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Playboy January 1972
Holiday Anniversary Issue

Playmate of the Month
Marilyn Cole photographed by Alexas Urba.

Germaine Greer by Nat Lehrman.

"My First Amorous Adventure" by Robert Graves
"At the Interface: Technology and Mysticism" dialogue between Arthur C. Clarke and Alan Watts
"Tarot: A Fresh Look at an Arcane Art" by Ray Russell
"The Killing of the Everglades" by Richard Rhodes
"Electronic Journalism" by John Chancellor
"Paint Journalism" by Harrison Salisbury
"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place of White Houses" by F.P. Tullius
"Confessions of a Corporate Head-Hunter" by Allan Cox
"I'm Busted!" by Garry Willis.

Playboy's Playmate Review
Liv Lindeland Cynthia Hall, Chris Cranston, Crystal Smith, Claire Rambeau, Lieko English, Heather Van Every, Willy Rey, Danielle de Vabre, Cathy Rowland Janice Pennington and Karen Christy.

Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange" (film)
Warren Clarke, Malcolm McDowell, Partick Magee, Adrienne Corri, Miriam Karlin, Michael Bates (not all nude).

Cover photographed by Bill Arsenault.

Adults Only
Price: $10.75
Adults Only

Playboy February 1972
Playmate of the Month
P.J. Lansing gatefold photographed by Pompeo Posar.

R. Buckminster Fuller by Barry Farrell.

"Big Brother Watching You? See Sam Ervin" by Robert Sherrill.

"You Bet Your Life" by Brock Yates
""Incredible, Mr. Rolls!" "Mind-Boggling, Mr. Royce!"" by Ken W. Purdy
"America: Loved It and Felt It" by George Malko
"Jazz & Pop '72" by Nat Hentoff.

The Making of MacBeth (film)
Francesca Annis, Hugh M. Hefner, Roman Polanski, Jon Finch.

Who Are We?
Models photographed by Paul Fusco.

Angel Tompkins photographed by Jay Arnold and Frederick Moore, Barbara Carrera (cover) photographed by Pete Turner.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy March 1972
Playmate of the Month
Ellen Michaels gatefold photographed by Dwight Hooker.

Saul Alinsky by Eric Norden.

"Bill Lear and His Incredible Steam Machine" by Steven V. Roberts.

"Grateful Dead I Have Known" by De McClanahan
"Aerospaced Out" by U.S. Senator Alan Cranston
"Poise as a Tie Breaker" by Bruce Jay Friedman
"Encounter in Munich" by John Clellon Holmes.

Savages (film)
Susie Blakely, Kathleen Widdoes, Asha Puthli, Anne Francine and Ultra Violet.

The Shirt Off Her Back
Karen Westbrook, Donna Crane, Victoria Mutter, Shirley Metz Boser, Teri Polak, Dee Nepa, Jan Miller, Barbara Webb and Joanne Vargas.

Dominique Sanda.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy April 1972
Playmate of the Month
Vicki Peters gatefold photographed by Mario Casilli.

Jack Nicholson by Richard Warren Lewis.

"The Thirty-Caliber Roach Clip" by Donn Pearce
"Taking Over Vermont" by Richard Pollak
"From Those Wonderful Folks Who Bring You..." by Neil Martin
"Precognition" by Anthony Burgess.

Pop's Girls
In a bizarre melange of fun and fantasy, painter Mel Ramos burlesques the forties' plastic calendar art, photographed by Robert Mates and Paul Katz.

Tiffany Bolling photographed by Mario Casilli, Rosie Holotik (cover) photographed by Dwight Hooker.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy May 1972
Playmate of the Month
Deanna Baker photographed by Dwight Hooker and Bruce McBroom.

Howard Cosell by Lawrence Linderman.

""For My Next Act, I'm Going to Set Myself on Fire": Craig Breedlove" by William Neely.

"You'll Laugh! You'll Cry! You'll Watch Them Die!" It's Today's News Spectacular!" by Michael Arlen
"Man's Hidden Environment" by David Dempsey
"The Great Race" by Reg Potterton
"In Search of Los Angeles" by John Clellon Holmes
"The Sound of Rain" by Alan Watts.

Monday's Child (Old Mother Goose Rhyme)
Models photographed by J. Frederick Smith.

Valerie Perrine photographed by Mario Casilli and Larry Barbier, Barbi Benton (cover) photographed by Pompeo Posar.

Adults Only
Price: $10.75
Adults Only

Playboy June 1972
Playmate of the Year
Liv Linderland (cover) photographed by Alexas Urba.

Playmate of the Month
Debbie Davis photographed by Bill Figge.

Jackie Stewart by Larry DuBois.

"(Ted) Kennedy Rising" by Jack Newfield.

"Hollywood's Second Coming" by Brad Darrach
"Chasing the Bucks" by William Murray
"The Worldly Americans" by Friedel Ungeheuer
"You're Kidding?" Scot Morris
"The Fine Art of Being the Boss" by J. Paul Getty
"In the Image of Man: Paolo Soleri" by David Butler
"Memoirs of an Intermittent Madman" by Carlton Borwn.

Those Sexy French Literary Ladies
Catherine Breillat, Virginie des Rieux, Catherine de Premonville, Marie-Ange Agnese, Regine Desforges, Michel Matthys and Beatrice Privat photographed by David Hamilton.

Love for Sale (Prime Cut, film)
Gene Hackman and Lee Marvin (neither nude), Sissy Spacek, Angel Tompkins, Jerry Tracey, Trudy Williams and Brenda Suffel.

