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Oui January 1975

Fidel Castro by Frank Mankiewicz and Kirby Jones.

"The Left-Handed Duel" by Gunter Grass.

"The Private Life of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Culp" photographed by Richard Fegley.

Bob knows who he is -- and Sheila knows what she wants.

"European Gambling" by William Wright.

It matters not whether you win or lose, but where you play the game.

"Monte Carlo Gets Down to Business" by Robert Wieder.

"Of Dice and Men" by Nigel Dempster and Jon Bradshaw.

"Fixing up Ert" by Terry Southern.

"Kiss That Box Goodbye" by Albert Goldman.

The rise and fall of the American jukebox.

"Lash Larue Whips It Out" by Grover Lewis.

The veteran king of the bullwhip journeys through porn to find God.

"In Search of the Apocalyptic Orgasm -- Do Various Pills Make for Sexual Thrills?" by Robert Anton Wilson.

"Aphrodite's Little Helpers -- Sometimes It's Fun to Fool With Mother Nature" by Anne Beatts.

"Cracks in the Crystal Ball" by Abe Peck.

Future life as seen through the nearsighted eyes of the rich and famous.


  • Alicia Tamsin photographed by Eugene Finkel
  • Viola Nielsen photographed by Francis Giacobetti

  • Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui February 1975

    Wilt Chamberlain by Lawrence Linderman. Basketball's controversial big man skewers his critics and tells why he is the greatest superstar and superstud that ever lived.

    "Murder Most Foul -- A Violent Act Jolts the Serenity of the Peace-Preaching Children of God" by Jerome Doolittle.

    "Child's Play (Behind Their Placid Adult Exterior Throbbed the Wanton Lust of Shameless Infants)" by Chris Miller.

    "Aces High, Jackpots Low (Private Pilots Wing It in the Bahamas on an Airborne Search for Sunken Treasure)" by Patrick Carr.

    "Pornorama -- An Unexpurgated Survey of the Art of Erotica, in Which We Recall Its Great Moments, Relive Its Golden Age and Meet Its Friends and Enemies" overview by Nat Lehrman, commentary by Gay Talese.

  • "Enemies of Porn" by Al Goldstein.
  • "The Golden Age of Pornography" by Marco Vassi
  • "Porn Yesterday".
  • "Porn Today".
  • "Porn on the Run" mini-interview with Al Goldstein.
  • "Porn Before the Bench" mini-interview with Stanley Fleishman.
  • "What Makes Arlana Blue?".
  • "When is a Mushroom Not a Mushroom? (When It's a Truffle, a Condiment That Tantalizes the Tastebuds and Ripples the Loins)" by Alexander Cockburn.

    "Clothing to Make an Impression -- Whether Favorable or Downright Scary" photos by Helmut Newton.


  • Sally Ower photographed by Francis Giacobetti
  • Vanessa Brown photographed by Richard Fagley.
  • Photos by Reid Miles.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui March 1975

    Paul Morrissey by Jonathan Rosenbaum. The director of Heat, Flesh, Trash and Andy Warhol's Dracula finds New York excessive, thinks the point of movies is to lie and wants you to know he is not a figment of Warhol's imagination.

    "The Twice-Torn Soul of Mark Frechette" by Julia Cameron.

    Antonioni made him a star, Mel Lyman made him a believer and the state of Massachusetts put him in jail.

    "Should Switzerland be Put Out of Business?" by John Roemer.

    Before a historic tribunal, gnome banking is obliged to answer the charge that political neutrality is really a front for naked greed.

    "Hip in the Sevinties" by John Lambardi.

    "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Swinger" by Chris Hodenfield.

    "The Under-The-Hill Gang" by Maury Z. Levy.

    Bjorn Borg and Jimmy Connors lead a youthful assault that has shaken up the tennis establishment and will change the game forever.

    "Gershon Legman Doesn't Tell Dirty Jokes...But He has the World's Largest Collection of Them Lying Around His House" by John Vinocur.


