle
  • Lester Flatt, Guitar
  • Buck "Uncle Josh" Graves, Dobro
  • "Talking Woman" by Harold Norse.

    "The Terrorist Boom" by Ronald Washam.

    "Prime Cuts" photos by James Baes

    Women as pieces of meat.

    "Celebrity Cocks" Illustrations by Tom Hachtman.

    Photos by Suze Randall and James Baes.

    Adults Only
    Price: $28.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler July 1978

    Special Fourth Anniversary Edition:
    First Born-Again Issue!

    "Paul Krassner -- The Naked Truth" by Bruce David.

    "An Ounce of Prevention" by Bruce Nethercut.

    "Genesis -- The Fall From Innocence" by Eberhard and Phyllis Kronhausen.

  • 9 pages of Genesis color lithographs.
  • "The Fear of Farting" by David Q. Voigt.

    "Even Kings in Their Winter Palaces: A Fable (1972-82)" by Ben Pleasants.

    "Declaration of Sexual Rights and Responsibilities".

    "Female Masturbation" captions by Wardell B. Pomeroy, Ph.D. and Maggi Rubenstein, Ph. D., photos by Suze Randall.

    Photos by Clive McLean.

    Adults Only
    Price: $28.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler August 1978

    "Don Embinder -- Publisher for Gay Men" by John Brady.

    "Natural Childbirth" by Bill Nirenberg.

    "Plains, Georgia -- Looking for Mr. Goober" (Jimmy Carter) by Frank Fortunato.

    "The Shanor Study -- The Sexual Sensitivity of the American Male" by Dr. Karen Shanor.

    "It's You!" by Theodore Sturgeon.

    "The Guy Who Got Too Much" by Jack Hoffman.

    Photos by Suze Randall and Clive McLean.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.75
    Adults Only

    Hustler September 1978

    Collector's Edition

    "The Danger of Breast Enlargements" by Terry Castle.

    "Conspiracy Against Truth -- The Shooting of Larry Flynt" by Ron Ridenour.

    "In Bed With Garner Ted Armstrong -- America's Promiscuous Preacher" by John Trechak.

    "India's Erotic Art" by Peter Clothier.

    "Bugs, Parasites and Modern Man" by Michael Rossman.

    "Sex Positions" by Dr. Joseph Barry.

    "This Was Sex" by Sandy Teller.

    "Night Trick" by S.K. Casey.

    Photos by Suze Randall, James Baes, Matti Klatt and Clive McLean.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.75
    Adults Only

    Hustler October 1978

    "South Seas Sex Ritual" by P. Boas.

    "The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy -- How the CIA Set Up Oswald" by Mark Lane.

    "The Televisionization of Boxing" by Ed Kiersh.

    "The Tax Rebels" by Zbigniew Kindela.

    "Erotic Art by Children" by Doctors Eberhard and Phyllis Kronhausen.

    "Parisian Nights" by Horald Norse.

    "Urine-Drinking the Recyclable Man" by Colonel Mark Liell, D.S.O.

    "The Rape of Justice" photography by James Baes.

    Photos by Clive McLean and James Baes.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.75
    Adults Only

    Hustler November 1978

    "Willie Nelson -- King of Outlaw Country Music" by Joe Nick Patoski.

    "Interspiceis Sex: Humans and Dolphins" by Jack Owen Jardine.

    "The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Was James Earl Ray a Patsy?)" by Mark Lane.

    "Abortion -- Mercy or Murder?"

  • "A Pro-Aborition Viewpoint" by Marilyn Katz
  • "An Anti-Abortion Viewpoint" by Jessica Page
  • "The Soldier and the Whore" by Milton Savage.

    Photos by Clive McLean, Suze Randall and James Baes.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.75
    Adults Only

    Hustler December 1978

    "Father Depaul Genska -- The Hooker's Priest" by Flo Kennedy and Irene Davall.

    "How to Really Pick Up Girls" by Dorothy Simon.

    "The Assassination of Malcolm X (Government and NYPD Conspiracy?)" by Eric Norden.

    "In Search of a Necrophiliac" by Richard Milner.

    "Children, Sex and Society" by Dr. Erwin J. Haeberle.

    "The Hitchhiker" by Zbigniew Kindela.

    "Exhibitionism: The Horny Housewife" by Jill Kirkpatrick.

    Photos by James Baes, Suze Randall

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.75
    Adults Only
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