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Motor Trend January 1986
The Contenders:1986 Car of the Year
  • Mini-Van Maddness
  • Mazda 626 GT Turbo
  • Cressida vs Maxima
    Driving Impression:
  • Nissan MID 4
    Frankfurt 1986
    Eldorado and Seville
    BBS Turbo 300ZX
    The Peoples Car
    Radio-Controlled Racers
    Golf GTI
    RoadTest:Cisitalia 202SC

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend February 1986
    Car of the Year!
    The Contenders:Import Car of the Year
  • Porsche 911 Turbo
  • Escort GT
    Driving Impression:
  • Bitter SC Coupe
    Volvo 480 ES
    Corvette Convertible
    VW 1986
    1985 Tokyo Motor Show
    The Mitsu's meet at Fuji
    Retrospect:1931 Dailmer Double Six

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend March 1986
    Import Car of the Year!
  • Fiero
  • Lincoln Mark VII LSC
  • Subaru XT Coupe Turbo
  • Acura Legend
    Driving Impressions:
  • Toyota Supra
  • Hyundai Excel
  • Ford Granada Scorpio
    Rubicon Rock Rollin'
    Trucks from Nissan
    Stylin' Garage
    Toyota MR2
    Retrospect:1950 Talbot-Lago

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend April 1986
    Pontiac Trans Am vs Dodge Daytona Turbo Z
  • BMW 735I
  • RoadTest:
  • BMW 735I
  • Cordia Turbo
  • Tempo Sport GL
  • Olds Firenza GT
  • Jetta GLI
  • Integra
  • Mazda 323 LX
    Driving Impression:
  • Dodge Dakota
    Saturday Morning Fever
    Merkur XR4TI
    Motor Racing Chinese Style
    The 555 Rally
    Retrospect:1939 Alfa Romero C 2500S

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend May 1986

    Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend June 1986
    Super Jet Meets Turbo Vette!!
  • BMW vs Merkur XR4TI
  • Mustang GT Conv.
  • Buick Grand National
  • T-bird Turbo Coupe
  • Cadillac
  • Alfa Romero Quadrifoglio
  • Suzuki Samurai
  • Aston Martin Vantae Zagato
    Electronic Steering
    Gray Market
    Paris to Dakar
    Retrospect:1954 Hudson Italia

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend July 1986
    1987 Porsche 924S
    Rover Sterling Coupe
  • Pontiac Grand Am SE
  • 4X4 Face Off
  • Maserati Biturbo Spyder
  • Quantum Syncro Wagon
  • Subaru GL 4WD Turbo
    Driving Impressions:
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Vauxhall Astra
    Junior Johnson's Bud Monte Carlo SS
    Nissan Trucks
    Geneva 1986
    Vintage Racing at Palm SpringsLong Beach G.P.
    Mercedes Active Safety Systems
    Retrospect:1933 Packard 12 Sports Seden

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend August 1986
    Porsche 959
  • Escort EXP
  • Legend vs Audi 5000S vs BMW 528E vs Pontiac 6000STE
  • Scirocco 16V
  • Volvo 240
  • Olds Toronado
  • Mercedes 190E 2.3-16
  • Panther Kallista
    Driving impression:
  • GM's Concept Cars
    Hollywood Vice
    Volvo 740/760
    Best Buys 1986
    Retrospect:1953 Studebaker Starlight Coupe

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend September 1986
  • Ragtop Rampage
  • Ferrari 328 GTS
  • Vanagon Syncro GL
    Driving Impressions:
  • Toyota Corolla FX16 GTS
  • Mitsubishi SPX
    Torino 1986
    On Location
    70th Indianapolis 500
    Retrospect:1937 Peugeot Darl'mat Special Sport

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend October 1986
    Countach vs Chopper
    New Cars
  • Mercedes
  • Ford
  • Chrysler
    Preview Test
  • Prelude SI vs 200SX vs Celica GTS
  • Mercury Sable Wagon
    Peugeot 505 Turbo Wagon
    Le Grand Prix de Monaco
    Retrospect:1956 Continental Mark II

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend November 1986
    IROC-Z Convertible
    New Cars
    Preview Tests
    BMW Z1
    Replica Classics
  • Jaguar XJ-SC Cabriolet
  • Toyota Supra Turbo
    MotorSports:Winston Cup Brigade
    Retrospect:1953 Kurtis 500-S

  • Price: $9.95

    Motor Trend December 1986
    1988 Renault Alpine
    20 Years of Mustang
    Monteray Historics
  • One Lap of Luxury
    Driving Impressions:
  • 1987 Dodge Raider
  • Nissan Sentra SE Coupe
  • 1987 Jaguar XJ-6 3.6
  • Porsche 928S
    MotorSports:Niki Lauda:Meine Story
    Retrospect:1937 Merceds W-125

  • Price: $9.95
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