  • Brigitte Streubel photographed by Francis Giacobetti
  • Photos by Francis Giacobetti and Frank Gitty.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui April 1975

    Gore Vidal by Beverly Kempton. The controversial novelist and critic assails the "dictatorship" of heterosexuals, explains his disillusionment with the Kennidys and pours scorn on Americans of all persuasions.

    "Envy -- For Some People, Enough Can Be Too Much" by Thomas Berger.

    "Equality on the Wanted List" by Robert Shannon.

    Female felony is on the rise as women reach for a bigger piece of teh action -- legal and otherwise. "Women of the I.R.A. (European Ladies Liberate the Bomb)" by Len Sanderson.

    "What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing... (Well, Armed Robbery Conspiracy, Inciting Riots, Bombing Government Buildings and Just Plain Doing Time)"

  • Camilla Hall
  • Patricia (Tania) Hearst
  • Jane Lauren Alpert
  • Maria McGuire
  • Katherine Ann Power
  • Bernadine Dohrn
  • Gudrun Ensslin
  • Particia Swinton
  • Susan Edith Saxe
  • Nancy Ling Perry
  • Patricia (Mizmoon) Soltysik
  • Leila Khaled
  • Cathylyn Wilkerson
  • Marion Price
  • Dolours Price
  • Kathy Boudin
  • "Berlin Lives! the City That Gave You Decadence and Dada Does It Again" by Robert Wieder.

    "How to Kill Time -- Beating the Clock to Death" by Nick Kazan, J.C. Lewis and Dr. David Hurwitz.

    "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Scupture (Chris Burden is His Own Raw Material)" by John Calendo.

    "The Great Gulp (A Consumer's Guide to Beer)" by Robert Christgau and Carola Dibbell.

    "Is There Porn in the Vatican? Or is It Just a Lot of Papal Bull?" by William Murray.

    "Michael Callan Glows Warm (A Day in California With the Actor and His Friend Karen, Proving That Wood Has Many Uses)" photos by Richard Fegley.


  • Sylvia Kristel photographed by Frank Gitty
  • Sliwka Weiner photographed by Sacha Van Dorsen

  • Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui May 1975

    Carl Sagan by Timothy Ferris. Planet Earth's foremost authority on extraterrestrial life defends our transmissions to the stars, pours scorn on the Chariots of the Gods and suggests ways we can prepare ourselves for the Cosmic Connection.

    "Operation Red Raose" by Pierre Salinger.

    "The New Improved Paranoia"

  • "How Paranoia Can Enrich Your Life" by Rex Weiner.
  • "The Power of Positive Paranoia" by Craig Karpel.
  • "I'm Not Paranoid, But What Really Scares Me Is...." by Bockris Wylie.
  • "To Our Customers: Due to Exonomic Conditions Beyond Our Control, Economic Conditions are Beyond Our Control" by Robert Wieder.

    "Love is Never Having to Say Anything" by Andy Warhol.

    Coming to terms with his seldom violent emotions, the king of camp explains the dos and don'ts of sex.

    "A Consumer's Guide to Vibrators" by Trucia Kushner.

    Oui's one-woman panel of experts found an occasional shock hazard, some real good vibes -- and a check-rated "best buy".

    "Zen and the Art of Frisbee" by James R. Petersen.

    Exploring the subtleties of the most gentlemanly of sports.

    "Horny Huns Invade Banckok (The Germans Really Know How to Thai One On)" by David Butler.

    "Vamps Revamped" photos by Eugene Finkel

    Yesterday's Sex Stars Re-Created Through Today's Photography.
  • Mae West
  • Anna May Wong
  • Clara Bow
  • Theda Bara
  • Lean Harlow
  • "Sleep Tight" photos by Helmut Newton.


  • Judy Dayto
  • Sandra Grimaldi photographed by Francis Giacobetti

  • Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui June 1975

    Jean-Paul Sartre by John Gerassi. The greatest living philosopher shows where Freud went wrong and where Marx went right and gives several good reasons why he's not likely to sell out in 1975.

