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Motor Trend January 1980
The Automobile and the Decade Ahead
Venomless Cobra
Porsche 928S
Save the Whales(Benz 6.9&Porsche 930)
Retrospect:1950 Studebaker Indy Car

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend February 1980
Convertible Craze
Electric Test Vehicle(ETV-1)
Reinventing the Corvair
BMW 320it
25th Anniversary T-Bird
Retrospect:1956 Alfa Romero 6C 3500CM

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend March 1980
85-mpg Hybrid
Cougar XR-7
Doval Shadow
Ital Designs
Honda Prelude: Misunderstood Sports Car
The Devin
Booze Burners
Retrospect:1967 Mini-Cooper 127SS

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend April 1980
Chrsylers New Products
Porsche 924T
Rover 3500
Ferrari BB512
Retrospect:1926 Ford Model-T Coupe

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend May 1980
200MPH $200,000 Dream Machine!!
Lamborghini Countach S
Audi Turbo 5000S
Retrospect:Ford Mustang GT 350HP

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend June 1980
24 Hours of Daytona!!
Turbo Tour
BMW 528 Pros & Cons
Peugeot 505
Retrospect:3 Historic Caddys

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend July 1980
Audi 5000T cross country
TC3 Turismo
Renault Le Car
Porsche 917-30
Alcohol:Octane Booster
Retrospect:1970 Fiat Abarth Scorpione

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend August 1980
AMC-Renault Connection
Mazda 626
Austin Healy 3000MK2
Gullwing super car
Automobile collectibles
Retrospect:1930 Cord L-29 Brougham

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend September 1980
High noon in Dallas
Eagle SX/4 & Kammback
Porsche 924 Carrera GT
Corvette Overview
Retrospect:1935 Ford Station Wagon

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend October 1980
Detroit Fights Back
Ferrari GTO
25 Ways to aviod a Lemon
b+b Iriodin Rabbit
Retrospect:1936 Packard 120 Convertible

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend November 1980
Mustang vs Mustang Then and Now
Volvo Coupe Cross Country Drive

Price: $10.95

Motor Trend December 1980

Price: $10.95
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