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Hustler January 1981

Sex Play: Breakthrough: Vaginal Orgasms!
by Stephanie Ross

Gun Control: Pro or Con? Panel debate

Tommi: Ready to serve
(photography by Suze Randall)

Alan Abel: Great American Hoax Artist profile
by Doug Garr

Jennifer: American In Paris
(Centerfold Photography by Matti Klatt)

6th Annual Men's Magazine Review
by Pat McCormick

Dog Day Afternoon
(photography by Matti Klatt)

Robyn Douglass Nude!
(star of Galactica and Breaking Away:
a celebrity excusive)
(by Augustin Gregory)

Beyond Forever
(fiction by J. Bradford Olesker)

Sally: Long and Tall
(photography by Suze Randall)

Kinky Korner: The sexual Servant by Michael Deane

Honey: Holiday Innkeepers by Bruce Helford and Tom Garst

Adults Only
Price: $18.95
Adults Only

Hustler February 1981

Happy Valentine's Day

"William Gaines -- Mad Magazine's Eccentric Publisher" by Frank Facobs.

"Why Men Have Stronger Sex Drives" by Stephanie Ross.

"You are Being Poisoned! Deadly Chemicals are Everywhere" by Ben Pesta.

"The Eyes of the Killer" by Leigh Vance.

Jaime Lyn Bauer photographed by Augustin Gregory.

Sensational Star of "The Young and the Restless".

Photos by Suze Randall, Matti Klatt and Clive McLean.

Adults Only
Price: $18.95
Adults Only

Hustler March 1981

"Are you Horny or Romantic?" by Dr. Laurence Schwab.

"George Bush: A Heartbeat Away From the Presidency" by Robert Reiss.

"Rape! A Victim's Chilling Nightmare" by Suzanne Felzen.

"The Magic Box" by D.S. Bradford.

"Bound for Love" by Nina Ferris.

"Beasts and Erotica"

Painting and scultures by
  • Doug Johns
  • John Squadra
  • Haruguchi
  • Rhett Belford Brown
  • Louis de Wet
  • Jay Eisenberg
  • Margit Malmstrom
  • John Squadra
  • Model
    Vanessa Del Rio photographed by James Baes.

    Photos by Clive McLean and Suze Randall.

    Adults Only
    Price: $18.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler April 1981

    Sex Play: Celibacy: is America Giving Up Sex?
    (by Marc Warren and Dennis Rinsler)

    The Klan rises again: Modern Methods for Old Hatreds
    (article by George Hill)

    Peg: Cocktease
    (photography by Clive McLean)

    The Elephant man (rare photos)

    Marshall Holman: The Bowler You Love to Hate
    (profile by Len Albin)

    Marlene: Soaking Up Pleasure
    (centerfold photography aby Matti Klatt)

    Beauty and the Beast
    (photography by James Baes)

    Trouble in 3 West
    (fiction by Lee Schultz)

    Nancy: Beaver Hunt winner
    (photography by Matti Klatt)

    Kinky Korner: Snapping Snatch
    (by Jack Phillips)

    Honey: In the Foxholes
    (by Bruce Helford and Tom Garst)

    Adults Only
    Price: $18.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler May 1981

    Sex Play: Friction Diction: Turning o by Talking
    by Genia Fogelson

    The Draft: Marching Into Conflict?
    (report by Michael Bane)

    Programmed for Passion
    (photography by Matti Klatt)

    Antique Porn: A Loving Look at the Way They Were

    Richard Kienast: Small-Town Sheriff versus the Feds
    (Bruce Henderson)

    Tanya: The Animal Within
    (centerfold photography by Clive McLean)

    Roxanne and Jill: Hot to Trot
    (photography by Suze Randall)

    Intensive Loving Care
    (fiction by J. Bradford Olesker)

    Pam: Private Performance
    (photography by Peter Bartok)

    Kinky Korner: Secret habits
    (by the Reverend D.H. O'Leary)

    Honey: Ma Bell's wrong number
    (by Bruce Helford and Tom Garst)

    Adults Only
    Price: $18.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler June 1981

    Bits & Pieces: Las Vegas Gambling

    Sex Play: Sex and cocaine by Jasmine Boyd

    Hospital Horrors: Manslaughter by Mistake?
    (report by Bruce Henderson)

    Joanne & Suzi: Oriental Delights
    (photography by Suze Randall)

    Future Celebrity Predictions
    (Humor by Bruce Helford)

    Rachel: Virgin Spring
    (photography by Matti Klatt)

    Freddy Fender: Bright Lights and Lonely Nights
    (profile by Bob Allen)

    Debbie: Dance of Desire
    (photography by Clive McLean

    Wet Willie Goes Back home
    (fiction by Ray Miller)

    Hot Rocks: Electric Passion
    (photography by Clive McLean)

    Kinky Korner: A Little Lust by Mona

    Honey: Behind the Iron Curtain
    (text by Bruce Helford and Art by Tom Garst)

    Adults Only
    Price: $18.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler July 1981

    Seventh Anniversary Issue

    "Funzi Tieri: Death of the Former Don of Dons" by Jerry Capeci.

