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Oui January 1973

Supersonic Holiday Issue

King Hussein (Ibn Talal) by V. Leprince.

"Before the Road" by Jack Kerouac.

"Love Poems From the Chinese" by Huang O, translated by Kenneth Rexroth and Ling Chung.

"Unemployment in th Afternoon" by Barbara Long.

"Suicide, Inc." by Donn Pearce.

"Inside Jean-Louis Trintignant --Hello? Hello?" by Stanley Elkin.

"The Soul of the Indian (Rabbits are Srange People)" by Thomas Sanchez.

"The Back Side of Art. Clovis Trouille (The Man Who Painted That Oh! Calcutta! picture is Old But Not Dirty)".

"Mamie's Still Alive at 39" (Mamie Van Doren) by John Riely.

"How to Seduce a French Girl".

"Timepiece (Death is Nature's Way of Telling Us to Slow Down)" by Claude Klotz.

"Appointment in Lisbon".

"Freud's Da Vinci" illustrations by Mark Podwal.

Sigmund Freud of Vienna once took it upon himself to psychoanalyze Leonardo of Vinci from a distance of several centuries. Here we reinterpret Da Vinci's sketchbook as Freud might have seen it.

"The Return of the Hunter (Today, a Classic War Hero Lacks Just One Thing: A Heroic War.)" by Carol Troy.

"Space Odyssey" a portfolio by Richard Fegley.


  • Grete photographed by Frank Gitty
  • Anne Jones photographed by Frank Gitty

  • Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui February 1973

    Alfred Hitchcock by Arthur Knight.

    "Blues for Red China -- Chairman Mao as Uncle Tom" by John Fitz-Thomas.

    "The Wisdom of Y.T. Belinsky" by James D. Houston.

    "The Smack Brigade" by Rodger Hurley.

    A quarter of a million soldiers discovered the road to heroin in Southeast Asia. Now they're back home, and the government couldn't care less.

    "My Linda Lovelace Problem (And Yours) -- Getting to the Bottom of "Deep Throat"" by Richard Hill.

    "Hot Heels -- Or, Them New High-Heeled Sneakers sure got a Lot of Leather Soul" photos by Francis Giacobetti.

    "The New Shoes Road Test" by John Burks.

    "Double Take"

    Introducing the photographic legerdemain of Alfred Gescheidt.

    "Moments of Truth -- With Franco, All is Not What it Seems" (General Don Francisco Franco Bahamonde).

    "Older Women, Younger Men -- Oedipus Wasn't Studid, Just Unlucky" by Lillian Roxon.

    "The Best Hi-Fi System in the World (Maybe)" by Ed Ward.

    "Goa -- Stranger in an Odd Land" by R. Melzer.

    "The Prisoner of Sound" by Charles Hass.


  • Priscilla Pim photographed by Stan Malinowski
  • Pamela Collins
  • Karin Schubert photographed by Francis Giacobetti

  • Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui March 1973

    Juan Peron by Charlotte Chandler.

    "Egg Use Among Our Youth: Threat or Menace?" (Dr. Hilda von Kraft-Hellman) by Nick Kazan and J.C. Lewis.

    "My Dolce Vita (Eight and a Half Clues to What Makes Freddy Run)" by Federico Fillini with Jose Luis de Vilallonga.

    "Token Genius (In New York, Many Subway Riders are Mad, Only a Few are Bright)" by Richard Hill.

    "The Brave New Philippines of Ferdinand Marcos (With Law, Order, and U.S. Money, is Freedom Necessary?)" by Nicholas Tomalin.

    "Inside a European Youth Factory" by Jon Borgzinner.

    "Pimp's Progress"

    Albert Goldman muses on the nature of the hustler while we take you through an eight-page survey of history in the making. America goes pimp! Fly, superfly, and points between.

    "Goldy and the Three Bears (Another Fond Memory Shattered)" by Richard Elman.

    Sue Paul photographed by John Lawlor.

    Photos by Frank Gitty and Francis Giacobetti

    Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui April 1973

    Lord Porn (Lord Langford).

    "Caracas" by Maureen Orth, photos by Franco Rubartelli.

    "Bardot -- Even Without a Lance, Don Juan as Played by BB is One Hell of a Man" by Bruce Williamson.

  • Brigitte Bardot
  • Jane Birkin
  • "The Great S.S. France Caper" by J.R. Young.

    "A Soft Day's Night" by Terri Schultz.

    "The Big Game Is Over -- This Wayto the Exit, Bwana" by Frank Deford.

