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Oui January 1976

Eldridge Cleaver by Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. The former Black Panther leader reflects on his life in exile, praises, America, France and socialism and explains why he'd like to get home in time for the Bicentennial.

"Cocaine is a Lady -- Four Women Deal to Make It In a Man's World" by H.C. Petley.

"Why New York Has to be Saved" by Pete Hamill.

New York has given till it hurts. If it dies, we're all imoverished.

"Economy Status Cars -- Forget Detroit: True Elegance Comes Cheap" by Warren Weith.

"Ladies of the Roman Night" by Pierto di Donato.

Judges are not esteemed more, the virgin is not honored more, mothers are not loved more.

"Everything You Wanted to Know About Boredom But Were Too Excited to Ask" by Ben Pesta.

"Real Polish Jokes" by Anthony Astrachan.

"Tasty Frieze -- Long-Suppressed Details From India's Erotic Temples" photos by Bill Arsenault.


  • Bobby Sparrow photographed by Brian D. Hennessey
  • Jocelyn Margo photographed by James Baes
  • Pia Sorenson photographed by Frank Gitty
  • Photos by Reid Miles.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui February 1976

    Dr. Thomas Noguchi by Donald Carroll. The controversial Los Angeles coroner responds to accusations that he's a monster and recalls his official dealings with Marilyn Monroe, Sharon Tate, Janis Joplin, Bobby Kennedy and the S.L.A. shoot-out victims.

    "Rape: The Liberals' Law-And-Order Issue" by Lucian K. Truscott IV.

    The Bill of Rights may be the real victim as the feminist left joins the hard-hat right in response to a crime that everyone deplores.

    "The Pizza Papers" by John Vater.

    Celebrating the most American of ethnic foods: when it's good, it's great -- and when it's bad, it's still pretty good. "Phobias for Our Time -- Fun Fears for a New Year" by Robert s. Wieder.

    "White Powder Heaven -- Wilderness Skiing Via Helicopter is the Ultimate Trip" by Don L. Pierce Jr.

    "The Assassinationist Business" by F. Peter Model.

  • Penn Jones Jr.
  • A.J. Weberman
  • Harold Weisberg
  • Sherman H. Skolnick
  • Mark Lane
  • Bernard Fensterwald
  • "The Therapist Will See You Now, Big Boy" by Herbert Gold.

    When is a whorehouse not a whorehouse? When it's the Golden Gate Foundation for Research and Development.

    "Is It True What They Say About Japanese Women? Well, Partly" by Donald Kirk.

    "Bob Marley is Reggae-Man, Rasa-Man, Revolution-Man" by Scott Cohen.

    In Jamaica, where there's smoke, there's fire.


  • Florence Cayrol photographed by Andre Berg
  • Anne-Marie Challen

  • Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui March 1976

    Redd Foxx by Lawrence Linderman. TV's most successful black comedian lives up to his crusty reputation, by complaining about network racism and describing what he's like to do with Archie Bunker.

    "The Squeaky Fromme Story" by Ed Sanders.

    From his cell in San Quentin Charles Manson is still very much in charge.

    "The Light at the End of the Tunnel" by Norman Spinrad.

    "Science Without Shame" by Art Levine.

    How the medical establishment risks human lives in the name of humanity.

    "The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe" by William A. Rossi.

    Notes on the history of man's lowest and dirtiest sexual organ, by the world's first philosopher-podiatrist.

    "Has Austin Upstaged Nashville?" by Karen Thorsen.

    Yes -- by putting the country back into country music.

    "Bucking the System" by Robert S. Wieder.

    "Ron Galella's Greatest Hits"

    The top celebrity photographer talks about his more reluctant subjects.

    "Corinne Clery in the Story of O" photographed by Francis Giacobetti, movie stills by Georges Pierre.


  • Cindy Devereaux photographed by Nicholas de Sciose
  • Photos by Richard Fegley

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui April 1976

    Round-Table Discussion
    "Crime in America" by Peter Manso.
  • Peter Maas
  • Joseph Wambaugh
  • George V. Higgins
  • Nicholas Gage
  • Hank Messick
  • Features
    "Montezuma's Revenge" by Curtis Hartman.

    How hundreds of American kids landed in Mexican jails on drug busts -- and why the State Department doesn't do anything about it.

    "A Case for Polygamy" by Robert Gover.

    In the heart of darkest Dixie an ancient culture threatens to teach us a thing or two about love and marriage.