    "Rock 'N' Roll to Orgasm" by John Pugh.

    "The New Vietnam" by Richard Warren Lewis.

    "John Sullivan: A Friend's Remembrance" by Bob Gima.

    "The Great Movie Caper" by Leslie Bohem.

    "A Family Affair" by Nick Tremayne.

    Photos by James Baes, Clive McLean and Matti Klatt.

    Adults Only
    Price: $18.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler August 1981

    Bits & Pieces: Flip Wilson Caught by a Nose, and More (edited by Bruce Helford)

    Sex Play: Orgasm of Death by Richard Milner

    Kenneth Biachi: The "Hillside Strangler"
    Profile by Ted Schwartz, with Kelli Boyd

    Jesse James rides again
    (photography by Mark Rice)

    Science vs. Religion: Battle of Our Times
    (article by Ben Pesta)

    Robin: The Girl with the Boys int the Band
    (centerfold photography by James Baes)

    Toni & Diana: Wet 'n' willing
    (photography by Clive McLean)

    Blood Money
    (fiction by J.R. Regis)

    Corey: While the Bos is away
    (photography by James Baes)

    Kinky Korner: A Baby-sitter's Bedtime Story by Sally Craig

    Honey: In the Cuckoo's Nest
    (Text by Bruce Helford and Art by Tom Garst)

    Adults Only
    Price: $18.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler September 1981
  • Larry Holmes Interview
  • The Hell Beneath New York
  • Bizarre Sex Acts Around the World
  • International Recipes
  • Centerfold: eileen
  • Fiction: Dead or Alive
  • Beaver Hunt
  • Kinky Korner: Cockpit Action

  • Adults Only
    Price: $18.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler October 1981

    Rare "Jelly Bean" cover by Clive McLean.

    Jim Hopkins: Agent Orange victim by Ron Smith and Richard Warren Lewis.

    Cheryl:Civil Servant (Centerfold Photography by Lowell Butler)

    Donna & Bobbie: Hand-to-hand combat (Photography by Clive McLean)

    "The Best Little Disco In West Texas" by Jackie Grogan

    Nancy: "The President's Lady" by Lowell Butler

    "Kinky Korner: Road Crew Workout" by Linda Dahl

    "Honey: Sweet Skyjacking" Text by Bruce Helford and Art by Tom Garst

    "America's Racial Powder keg"
    commentary by Michael Bane

    Adults Only
    Price: $30.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler November 1981

    Bits & Pieces: Hunting at the Zoo, Erotic-Film-Poll Ballot and More...
    (edited by Bruce Helford)

    Sex Play: Sex Surrogates
    (by Patti Howard)

    Abuse of the Elderly: Children Beating Parents
    (Article by Bruce Henderson)

    The Soldier and The Squaw
    (photography by James Baes)

    Big-City Bookie
    (profile by Roger Dionne)

    Samantha: Devil Woman
    (centerfold photography by Matti Klatt)

    S.S.Love on the High Seas
    (photography by Matti Klatt)

    In case of Emergency
    (fiction by Roberta Metz)

    Pauline: autumn Petals
    (photography by Clive McLean)

    Kinky Korner: A Twin's Tale
    (by Corey St. James)

    Honey: 1,000,000 B.C.
    (Text by Bruce Helford and Art by Tom Garst)

    Adults Only
    Price: $18.95
    Adults Only

    Hustler December 1981

    "Benny Binion -- Poker's Grand Old Man" by Doug Garr.

    "Sex and Fantasy" by Genia Fogelson.

    "The Guardian Angels (Can They Help Clean Up Crime?" by Mark Zussman.

    "Keeper of the Flame" by J.R. Regis.

    "Sex Against His Will" by Lori Broadhurst.

    Photos by Clive McLean.

    Adults Only
    Price: $18.95
    Adults Only
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