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Oui January 1978

  • Jacqueline Bisset by Fred Robbins. The reluctant sex goddess rages about her wet T-shirt, how men can't be trusted and explains (almost convincingly) how she maintains her sanity in the transatlantic fast lane.
  • "The Girls of Madame Claude"
  • Madame Claude
  • Dayle Haddon
  • Ylva Setterborg
  • Claire Richard
  • Marcella Klept
  • Marie-Christine Deshayes
  • Short Takes
    "The Prostitutes' Priest" (Father Depaul Genska).

    "Taking on the Censors" by Robert Sabbag.

    Why Harry Reems, Al Goldstein, Larry Flynt and most of the rest of the world will NOT wind up in hell (you should pardon the expression).

    "Nose Job" by Donald Bowie.

    Picking the perfect proboscis is nothing the sniff at.

    "The History of Schoolgirls in American Movies" by Mitch Tuchman.

    From that old soft-shoe (Liz Taylor and James Lydon, Cynthia ) to that new hard-core (Peggy Church and Alan Burton, The All-American Girl ), we proudly present a 50-year chronicle of silver-screen jailbait.

    "The Secret of The Little Man in the Boat" by Lisa Southern.

    "The Fright Report" by Stephen King.

    The Author of "Carrie", "Salem's Lot" and "The Shining" tells why he writes stuff like that.

    "Hey, Kids, Let's Rent the Old Barn and Plan an Invasion of Haiti" by Jim Hougan.

    Photos by Francis Giacobetti.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui February 1978

    Susan Harris by Peter S. Greenberg. The creator, writer and driving force behind television's most outrageous -- and successful -- sitcom takes on the networks, the censors, Norman Lear and the male domination of her industry. And it is her industry.

    "A Three-Day Drunk With Joe Wambaugh" by Larry Cole.

    "The Choirboys" is a hit, "The Black Marble" a best seller and the author is rich. So why is Joe getting sloshed?"

    "The Corpse with No Name" by James Whitman.

    He was found blundeoned to death on a Boston street in 1973, and even today despite the efforts of the world's most sophisticated identification systems, the police have no idea who he was.

    "A Coward's Guide to X-Rated Motels" by Michael Price.

    All you'll ever need to know about hot-pillow hospitality -- Whips and chains optional.

    "Dirt-Cheap Supercars -- The Four-On-The-Floor, Hemi-Equipped, No-Bullsh*t, Rear-Axle Investment" by Michael Baron.

    "Holidays Oui'd Like to See" by Robert S. Wieder.

    "Judgment Day for a Crusader" by CHuck Ashman.

    High courtroom drama in which the Reverend Billy Graham -- represented by Richard Nixon, ex-Esq. -- tries to storm Saint Peter's pearly gates.

    "The Great Woofing Contest" by Richard D. Smith.

    Photos Francis Giacobetti, Eric Muller and Jeff Dunas.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui March 1978

    Huey Newton by Ken Kelley. The radical leader of the Sixties and founder of the Black Panther Party talks -- for the first time -- about his three-year exile in Cuba, his life on the run, and how he and the Panthers intend to survive.

    "Mind Over Money: How to Psych Yourself Rich" by Dick Hobson and Tom Greening.

    A cash-on-the-barrelhead glimpse at how the prophets of profet prosper.

    "Several Swell and Sleazy Ways to Meet Women" by Lee Frank.

    Follow our distaff expert as he staggers about blazing new trails in pursuit of blissful bachelorhood.

    "The Nonduffer's (Yawn) Guide to (Ho-Hum) Watching Golf" by D. Keith Mano.

    Since golf is part of American middle-class civility, you should know how to handle the links without looking like Ronald McDonald in the ascot enclosure.

    "Some of My Best Friends are Hookers" by Jon Denny.

    More than you'd care to know about call girls, madams, options and extras in the house of your choice.

    "The Beatles' Not-So-Magical Mystery Tour" by John Weeks.


  • Athena Marie photographed by Eric Muller
  • Charlotte Alexander (star of Bye Bye Emmanuelle) by Francis Giacobetti
  • Photos by Guy Le Baube and Frank Gitty.