    "Along the Frontiers of Sex" by Herbert Gold.

    Our post-hip reporter visits California's sandstone, where sharing is good, jealousy is bad and balling is a way of getting to know people.

    "Blood in the Stands" by Gordon Burn.

    The rugged play in a British soccer game is gentle sport campared with the violent battles among the fans.

    "Journey Through the American Motel Nightmare" by Thom Racina.

    "The Pigs of War" by Jon Bradshaw.

    The best mercenaries money can buy gather ten years after Stanleyville and hunger for new business.

    "All That Glitters is not Lou Reed" by Dave Hickey.

    Beneath that flash exterior the darling of the androids is positively street punk.

    "The Endless Summer School" by Kate Christin Gage.

    Searching Europe for the perfect educational experience.


  • Nina Carter (cover and inside) photographed by Brian Aris and John Kelly
  • Apollonia Skouras photographed by James Baes

  • Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui July 1975

    John C. Holmes by Barbara Cane. America's best-hung stud reveals how he used his unique endowment oncamera, as a porn star, and offstage, as a hustler.

    "Empty Echoes from the Age of Aquarius" by Jo Durden-Smith.

    When the Sixties let up, we were let down, and most of the answers are still blowing in the wind.

    "Seminal Moments in the Sixties" by John Lombardi.

    "Building a Bigger Bust" by Joyce Dutson.

    How females are victimized by the great American obsession with large boobs, take a flat-chested woman to lunch this week!

    "Bill Cosby's Remedial Tennis" by Bill Cosby.

    "How Europe Stole Our Jazz" by Charles Childs.

    "The Odessa File Reopened" by Alan Levy.

    The man who got Adolf Eichmann still has a score to settle: He wants the butcher of Riga and every other living Nazi.

    Paula Sills.

    Photos by Brian Hennessey.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui August 1975

    Paul Krassner by Peter McCabe. The editor of The Realist and former Yippie conspirator tells which forces are out to get us, how they're likely to succeed and why satire and outrage may be our only defense.

    "The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Callgirl" by Jon Carroll.

    "Marijuana Finds Peace in Oregon" by Tom Maremaa.

    The only state that has decriminalized grass offers an instructive example to all the others still debating the issue.

    "How to Handle Sticky Situations and Come Out Smelling Like a Rose" by J.P. Donleavy.

    "The War of the Innocents" by Jonathan D. Broder.

    The guerrilla siege of Israel's Maalot has left a legacy of escalating terror whose chief victims are women and kids.

    "An Investor's Guide to Comic Art" by Michael Baron.

    In the new age of nostalgia Superman is a better bet than the stock market.

    "How Japanese TV Turns a Nation On And How the Boob Tube Finally Earned Its Name" by Alan Levy.


  • Marianne Hall photographed by James Baes
  • Kathy McKinnon photographed by Suze Randall
  • Jane Birkin

  • Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui September 1975

    Reginald Martinez "Reggie" Jackson by Robert Wieder.

    "The Organic Gravy Train" by Robert S. Wieder.

    The health-food industry thrives on myths misinformation and excessive prices, while offering little more nutritional value than you get in a Big Mac. Eat Hearty.

    "The First-Ever Seventies Nastalgia Quiz" by Ben Pesta.

    "The Lesbian Mystique" by Tracy Young.

    Who does what to whom and why all the style?

    "Country-Club Prisons" by Clifford Irving.

    The Howard Hughes hoaxer tells how his incarceration was a vacation -- well, almost.

    "CIA vs. USA -- The Agency's Plot to Take Over America" by Philip Agee.

    It was called Operation PBPrime, the leaders were the top four men in the Central Intellegence Agency and the target was control of the U.S. government. It could happen here and a controversial ex-CIA agent tells exactly how.

    "The Jeaning of America -- How the West was Spun" by Peter S. Beagle.

    "The Uri Geller Touch" by Lora Myers.

