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Playboy January 1958

Playmate of the Month
Elizabeth Ann Roberts photographed by Arthur-James and Mike Shea.
(The youngest Playmate ever photographed at age 17 with Mom's permission.)

"The Room of Dark" by Gilbert Wright.

"Just Like the Girl" by James Jones.

"The Best Job in Television" by Frederick Wieting.

"The False Confessors" by David Dressler.

"The Rumbling, Rambling Blues" by Jack Kerouac.

"Silverstein in Paris" cartoons by Shel Silverstein.

Playboy's Playmate Review

  • Linda Vargas
  • Jacquelyn Prescott
  • Carrie Radison
  • Sally Todd
  • Dawn Richard
  • Jean Jani
  • Marlene Callahan
  • Gloria Windsor
  • Colleen Farrington
  • Dolores Donlon
  • June Blair
  • Sandra Edwards

  • Adults Only
    Price: $57.25
    Adults Only

    Playboy February 1958

    Playmate of the Month
    Cheryl Kubert photographed by Mario Casilli.

    "Examination Day" by Henry Slesar.

    "The Beat Mystique"

  • "What It Is -- Whence It Came" by Herbert Gold.
  • "Cool Swinging in New York" by Sam Boal.
  • "A Frigid Frolic in Frisco" by Noel Clad.
  • "Let There Be Light" by Arthur C. Clarke.

    "Thank You, Anna" by Bill Safire.

    Jayne Mansfield photographed by William Read Woodfield.

    Adults Only
    Price: $45.25
    Adults Only

    Playboy March 1958

    Playmate of the Month
    Zahra Norbo photographed by Tom Caffrey.

    "The Distributor" by Richard Matheson.

    "Boxing 1958" by Ed Pazdur.

    "Wheel of Fortune" by John Ogham.

    "Presenting Michiko (Little Miss Hamamura is Japan's First Sexpot Songstress)" (Michiko Hamamur) (pictorial).

    "Silverstein in Moscow" cartoons by Shel Silverstein.

    "The Best of Brigitte (Offscreen, La Beele Bardot is Even More Bewitching)" (pictorial).

    On the Scene

  • Ivan Obolensky and David McDowell
  • Charles M. Schulz (Peanuts, Charlie Brown)
  • Johnny Mathis
  • Adults Only
    Price: $35.55
    Adults Only

    Playboy April 1958

    Playmate of the Month
    Felicia Atkins photographed by Bruno Bernard and Bill Bridges.

    "Weird Show" by Herbert Gold.

    "The Little World of Orville K. Snav" by Bernard Asbell.

    "The Short-Short Story of Mankind" by John Steinbeck.

    "A Stretch in Siberia" by John Wallace.

    "Painter of the Urban Scene (The Dens and Denizens of the Demimonde are Captured in the Canvases of Leroy Neiman)".

    "Minsky in Vegas (Frenchy-Flavored Burlycue Sears the Desert Sands)".

  • Marilyn Dann
  • Shawn Daly
  • Pamela Davis
  • Alexis Van Cort

  • Adults Only
    Price: $29.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy May 1958

    Playmate of the Month
    Lari Laine (cover) photographed by Ron Vogel.

    "The Man in the Well" by Berkely Mather.

    "Wizards of a Small Planet" by Anthony Boucher.

    "The Life and Death of a Spanish Grandee" by Ken Purdy.

    "This One is on the House" by Pat Frank.

    "The Birth of a Broadway Show ("Oh Captain!" From Initial Notion to Oening Night)" by Richard Gehman.

    "Hard Bargain" by Alan E. Nourse.

    "Playboy's Little Acre (We Lend a Helping Hand in the Filming of a Caldwell Classic "God's Little Acre")" photographed by Don Ornitz.

  • Aldo Ray
  • Tina Louise
  • "Adieu, Tristesse (A Puckish Pritty Brightens the Filming of the Bonjour Book)"

  • Elga Andersen

  • Adults Only
    Price: $35.55
    Adults Only

    Playboy June 1958

    Playmate of the Month
    Judy Lee Tomerlin.

    "The Little World of Harry Kurnitz" by Richard Gehman.

    "Sex on Sawdust" by Daniel P. Mannix.

    "The Sign of Scorpio" by Charles Mergendahl.

    "Silverstein in Italy" cartoons by Shel Silverstein.