    Adults Only
    Price: $19.95
    Adults Only

    Oui April 1978

    Richard Burton by Ivor Davis. Can a coal miner's son from Wales survive two marriages to Queen Elizabeth, bouts with alcoholism, a string of tuna movies and constant carping from the critics? survive, hell. Burton thrives.

    "Growing Up with Michael O'Donoghue" by Bruce McCall.

    A toilet-side chat with the mind that brought us Saturday Night Live's Claudine Longet Invitational Ski Tournament and other fun stuff.

    "Stumbling in Their Parent's Footsteps" by Richard John Pietschmann.

    Most children of celebrities have everything they need to make it in showbiz. Except talent.

    "Almost All in the Family -- It's Murder What Some Kids Do To Their Parents" by Bonnie and Charles Remsberg.

    "Rememberances of Slam Dunks Past -- In Which CBS' "Nationally Prominent Basketball Writer" Tells It Like It Was" by Larry Bortstein.

    "The Oui Ching" by Howard Rheingold.

    Will you get rich beyond your wildest dreams? What's in store for your sex life? Is it any of our business?

    "Inside H&R Block -- The Best Way to Avoid the Tax Man is to Become One" by Theodore Fischer.

    "Life in the Fast Lane" by Charles Fox.

    The story of Grand Prix racing, where men risk their necks for country, beautiful women and occasionally a rubber company.

    "The Great Blubber Boff-off" by Richard Smith.

    Photos by Frank Gitty, Arny Freytag, Jeff Dunas and Francis Giacobetti.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui May 1978

    Gen. George Keegan by John Rhea.

    "The Late Great Olympics" by Bruce Henstell.

    "All My Trials" by John Waters.

    "You eate what You Are" by Jerry Lazar.

    "Punk Rock Nostalgia" by Ed Naha.

    "I was a Female Porncutter" by Doris Barrow.

    "he Mide of Mae Brussel" by Paul Krassner.


  • Velvet photographed by Jeff Dunas
  • Linda Kerridge (Marilyn Monroe look-alike) (cover and inside) photographed by Francis Giacobetti
  • Photos by Jeff Dunas and Frank Gitty.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui June 1978

  • Clint Eastwood by Larry Cole
  • "Give Us A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T" by Robert Crane and David Diamond
  • Otis Williams
  • Melvin Franklin
  • Features
    "The Artful Dodger" by Lance Rentzel and Fred Dryer.

    "The Smell of Things to Come" by Howard Rheingold.

    "Putting the Bite on Crime" by Don Kowet.

    Photos by Jeff Dunas and Francis Giacobetti.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui July 1978

    Mick Jagger by Jim Jerome. King Monkey Punk jumps off the Empire State Building, bats away sputtering paparazzi, lays blitzkrieg to the rock press, stumbles into an Eastside Japanese restaurant and tries to eat our reporter.

    "The Great Kosher Hope" by Stu Black.

    Where else but in America would an Italian kid turn Jewish to fight Latinos?

    "Gay Talese's Expense Account" by Richard Warren Lewis.

    "How to Buy Your Fantasy Island" by William Richman.

    An island is a body of land entirely surrounded by mortgage. If you lived here, you'd be home by now.

    "Victim" a true story by Douglas Moench.

    "Unsure Where to Go This Summer? How About Out of Your Mind?" by Lee Frank.

    "Sex and the Double Girl -- The Coward's Guide to Menage a Trois" by Michael Price.

    Lilli Carati photographed by Peter Storch.

    Photos by Nick DeSciose, Jeff Dunas and Roger Maves.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui August 1978

    Peter Frampton by David Rensin. Here he is, the act you've known for all these months, straight from the Sgt. Pepper movie. The quintessential Superstar of the Boring Seventies: talented, beautiful, nice to his mother. And safe as milk.

    "The Porsche Mystique" by David Barry.

    Just as you always suspected, Porsche owners have a reason to be snobs.

    "1968: The Whole World is Watching -- How Much Do You Remember About the Chicago Riots?" by Robert S. Wieder.

    "1978: Part of the World, Namely the CIA, is Still Watching" by Abbie Hoffman.

