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wish list Penthouse September 1969

Pet of the Month
Evelyn Treacher photographed by Philip O. Sterns.

Clay Shaw by Jim Phelan.

"A Most Unforgettable Carry-On" by Rory Harrity.

"The Amorous Armadillo" by Rory Harrity.

"Oh. Wicked Wanda!" by Frederic Mullally.

"The Campus Convulsion"

  • "Getting the Young Back into the Human Family" by Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh CSC
  • "The Revolution is Here and Universities Must Join" by Paul Spike.
  • "How They Licked the Wreckers at Columbia" by John C. Meyer
  • "Love on the Meter" by Maurice Levinson.

    "Sex and the Unborn Child" by Roman Rechnitz Limner.

    "Stripping the Light Fantastic" photographed at the Raymond Revuebar by Philip O. Stearns.

  • Carol Ryva
  • Mandy Meyer
  • Jan Carson
  • Tami Sabra
  • Adele Warren
  • Rose Wang

    wish list

  • Adults Only
    Price: $129.95
    Adults Only

    Penthouse October 1969

    Pet of the Month
    Kelly McQueen (cover) photographed by Bob Guccione.

    John Lennon and Yoko Ono by Charles Childs.

    "The Campus Convulsion"

    "Preserving Due Process" by Morris Abram.
    "Civilizing America's Colleges" by Carl Word.

    "The Moonstone" by Bob Guccione.

    "Oh, Wicked Wanda! Part 2" by Frederic Mullally.

    "Pariahs of the Permissive Society" by Dr. Lars Ullerstam.

    "Vixen -- A Flesh-Tone Redolent Sportrait of Galloping Varietarianism in the Golden State" by Roger Finborough.

  • Erika Gavin

  • Adults Only
    Price: $88.95
    Adults Only

    Penthouse November 1969

    Pet of the Month
    Ulla Lindstrom (cover) photographed by Amnon Bar-Tur.

    "Pierre Cardin, Courturier" by Paul Tabori.

    "When You Laugh You're Saying "Mother" in Japanese" by Charles F. Berlitz.

    "The Nakes Crunch" by Robert H. Rimmer.

    "What Whiskers Whisper" by Mark B. vS. Monsky and James A. Brussel, MD.

    Amber Dean-Smith.

    Adults Only
    Price: $47.95
    Adults Only

    wish list Penthouse December 1969

    Pet of the Month
    Janet Pearce (cover) photographed by Bob Guccione.

    "Last of the Habsburgs" (Otto von Habsburg) by Paul Tabori.

    "The Mysterious Case of the Man Jailed for Killing King" by Peter Dawnay.

    "What Did They Do When The Lights Went Out?" by Donald Wiedenman.

    "Adultery at Your Peril" by Geoffrey Bocca.

    Marilu Tolo photographed by Amnon Bar-Tur.

    wish list

    Adults Only
    Price: $39.95
    Adults Only
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