    The Stanford Research Institute says he's a genuine psychic -- our reporter, says he isn't.


  • Marte Dantine
  • Denise Deni photographed by Brian Hennessey

  • Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui October 1975

    Roger Vadim Plemiannikov.

    "Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?" by Anthony Scaduto.

    Thirteen years later, the restless ghost of our greatest sex symbol demands a new investigation of how she really died.

    "Lila the Werewolf" by Peter S. Beagle.

    "Sour Grapes -- A Sober Look at the World-Wide Wine Fiasco" by Colman Andrews.

    "Can Italy Be Saved?" by P.S. Quinn

    How the big pizza got itself into a bad muddle and how it might get out.

    "Women Who Rape" by Ben Pesta.

    An ugly crime menace is threatening America.

    "That Fabulous Battle of Britain!" by Bruce McCall.

    Let us observe this 35th anniversary of a deathless legend by separating fact from myth once and for all -- trashing the fact that the myth may live forever.


  • Miss Vicky (Tiny Tim's ex-wife) photographed by Brian D. Hennessey
  • Photos by Jeanloup Sieff.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui November 1975

    Robert M. Pirsig by Christie Hefner. The man whose best-selling book introduced Zen to the art of motorcycle maintenance applies his intellect to the failures of Sixties radicalism, to the roots of black/white antagonism and to the idea that the insane may be smarter than anyone else.

    "The Future of Sex -- Cybernetics, Bio-Feedback, Neurology and Plenty of Good Old-Fashioned Dickie Dunkin'" by Robert Anton Wilson.

    "Henry Kissinger's Jewish Problem" by Jonathan D. Broder.

    Making peace with his past may prove to be an impossible negotiation.

    "Father Guido Sarducci's Intra-Vatican Memos".

    "Why Nobody's Selling Out Anymore (Exactly)" by Craig Karpel.

    Money and integrity never were fast friends, but at least in the Seventies they're talking to each other.

    "My Heart Belongs to the New York Daily News, Jell-O, Playtex, Clearasil, Hair Trigger, Beauty Mish (Check One)" by Elin Schoen.

    Truman Capote, Bill Cosby, Jane Russell, Wolfman Jack, John Wayne and Joe Namath have not sold out.

    "How Heroin Missed Its French Connection -- For Hollywood Marseilles Will Always by Smack Central" by John Roemer.

    "Acting Your Age" by Robert S. Wieder.

    Curtain's up! It's the toughest part you have to play in the long-running bittersweet drama of life. Hit the lights! It's filled with trauma, terror, insults, depression and dread. There's your cue! And no matter how much you dislike the part -- the show must go on!

    "The Wow Wedding" photos by Helmut Newton.


  • Sandra Davis photographed by Brian D. Hennessey
  • Photos by Dick Zimmerman.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui December 1975

    Milton Berle by Lawrence Linderman. Television's first star tells how he made the medium what it is today, how he dropped a few million at the track and how he became the biggest stud in Hollywood.

    Short Talks
    Mae West by Lawrence Grobel.

    The queen of silver-screen sex reveals the secrets of eternal allure: astral vision the a daily enema.

    "Incest" by D. Keith Mano.

    In which our reporter examines some new and starling evidence on the last sexual taboo...

    "Politica -- The Secret Government Strategy to Change the World" by Sid Blummenthal.

    "America: Land of the Sky" by Robert S. Wieder.

    We have become a nation of wallflowers, say the shrinks and the implications are too awful to think about, nevertheless...

    "Border Episodes" by Pierto di Donato.

    On the road from matamoros to Tijuana, beauty meets squalor, and a stunning indian girl is raped by smugglers.

    "Meet John Waters, King of Sleaze" by John Calendo.

    A tour of the frontiers of taste with the director of "Pink Flamingos".


  • Clair Sobol photographed by Andre Berg
  • Terri Hall photographed by Richard Fegley
  • Photos by Frank Gitty, James Baes, Brian D. Hennessey and Bill Arsenault.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only
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