    "Bang the Gong Slowly -- In Which It is Explaned Why "The Gong Show" Owes Its Success to Paper Bags, Pock Marks, Tits 'N' Ass and a Can of Alpo" by Richard Warren Lewis.

    "Hanging with the Jocks -- Confessions of a Female Sportswriter" by Samantha Stevenson.

    "Locker Room Protocol -- A Semi-Anthropological View" by William F. Fry, Jr., M.D.

    "How Much is That Body in the Window?" by Burr Snider.

    A peek inside the see-through, push-up, low-fashion world of Frederick's of Hollywood.

    "Have It Your Way" by Theodore Fischer.

    Owning a franchise used to mean laying out 100 grand in order to spend 16 hours a day in grease up to your elbows dunkin' doughnuts, chicken or french fries. No more.

    "Moonlight on the Tropicana" by Billy Mernit.

    Photos by Eric Muller, Arny Freytag, Gary Heery and Francis Giacobetti.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui September 1978

    Jon Voight by Larry Grobel. While his colleagues peddle deodorants and star in movies nobody believes, Voight stands on the sidelines weighing each career move. So far, he's made few mistakes.

    "Hot Ploot" by David Rothman.

    We were promised an idyllic world with power that would be clean and safe. Yet, the nuclear establishment has already lost enough plutonium to blow up the entire planet.

    "Dr. Farcus Answers Your Questions About Sex" by Robert Longe.

    "Racetrack Junkie" by Burton Wolfe.

    Alcoholics, heroin addicts, even the obese can be saved -- but there's no scientific, medical, psychiatric or practical antidote for a pony player.

    "Tits" by Bury St. Edmund.

    "A Wide-Eyes Look at Koreagate" by Vic Gold.

    It had to makings for another All the Presidents Men. So how come Koreagate turned into The Sting?

    "The New Plantation Class" by William Richman.

    For a joint venture where profits are high, try commercial pot farming.

    Photos by Geoffrey Rian, Eric Muller, Jeff Dunas and Francis Giacobetti.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui October 1978

    Peter Hamill by Jeff Goldberg. This man has a successful newspaper column read by millions, he's got friends like Jackie O, and he just sold two books to television. It's enough to make anybody angry.

    "Ted Nugent -- King of Rock & Rage" by Jan Golab.

    "What Causes Anger?" by Howard Rheingold.

    Take a dinosaur brain, add a few hormones and a dash of reason and you have man. No wonder it takes more than a couple of valiums to calm him down.

    "62 Other Major Causes of Anger" by Ralph Harris.

    "Greetings from City of Hate" by Stephen Eder.

    The Irish hate the blacks, the cops hate the gays, the Italians hate the Irish, and everybody hates the Yankess. It's no tea party.

    "Why Men Make Me Mad" by Kathy Lowry.

    "Why Women Make Me Mad" by Norman Spinrad.

    "Protectng the Target -- Got a Gripe With a Big Shot? Good Luck Trying to Get Through" by Gavin de Becker.

    "Cruising for a Bruising" by Burr Snider.

    "A Gross Look at Anger" cartoons by Sam Gross.

    Photos by Francis Giacobetti, Jeff Dunas and Graham Henman.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui November 1978

    Lina Wertmuller by Charlotte Chandler.

    "Will Bill Bradley Make th Varsity?" by Jon Denny.

    "Still Married After All These Years" by Craig Karpel.

    " The 3 Most Important Things in Life" by Harlan Ellison.

    Would you believe sex, violence and labor relations?

    "Stepping' Out at Stanford" by Burr Snider.

    Photos by David Finch, John Kelly, S. Carter and Gusmno Cesaretti.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only

    Oui December 1978

    "No Fool for a Client" by James Perryman.

    "Pro Football: The Thrill is Gone" by Lance Rentzel.

    "The Filth on the Wireroom Floor" by Rick Sublett.

    "Sis Boom Blah: My Life as a Rams Cheerleader" by Lissa Megan Morrow.

    "Blonde on Blonde" photographed by S. Carter.

  • Nina Carter
  • Jilly Johnson
  • Model
    Toni Turner photographed by Grant Edwards.

    Photos by Mario Casilli and Laura Bergman.

    Adults Only
    Price: $16.95
    Adults Only
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