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Perfect 10 (Ten) February/March 2000 (Volume 2 Number 6)

  • Alexandra Bilska
  • Vanesa Brooke
  • Mara Clinch
  • Kristen Cordell
  • Ashley Degenford
  • Stacy Erickson
  • Abby Essien
  • Carrie Frank
  • Lisa Fuxler
  • Kristin Hess
  • Yvonne Honsa
  • Renee Jaquith
  • Suzanna Kalinowska
  • Kerri Kendall
  • Violetta Kolek
  • Irene Krupnick
  • Renata Kurek
  • Catie Lee
  • Nataskia Maren
  • Katy McDonald
  • Lisa Moore
  • Sylvia Madzuik
  • Vanessa Norris
  • Petra Novakova
  • Jean Pankey
  • Anu Pekkarinen
  • Diane Richey
  • Lisa Taylor
  • Rachel Terhorst
  • Veronika Zemanova

  • Perfect 10 Cover Girl: Vanessa Norris

    Perfect 10 Interview: Garry Marshall

    Adults Only
    Price: $20.95
    Adults Only

    Perfect 10 (Ten) April/May 2000 (Volume 3 Number 1)


    • Isabelle Funaro (cover)
    • Stayce Dicky
    • Dominika Kluj
    • Aurelie Auger
    • Tereza Petrickova
    • Ronni Hada
    • Pamela Celini
    • Martina Jacova
    • Michelle Youde
    • Katia Lomova
    • Katia Procenko
    • Carla Alapont
    • Masha Vasileva
    • Anita Szentmihalyi
    • Laeticia Fourcade.
    Steve Kmetko, Jules Asner (from E! entertainment televevision).

    Adults Only
    Price: $13.95
    Adults Only

    Perfect 10 (Ten) June/July 2000 (Volume 3 Number 2)


    • Aline Matos photographed by Richard Reinsdorf
    • Amabele Seabra photographed by Richard Reinsdorf
    • Tatiana Franca photographed by Richard Reinsdorf
    • Inna Bouslaeva photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Jacqueline Martin photographed by Graham Kuhn
    • Shannon Hobbs
    • Oksana Konakova photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Irina Bourkareva photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Sabrina Kobert photographed by Richard Reinsdorf
    • Julia Cerkonova photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Anna Sautina photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Paulina Halskova
    • Alena Drazna
    • Zdena Novotna (cover)
    • Katerina Cizkova
    "Hal Sparks: Host "Talk Soup"".

    "Brook Burk: Host "Wild On"".

    "A.J Benza: Host "Mysteries & Scandals"".

    Shannon Hobbs.

    "Carol Grow: Host "Search Party"".

    "Scott Lasky: Host "Search Party"".

    Paulina Halskova.

    Adults Only
    Price: $13.95
    Adults Only

    Perfect 10 (Ten) August/September 2000 (Volume 3 Number 3)

  • Kimberly Driver
  • Natalia Sirocka
  • Misty Lawrence
  • Tracey Baudy
  • Nathalie De Nostuejouis
  • Monica Flores
  • Diana Waters
  • April Meents
  • Kortney Comer
  • Caneel Carswell
  • Darina Gueoruiva
  • Julia Schultz
  • Bibianna Kucerova
  • Elizabeth Cox
  • Jodie Shaw
  • Sylvia Kaczmarek
  • Lucie Kotalova
  • Elise Daniels
  • Jo Ellen Dickey
  • Kristina Kovari (cover)
  • Jodi Paterson
  • Anna Franco

    Brett Ratner by Larry "Ratso" Sloman.

    April Meentz.

    Kortney Comer.

    "Gena Jungle Queen" (Gena Lee Nolin).

    "The Worlds Priciest Hobby" (Grand Prix Racing) by Mark Isenberger.

  • Adults Only
    Price: $19.95
    Adults Only

    Perfect 10 (Ten) October/November 2000 (Volume 3 Number 4)


    • Ildiko Fronte photographed by John Rutter
    • Alessandra Correa photographed by John Rutter
    • Amy Caro
    • Julie Ann Beres photographed by John Rutter
    • Alla Tichomizova photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Amy Nichols photographed by Richard Reinsdorf
    • Zoya Konyieva photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Marina Pryadko photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Rosana Serulo photographed by Richard Reinsdorf
    • Katerina Naumenko photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Viktoria Rilskaya photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Lynn Thomas photographed by John Rutter
    • Leslie Ann Heaton photographed by John Rutter
    • Jennifer Leone
    • Anna Niebraydowska
    Ildiko Fronte.

    Amy Caro.

    "Marshall Arts" (Alan Marshall).

    Krista Allen by Larry "Ratso" Sloman.

    Jenifer Leone.

    "No Longer Censored" (Jackie Martling).

    Adults Only
    Price: $13.95
    Adults Only

    Perfect 10 (Ten) December 2000/January 2001 (Volume 3 Number 5)


    • Evelina Papantoniou
    • Alexia Barlier photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Sabrina Terragni photographed by Clifford Terragni
    • Judit Sirk
    • Domenica Gari photographed by Richard Reinsdorf
    • Andrea Mejtova
    • Silvie Horinkova photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Jenia Pohilko photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Anna & Zinaida Molotilkina photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Kamila Krynicka
    • Lena Panova photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Tagni-Therese Pal photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Emilia Covanova photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Kristel Kama (cover and inside) photographed by Clifford Wright
    • Andrea Borbelyova photographed by Clifford Wright
    "Perfect 10 Models in the Battle Dome" (Stephen Brown).

    "Return of the Wanderer" (Dion).

    "Rude and Ruder" (Claudia Lonow and Andrea Abbate).

    "Ten Top American Steakhouses" by Jim Cusimano.

    Adults Only
    Price: $13.95
    Adults Only
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