    "How I Learned to Like Sex" by Jerry Rubin.

    The ex-yippie leader used to feel like a conspirator in bed, but now he's taken his life into his own hands and he feels much better, than you.

    "At Last the Inevitable: Coed Baths" by John Vater.

    "The Return of Count Von Zeppelin" by William Wiser.

    How will you travel in 2000? Rocket? Saucer? Would you belive the big balloon?

    "France Discovers Porn" photographed by Antoine Beaumont

  • Claudine Beccarie
  • Emmanuelle Arsan
  • Penelope Lamour
  • Daniele Negre
  • Francoise Wandelle
  • Florence Cayrol
  • Nathalie Zieger
  • Claude Janna
  • Model

  • Tish Hampton-Smith (cover and inside) photographed by James Baes.
  • Photos by R. Scott Hooper.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui May 1976

    Idi Amin by Jonathan Broder. The president of Uganda responds to charges that he is a racist and a madman, praises U.S. policy in Angola and claims that some of his best friends are Jews.

    "Who Killed Bobby? by Allard Lowenstein.

    An ex-congressman charges that crucial evidence is being withheld in the official investigation of the younger Kennedy's death.

    "Unwrapping the COndom Industry" by Henry Weil.

    A low profile of a business that likes to keep it that way.

    "Death by Falling Watermelons" by Cy A. Adler.

    Is nature really falling down? An ecologist shatters environmental myths.

    "Transcendental Meditation -- Like Chicken Soup, It Can't Hurt" by Margo Furth.

    "Are You Running With Me, Reverend Williams?" by Roger Raporort.

    How a community church in San Francisco is gradually taking the place of city hall.

    "Jeny From the Bronx" by Rick Allmen.

    "Fantasy Becomes Reality When Catherine Steps Through the Looking Glass"

    Catherine Burgess


  • Sylvia Kristel (cover and inside) photographed by Francis Giacobetti
  • Kim Brown photographed by Brian D. Hennessey That "Emmanuelle" girl.

  • Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui June 1976

    Candy Barr photographed by Richard Fegley Burlesque queen, ex-con, Jack Ruby's pal, porno's first (reluctant) star and a real lady.

    "Brainwashing: How to Fold, Spindle and Mutilate the Human Mind in Five Easy Steps" by Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson.

    "In Defense of Brainwashing" by Richard Condon.

    Psyche manipulation can improve the species, says the author of the Manchurian Candidate.

    "The Case Against College" by Craig S. Karpel.

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste, not to mention four years and a small fortune.

    "When is a Prostitute Not a Prostitute?" by Francis Burke.

    When she's a man like Fred Doane -- so says the judge.

    "The Poll (Exploring a Future in Which TV Ratings are a Way of Life -- and Death)" by Dennis B. Fradin.

    "How the Western Europe Was Won" by Frank Lipsius.

    First we sent them cowboy movies, then they got down on their hands and knees and tried to remake their cities in the image of Deadwood Gulch -- no kidding.

    "Is Oakland the New San Francisco?" by Robert S. Wieder.

    Better think twice about where you leave your heart. There's strong evidence that America's most mythed-about city has been outclassed.


  • Letitia Bombay photographed by Francis Giacobetti
  • Photos by Frank Gitty.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui July 1976

    Bruce Dern by Christopher Fryer and Robert Crane. Hollywood's newest leading man recalls his years as a psycho character actor, explains his mixed feelings on porn and tells us everything we always wanted to know about movie-star sex but never had anyone to ask.

    "The Selling of Steven Weed -- Patty-Cake, Patty-Cake, Agent Man, Make Me Some Bread as Fast as You Can" by Robert S. Wieder.

    "Kill, Carlos, Kill -- Run, Carlos, Run (An Intimate Profile of the Most Wanted Man in the World)" by Gordon Burn.

    "Weekend Warriors" by Bob Greene.

    In Las Vegas these days, many of the professionals are amateurs.

    "The Facts About the Snuff-Film Rumors" by Jay Lynch.

    "Four Brave Soldiers Who Made the Army Made -- The Democrat, The Gay Activist, The Expectant Mother and the Long-Hair" by Gale Wiley.

    "My Afternoon With Mrs. Woodrow Wilson" by Pietro di Donato.

    "Joan Hitchcock's Evenings With J.F.K." by Maitland Zane.

    "Patti Smith" by Scott Cohen.

    How a little girl took over a tough gang: The Hard Rock Poets.

