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Motor Trend January 1998
1998 Car of the Year
590HP Super Stallion!!
Hot Rod Hoodlums
  • GMC Yukon Denali vs Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited
  • Grand Caravan SE Sport vs Toyota Sienna LE
    MotorSport:470HP Hyundai
    TruckTrends:SVI SC Jeep Wrangler
  • RKSport Cavalier
  • Hennessey Prowler GTX
  • Multiple covers

  • Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend February 1998
    1998 Import Car of the Year
    Horsepower Wars!!
    Chevy's Secret Weapon
  • Mercury Cougar
  • Frontier King Cab SE
  • Accord LX vs Mazda 626 vs Camry LE
    Performance:WILD Lexus GS400 Pace Car
    MotorSport:Breaking the sound barrier blus

  • Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend March 1998
    USA vs the WORLD
    VW New Beetle
    Corvette "Active Handling" System
    Performance:327HP SLP Firehawk Trans Am
    TruckTrends:GMC Envoy
    MotorSport:332MPH on three wheels

    Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend April 1998
    Future Cars..'98 and Beyond
    Where the wild things are
  • Toyota land Cruiser
  • Jaguar XJ8 L
  • Brabus V8 MB SLK
  • TPC SC Boxster
  • Installing Reacaro seats
  • V8 Jeep Jeepster
  • Dodge Turbodiesel
  • Saleen Explorer
    Retrospect:Rat Pack Cadillacs

  • Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend May 1998
    VIVA VELOCITY: Ultimate High-Performance Shootout
  • Sport Truck for the Buck
  • BMW 328IS vs MB CLK320 vs Volvo C70
    CarCare:Pro Detailing
    Performance:Saleen S351
    TruckTrends:SVT 325HP F-150

  • Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend June 1998
    Inside the Callaway C12 Corvette
    Do You Really Need a Sport Ute?
    Hollywood's Car Guys
  • '99 Chysler 300M
  • '99 BMW 328I
  • HOTFirebird!!
  • Miata
  • Modified Porsch Boxster
  • Modified LG Motorsports ZR-28 Camero

  • Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend July 1998

    Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend August 1998
    Cadillac Eldoroadster
    Secret Supercars
    Inside the Chevy think tank
    Great Eurpean Sedans
    TruckTrends:$85,000 Tahoe
    CarCare:Synthetic Oil: Is it worth it?

    Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend September 1998
    '99 Corvette Hardtop vs '69 Corvette 427 Tri-Power
    Cheap Thrills and Big Fun
  • '99 Escalade
  • '99 Volvo S80 T6
  • Aston Martin V12 Supercar
  • '99 Saab 9 3
    CarCare:ATF: A window into your transmissions health
    MotorSport:You wreck it, I'll kill you...BMW M3

  • Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend October 1998
    1999-2000 New Car Buyer's Guide
    4X4 Truck Torture Test!
    Hollywood's Car Guys
  • '99 Mustang
  • '99 Solara
  • SC Regal S
  • JR SC Acura Integra GSR
    MotorSport:LeMans 1998

  • Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend November 1998
    Shelby Series 1
    1999 New Truck Buyers Guide
    VACATION: 4 minivans vs 4 MT19 families
  • '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited vs MB ML430
  • '99 Oldsmobile Alero GLS
  • SC SVO Mustang
  • Brake upgrades for Hondas
    TruckTrends:SC Explorer V8

  • Price: $7.95

    Motor Trend December 1998
    1999 Sport/Utility of the Year
    1999 Truck of the Year
    Welcome 2000's
    21st Century Nissans
  • SVT Mustang Cobra
  • 911 Porsche Carrera 4
  • BMW M Coupe
  • Daewoo Leganza
  • Stillen's SC Maxima SMX
  • SLP Pontiac Grand Prix GTX
    TruckTrends:Edelbrock's 502 V8 Surburban
    MotorSports:Monteray:Happy 50th Porsche
    Retrospect:Dangerous pursuit: Bullitt

  • Price: $7.95
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