    "Pastalong Cassidy Always Wears Black -- Sergio Leone's Recipe for Spaghetti Westerns Revealed" by Cynthia Grenier.

    "Scarfe's Savage Satire (His brush is as sharp as a sword.)

    "Garage Sale" by Ken Kesey.


  • La Chatte
  • Queenie photographed by Chris von Wangenheim
  • Photos by Frank Gitty

    Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui May 1973

    Conversation Indira Gandhi by Jose-Luis de Vilallonga.

    "Will Dolphins Rule the Univers? (Dr.John Lilly, the World's Ranking Authority on Cetacea, Thinks They Could)" by Bernard Wolfe.

    ""Me Mark" The Marketing of Mr. Spitz" by Malcolm MacPherson.

    "To Dull the Bite of It (Turn On To the City of Light)" by Rod Blue.

    "Trucking Back to the Fifties"

    When styles were butch and nobody had ever heard of Alice Cooper.

    "Le Demoiselles D'Hamilton" photos by David Hamilton.

    "The Rise and Fall of Leni Riefenstahl (Even Hitler Had Friends).

    "Aurora Anne Marie -- The Puberty Two-Step in Rural Canada" by Terry Byrnes.

    "Whining Through the Apocalypse -- A Farewell Party for the Revolution" by Mayer Vishner.


  • Linda Harding photographed by Richard Fegley
  • Uschi Obermeier photographed by Francis Giacobetti

  • Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui June 1973

    Ken Russell.

    "Moscow's Metered Maids -- Thy Never Say Nyet" by George Feifer.

    "International Airlines Hit Parade".

    "Son of the New Politics -- Shintaro Ishihara, Meet Richard Nixon" by Phil Tracy.

    "Wonderland Revisited" sketches by Mark Podwal.

    "Why God Made the World" by Norman Nathan.

    "Women's Lob -- Love Means Nothing" by Tom Carter.

    "Rich, Black, & Satisfying -- Consumer Guide to Coffee" by Carola Dibbell and Robert Christgau.

    "Love & Loathing in Ibiza" by Jim Hougan.


  • Jasmine Schlegel photographed by Bill Silano
  • Robin Olson photographed by Richard Fegley
  • Andrea Rau

  • Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui July 1973

    Captain Beefheart by Eliot Wald.

    "Sixty-Nine Facts About Those Horny French" by Jon Borgzinner.

    "The Tangier Method" by Daniel Halpern and Peter Rand.

    "Porsce: The Best Years of a Really Great Car".

    "Sheet Music" by John Burks.

    "An American Calamity -- TV Grows Up and Becomes Senile" by Stuart Rosenberg.

    "Viva Durango" by Roberta Ostroff.

    Starring John Wayne, Kris Kristofferson, Sam Peckinpah and Bob "Lonesom Cowboy" Dylan -- A Cavalcade of Stars Surges Across the Screen in the Mexican Dust.

    "Oui goes to an S/M Party".

    "Odd Devices and Strange Gimmicks for the Nearly Normal"

    "Strange Days in Fun City -- Size Places Tourist Information Won't Recommend" by Arthur Bell.

    "Ouch Art -- The Pain Aesthetic..."

    "Saint Lenny: The Early Years (Was He Really Worth a $5 Cover Charge and a Two-Drink Minimum?)" by Albert Goldman from the journalism of Lawrence Schiller.


  • Lissette Malidor photographed by Francis Giacobetti
  • Audrey Newman photographed by Mindas
  • Photos by Gus Gregory.

    Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui August 1973

    Diana Rigg.

    "I, (Alexandro) Jodorowsky -- Rimbaud, Nietzsche, Freud, Fellini, Dylan, and the Rest of you Phonies, Please Move Over" by Patrick Carr.

    The Phone Freaks' Last Stand" by Rod Blue.

    Will the iron fist crush the blue box?

    "Full Stea Eddy (Merckx) -- Belgium's Human Bullet Mares Bicycling History" by Charles Parmiter.

    "Face to Face -- William Burroughs Observes Its Rites..." by William Burroughs.

    "With the Goat God...and Is, in Turn, Himself Observed" by Craig Karpel.

    "De Emperor of Ice Cream" by Gregory Hayes.

    A woman is only a woman, but a good Fudgsicle is a snack.

    "French Postcards -- The Kind Men Like"

    Erotic nudes of the past.


  • Fiona Lewis photographed by Francis Giacobetti
  • Marie Ekkore

  • Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui September 1973

    Marcel Marceau by Chantal Monterastelli.

    "Sex in the COnfessional" by Norberto Valentini and Clara di Meglio.

    "New York vs. California".