    "The Wickedest One-Third Mile in the World" cartoons by Ralph Steadman.

    Hildy McCormick photographed by Brian D. Hennessey.

    Photos by Francis Giacobetti and Bill Arsenault.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui August 1976

    Jimmy Connors by Maury Z. Levy. The baddest boy of tennis talks about his mom (whom he loves), Chris Evert (whom he likes a lot), his image (which tickles him) and the press (with whom he doesn't get along too good).

    "The Whole Bedroom Catalog" by D. Keith Mano and Jo-Margaret Mano.

    Our tag-team reporters check out the gadgets of love and arrive at the perfect consumer union.

    "Meeting Manson -- The Acid Apostle and the Prophet of Doom Discuss Life and Fear and Death" by Timothy Leary.

    "The Thumb Trip -- How to Travel Almost Anywhere for Almost Nothing". by James R. Petersen.

    "Bumping With Susan at Jerry's" by Eliot Osborn.

    The outerspace band invades the White House and attempts to capture the president's daughter with rock music.

    "The American Convertible -- How a Vanishing Breed Vanished" by Gary Witzenburg.

    "French Tastes -- The Frustrating Search for a Good Gallic Eatery in America" by Colman Andrews.

    "The Films of Ronald Reagan" by Mitch Tuchman.

    Lynn Staunton photographed by James Baes.

    Photos by Francis Giacobetti and James Baes.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui September 1976

    Henny Youngman.

    "The Mutilation Mystery" by Ed Sanders.

    "Valium: Popcorn of the Seventies" by John Lombardi.

    "Squartters' Rights" by Don Carlinski.

    "Boston Gets an Erogenous Zone" by Ed Zuckerman.

    "Donna Summer and Sex Rock" by Jim Esposito.

    Photos by Francis Giacobetti, Suze Randall and James Baes.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui October 1976

    Willie Sutton by Ed Linn. America's most popular outlaw talks about the joys of bank robbery, the misery of prison life and how it feels to earn an honest living for a change.

    "Bourgeois is Beautiful" by Robert S. Wieder.

    The Woodstock generation grows up, gets a job and tries to settle down without selling out. An upwardly mobile ex-anarchist reports.

    "5 Bands Weirder Than You Are"

  • The Tubes
  • Rough Trade
  • The Ramones
  • The Dictators
  • Talking Heads
  • "An Artificial Inseminator Looks at the Future" by Jonas Davidson.

    "The Secret Life of Elevators" by Ralph Keyes.

    When the doors closes, the object is not always to get where you're going.

    "Kenneth Anger Rising" by John Calendo.

    Is the gossipy occultist who wrote Hollywood Babylon really an agent of Lucifer? Or is he just a deviled ham?

    "America Under Communism" by Glenn O'Brien.

    The glorious account of Chairman Nik Sun's campaign from the caves of La Costa to the White House.

    "Unidentified Flapping Objects" by Jerome Clark.

    Things that go bump, crash and eee-eee-eee in the night are scaring the bejesus out of Texans.


  • Sharleena photographed by R. Scott Hooper
  • Jan Walker photographed by Suze Randall
  • Photos by Richard Fegley.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui November 1976

    Round-Table Discussion
    "Justice for Sale?"
  • F. Lee Bailey
  • William Kunstler
  • Joseph Oteri
  • Percy Foreman
  • Vincent Bugliosi
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Features
    "Teen Sex (Roller Coaster to Hell -- Or Just a Gentle Taste of Things to Come?)" by Donald Bowie.

    "How To Be Collegiate in a Changing World" by Kurt Andersen and Mark O'Donnell.

    "The Devil in San Jose State University" by Louise Ransil.

    "The UFOlogist Establishment" by Jesse Kornbluth.

    It's a question of which strains credulity more: flying saucers or some of the flying saucer investigators.

    "Final Score" by Emmett Grogan.

    "The Howard Hughes Rumors"

    Here, before his bones have turned to dust, are the greatest stories ever told about America's favorite eccentric billionaire.

    "Does Barry Manilow Deserve a Break Today?" by Ed McCormack.

    The Big Mac's Beethoven and Bette Midler's second banana tries to fill a big shoe. Diabetics are warned against listening.

    "The Trust Crisis" by Ralph Keyes.

    It used to be that you didn't trust somebody farther than you could throw him. Nowadays you wouldn't let him get so close.

    Photos by Nicholas De Sciose and Jeff Dunas.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui December 1976

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only
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