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Perfect 10 (Ten) Fall 2001


  • Emilia Gurtlerova (cover and inside)
  • Katie Richmond
  • Denisa Adamrova
  • Sarka Machova
  • Maria Kozlova
  • Janna Strougaleva
  • Dina Lyashenko
  • Ana Dimitrijevic
  • Katia Micheeva
  • Jennifer Snow
  • Gina-Raye Swensson
  • Tricia Wilds
  • Marina & Janna
  • Natalia Onichtchouk
  • Janna Tambasova
Katie Richmond.

"Testosterone Tom" (Tom Leykis) by Larry "Ratso" Sloman.

Jennifer Snow.

"Ready to Rumble" (Scott Coker).

Tricia Wild.

"Why the Market Crashed and What's Ahead" by Dr. Norman Zadeh.

Adults Only
Price: $13.95
Adults Only

Perfect 10 (Ten) Spring 2001

Battle Dome Collecor's Issue.

  • Petra Benovsky
  • Yasmine Taylor
  • Tara O'Connor
  • Jessica Asher
  • Nickie Yager
  • Anita Kelli
  • Alessandrina Herrera
  • Sasha Brinkova
  • Caroline Stark
  • Claire Leng
  • Jayde Steele
  • Emily Dedmon
  • Monika Zsibrita
  • Doris Easterly
  • Petra Kocarova
  • Daniela Jureckova
  • Katia Sarakova
  • Simone Burkhard
  • Renata Galickova
  • Petra Sarbach
  • Rebekah Teasdale
  • Lisa Bordeaux
  • Interviews
    Carla Alapont.

    Nickie Yager.

    Mario Van Peebles.

    "Mark Messier: The Captain is Back" by Larry "Ratso" Sloman.

    Adults Only
    Price: $21.95
    Adults Only

    Perfect 10 (Ten) Summer 2001 (Volume 4 Number 1)


    • Nikkala Stott (cover and inside)
    • Lorrie Stewart
    • Inna Shevchenko
    • Vanessa Norris
    • Nastya Mozorova
    • Yelena Binney
    • Jennifer Isbill
    • Nastia Vertelezkaya
    • Tracy Smith
    • Maria Martsinkevitch
    • Anna Hycroba
    • Maria Caballero
    • Eliane Soares
    • Masha Vasileva & Julia Povliuk
    • Maria Dementsova

    Nikkala Stott.

    Lorrie Stewart.

    "Building a Masterpiece (The Perfect 10 Mansion)" (Jim Brown).

    "Temptation Island's Temptress" (Vanessa Norris) by Larry "Ratso" Sloman.

    "Wonder Boys" (Scott McAboy and Gil Wadsworth).

    "Son of the Beach" (Tim Stack).

    "Magnetic Fields" (Adam Fields).

    Adults Only
    Price: $13.95
    Adults Only

    Perfect 10 (Ten) Winter 2001

  • Irina Voronina (cover)
  • Dominika Kluj
  • Isabelle Funaro
  • Jodi Paterson
  • Zuzana Klobusnikova
  • Stayce Dicky
  • Olga Solop
  • Eszter Frank
  • Tereza Petrickova
  • Kalin Olson
  • Alina Halonen
  • Martina Jacova
  • Ronni Hada
  • Angela Sommerville
  • Carla Alapont
  • Pamela Celini
  • Masha Vasileva
  • Jana Krabcova

    Irina Voroniva.

    Stayce Dicky.

    "The Internet Conspiracy by Dr. Norman Zadeh.

    "The Chemistry of Love" by Dr. Susan Block.

    "Ron Shusett: Alien in Hollywood".

  • Adults Only
    Price: $13.95
    Adults Only
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