    "Haiti -- Land of a Thousand Dances" by Carol Troy.

    "Meet Mr. Kicks -- Georgie Best Hits Hart, Runs Fast" by H. John Ade.

    "Friday Harbor Dream War -- Fifteen Hares on a Deadman's Chest" by Skip Burns.

    "Great Moments of Our Time" by Anthony Hayden-Guest.

    narrative history is dead. Analytic History is dying. Infrahistory is coming from between the lines and into the black adn white.

    "Markovitz's Revenge -- Who Ever Heard of a Jewish Marine?" by Stanley Cohen.

    "Richard the Monkey-Hearted -- Scandal as Entertainment" (Richard M. Nixon) by Robert Sherrill.


  • Marina Langner photographed by James Baes
  • Gunilla Bergstrom
  • Golden "Goldie" Pelt (cover and inside) photographed by Richard Noble

  • Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui October 1973

    Gala First Anniversary Issue

    Gay Talesa by Jon Carroll.

    "Notes on Bette (Midler) -- Somewhere Under the Rainbow..." by Craig Karpel.

    "Halfway to Paradise" (Club Med) by Robert Wieder.

    "Tall Dark and Caribbean -- A Cigar Story" by John Perrill.

    "The New Fascism in Italy -- Oh Calabria! Oh Abruzzia! Thy Truth is Marching On!" by Rudy Chelminski.

    "An Old'Fashioned Girl" by Skip Burns.

    "Thai Boxing Chicken -- Finger-Lickin' Oriental" by Jerome Doolittle.

    "Last Rites -- Many Hearts are Asleep in the Deep" by William Hjortsberg.

    "Dirty Little Michael" (Michael J. Pollard). (not nude)

    "La Vie Parisienne".

    "Springtime for Hitler -- Ach, How Adolph Loved Life in Paris!"


  • Marie-Pascale Strill
  • Hanna Hold photographed by James Baes
  • Photos by Helmut Newton.

    Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui November 1973

    Yves Montand.

    "Buying Out of Vietnam -- Three Women, Three Prices" by James Jones.

    "Dracula Sucks -- Count Vlad Tepes was Short, Cynical, and Partially Impotent" by Cynthia Grenier.

    "California Wine -- Things Go Better With Cabernet Sauvignon" by Jean Dider with Jon Borgzinner.

    "Bobby Seale's Gay Problem -- All Power to the Following People..." by Skip Burns.

    "When Car Cultures Collide -- European Race Drivers are Really Good Old Boys at Heart - Good Old Boys, However, Ain't What They Used to Be" by Lucian K Truscott, IV.

    "They Shoot Marriages, Don't They? Diary of a Bad Housewife" by Anna Gael.

    "Vinoba Bhave? He Doesn't Ride Motorcycles, He Wouldn't Hire Rennie Davis" by Curtis Hartman.

    "The Giant Rat of Sumatra" by Spencer Holst.

    "Stickee Hatpin No Baby Comee -- Will Acupuncture Replace the Pill?" by John Roemer.

    "Casualties of the Court" by Melanie Morris.

    In this the mment of our deepest humiliation, we the working stiffs of the Gotham porn-film industry salute you.

    "Further Casualties of the Court" by Chris Longo.

    In the L.A. porn-book industry, you could get laid off without even undressing.

    "The Flight of the Thrill Kilers -- Joyla and Raoul were Lovers" by James Polk.


  • Ingrid Lind photogrpahed by Pompeo Posar

  • Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Oui December 1973

    Colin Wilson by Daniel Grotta.

    "Getting Staight -- Germaine Greer on the Ups and Downs of Male Sexuality" by Philip Nobile.

    "Adolph's (Hitler) Used Cars -- What Do I Hear For a 30-Yr.-Old Bulletproof Mercedes?" by Tom Miller.

    "Papillion's Last Big Deal -- Writers Sometimes Win: Gamblers Always Lose" (Jojo La Passe) by Henri Charriere.

    "Son of Truffaut" by Jean-Pierre Aumont.

    "Tiny (Nate) Archibald -- Americas Ace Basketball Player is a Squirt" by Robert Vare.

    "Cannibalism -- Mankind Has Many Uses" by D. Keith Mano.

    "Lamb -- The Tale of a Shepherd All at Sea" by George Smyth.

    "Forms Follows Function, 1973" photos by Hiro.

    "Masked Ball" photos by Doug Stewart.


  • Janne Braun photographed by James Baes
  • Joelle Alexandre
  • Satin photographed by Franco Rubartelli
  • Photos by Francis Giacobetti and Jeanloup Sieff.

    Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only
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