    "A Toast to Legs (They are Poor Little Limbs That Have Lost Their Way)" (pictorial).

    Adults Only
    Price: $29.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy July 1958

    Playmate of the Month
    Linne Nanette Ahlstrand photographed by Frank Bez.

    "The Sweet Sadness" by Philip Lee Smith.

    "The Devil to Pay" by Stephen Barr.

    "The Beavers of Broadway" by Leonard Lyons.

    "Off With Their Beards!" by Commander Edward Whitehead.

    "The Skindiver and the Lady" by T.K. Brown III.

    "The Not So Tender Trap" by Martin Abramson.

    "Music to Make Your Eyeboalls Pop (Jacket Art Hath Pulchritude to Soothe the Savage Breast)" (pictorial).

    Agnes Laurent, photographs from Phil Burchman.

    Adults Only
    Price: $29.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy August 1958

    Playmate of the Month
    Myrna Weber photographed by Bunny Yeager.

    "Drop Dead" by Fred McMorrow.

    "Eros and Unreason In Detroit" by John Keats.

    "A Very Rare Disease" by Henry Slesar.

    "Word of Honor" by Robert Bloch.

    On the Scene

  • Brother Theodore
  • Mies van der Rohe
  • Leonard Bernstein

  • Adults Only
    Price: $29.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy September 1958

    Playmate of the Month
    Teri Hope (Carnegie Tech) photographed by Don Bronstein and Mike Shea.

    "The House of Hate" by Browning Norton.

    "The Peeping Tom Patrol" by Michael Shaara.

    "Howls of Ivy" Frank Kilburn Coffee.

    "The Womanization of America" by Philip Wylie.

    "Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount.

    "Sleepers, Awake!" by Herbert Gold.

    The Bosom

    Introducing June Wilkinson:
    A Buxom British Beauty With Simply Sensational Statistics.
    (18 years old and brunette)

    Adults Only
    Price: $35.55
    Adults Only

    Playboy October 1958

    Playmates of the Month

  • Mara Corday photographed by David Preston
  • Pat Sheehan photographed by Sam Wu
  • (The first two Playmates ever to occupy the same issue of the magazine.)

    "The 51 Tones of Green" by Ken Purdy.

    "The Pros of Paris" by Sam Boal.

    "Prechance to Dream" by Charles Beaumont.

    "Montage" by Ray Russell.

    "Executive Chess" by John Howard Sims.

    Les Girls, Les Girls, Les Girls

  • Reuby Bruce (aka Mademoiselle Lido)
  • Ladies from
  • England
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Holland
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • France

  • Adults Only
    Price: $29.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy November 1958

    Playmate of the Month
    Joan Staley photographed by Ron Vogel and Lawrence Schiller.

    "(Frank) Sinatra -- The Man With the Golden Charm Has Become the Love God of Our Time" by Robert George Reisner.

    "The Marvelous Lover" by Joyce Engelson.

    "What's the Bad Word?" by Wilfred Funk.

    "The Jam" by Henry Slesar.

    "A Sock in the Jaw" by Ken Purdy.

    "Peekaboo Brigitte (Bardot)" (pictorial).

    "Silverstein in Switzerland" cartoons by Shel Silverstein.

    "The Cards are Stacked" concept by Jack Roberts, photographed by Hal Adams. (pictorial)

    Adults Only
    Price: $35.55
    Adults Only

    Playboy December 1958

    Fifth Anniversary Issue

    Playmate of the Month
    Joyce Nizzari by Bunny Yeager.

    "A Knight Lay Dying" by Jerome Weidman.

    "Everybody Hates David Starbuck" by Steve Allen.

    "We're Running a Little Late" by Garson Kanin.

    On the Scene

  • John Frankenheimer
  • Phil Hill
  • Andre Previn
  • "Playboy's Fifth Anniversary Scrapbook (A Magazine's Musings and Memories About the First Half Decade)".

    Playboy's Most Popular Playmates

    The Girl Next Door
  • Barbara Cameron (stewardess, United Airlines)
  • Underage Playmate
  • Elizabeth Ann Roberts (at age 17, with Mom's Permission)
  • Most Famous Playmate
  • Jayne Mansfield (film starlette)
  • Most Popular Playmate Lisa Winters Our Office Playmate
    Janet Pilgrim (Playboy subscription department employee)

    Adults Only
    Price: $45.25
    Adults Only
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