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Oui February 1982

Don Murdoch by Larry Sloman. Hockey is one rough sport, no wonder the guys who play it are more rough muthas.

Talks with:

  • Lois Areno (cover) by Peter Wolff
  • Terry Moore by Steve Rossi
  • Cherry Vanilla by herself Elaine Vouvray
  • Steve Gabor by Bob Crane
  • Conversations

  • Go-Go's: Rick Bitch Goddesses of the Erotic Eighties" by Mikael Kirke & Joe Bivona.
  • No-Frills Moe Bandy: Drinkin' Cheatin', Dancin', and Git-Pickin' in the Grand Ol' Tradition" by Karen Moline.
  • "Sabu: The Elephant Boy's Son Becomes a Man -- With a Mena Guitar" by Raven De La Croix
  • "Karla DeVito: Meatloaf's Better Half Goes for the Gravy" by Mikael Kirke and Joe Bivona.
  • Features
    "The Surf Punk" by John Mendelssohn.

    "The Repast" by H.G. Hooper.

    "Ladies to a Tee" by Robert Crane.

    The world of professional sports is filled with he-men and not a fe he-women.

    "Invasion of the Body Counters" by Jan-Michael Vincent and E.L. Woody.

    Mercenaries marced on Scottsdale, Arizona in the second annual Soldier of Fortune Convension and the war games were on...

    The Girls of the Vegas Folies Bergere
    by Raven de la Croix, photos by Dick Zimmerman.

  • Jan Russell
  • Joni Hanneman
  • Kellie Lindner
  • Deborah Padden
  • Michaelina Veith
  • Kathy Price
  • Debbie Lee
  • Lynn Chernoff
  • Susan McCarthy
  • Jayne Williams
  • Models

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