Adults Only
Price: $11.75
Adults Only

Playboy July 1972
Playmate of the Month
Carol O'Neal gatefold photographed by Richard Fegley.

Anthony Herbert by Bruce Galloway and Robert B. Johnson Jr.

"An Overview of Ladies' Underwear" by William Iversen, models photographed by Frank Laffitte and Richard Fegley
"Sex and the Single Priest" by Garry Willis
"Cause Without a Rebel" by Robert Sherrill
"Take That, You Soulless Son of a Bitch!" by Peter Swerdloff
"No Place to be Nobody" by Douglas Bauer.

Two Much
Paula Pritchett and Paula Kelly photographed by Mario Cassilli and Ralph Nelson Jr.

Cover photographed by Robert Harmon.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy August 1972
Playmate of the Month
Linda Summers photographed by Bill Figge and Ed DeLong.

Sam Peckinpah by William Murray.

"Ode to a Bottomless Bathtub: Ernie Kovacs" by Terry Galanoy.

"B.F. Skinner: God is a Variable Interval" by Donn Pearce
"In the Community of Girls and the Commerce of Culture" by Herbert Gold
"Playboy's Pro Football Preview" by Anson Mount
"Shut Up and Show the Movies!" by Larry Levinger
"Sex and Sin in Sheboygan" by Richard Rhodes
"Swindling & Knavery, Inc." by U.S. Senator Philip A. Hart.

Boxcar Beartha (film)
Barbara Hershey and David Carradine photographed by Ron Thal.

The Girls of Munich
Anulka Dziubinska, Marlene Appelt, Alberta Brandenstein, Mia Schroeter, Barbara Karger, Christa Linder, Hildegard Kuhlbach, Hansi Lohmann, Sigi Patt-Von-Babo, Monica Fleischer, Marlene Wiese, Iris Gras, Helga Blaha, Margie Ferstl, Eva Garden, Heidi Ulmer-Hartberger, Karin Muller, Christiane Rucker, Kiki Golz, Regina Baar, Eva Maria Bohnchin, Evelyn Wilczek, Monique Ofner, Nicola Schlubach, Gisela Lange, Hella Rutz and Birgit Zamulo photographed by Pompeo Posar and Jan Parik.

Carol Vitale (cover) photographed by Alexas Urba.

Adults Only
Price: $10.75
Adults Only

Playboy September 1972
Playmate of the Month
Susan Miller gatefold photographed by Mario Casilli.

Bernadette Devlin by Eric Norden.

"Blue-Collar Saboteurs" by Geoffrey Norman
"Skirmishes with the Ladies of the Magnolias" by Marshall Frady
"Staggerwing and Me" by Tom Mayer
"Corporate Pushers" by U.S. Senator Mike Gravel
"Buyer Beware" by Craig Karpel
"Stone Cold Fever" by David Standish
"Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount.

Student Bodies
Campus nudity.

Karen Phillip photographed by Brian Hennessey, Sandra Jozefski (cover) photographed by Bill Arsenault.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy October 1972
Playmate of the Month
Sharon Johanson gatefold photographed by Alexas Urba.

Meir Kahane by Walter Goodman.

"The Ordeal of Daniel Ellsberg" by Joe McGinniss.

"Breakout" by Eliot Asinof, Warren Hinckle and William Turner
"The Purity of the Long-Distance Runner" by John Medelman
"Fellini's Roma...Rome's Fellini" by Bruce Williamson.

Brown, Black and White
Jim Brown, Stella Stevens and Brenda Sykes.

Bunnies of 1972
Phyllis Moisan, Cheryl Carroll, Judy Greno, Kandy Whitbeck, Mickey Hersch, Maryse Larose, Irene Caneal, Lieko English, Ruthy Ross, Jerri Male, Vicki Snell, Tricia Williams, Crystal Smith, Jillian Bergamo, Jade Williams, Georgina Protheroe, Carolyn Larkin, Liz Asher, Michele Voyer, Robin Cecil, Dianne Davis, Marilyn Cole, Lori Thebeau, Charlie Wadsworth, Janice Shilinsky, Carole Green and Mercy Rooney.

Lynn Myers (cover) photographed by Pompeo Posar.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy November 1972
Playmate of the Month
Lenna Sjoobloom.

Jack Anderson by Larry DuBois.

"You'll Have to Talk Louder - I Have Sand in My Ears" by David Stevens
"Hustling the Youth Vote" by Richard Reeves
"Everything Dr. Reuben Doesn't Know About Sex" by Betty Rollin
"The Hit Men" by Brock Yates
"Suicide" by Sam Blum
"Imprisonment Chic" by Garry Willis.

Sex in Cinema 1972
Shirley MacLaine, Kenneth Mars, Burt Reynolds, Dyan Cannon, Lana Wood, Sean Connery, Peter Gonzales, Dominique Sanda, Marlon Brando, Stephanie Beacham, Susan George, Al Pacino, Simonetta Stefanelli, Farley Granger, Barbara Bouche, Barbara Hershey, David Carradine, Gene Hackman, Lee Marvin, Maria Baxa, Imelda Marani, Thalmus Rasulala, Pamela Grier, Richard Roundtree, Kathy Imrie, Brenda Sykes, Jim Brown, Christopher St. John, Paula Kelly, William Marshall, Emily Yancy, Paula Pritchett, Mara Lorenzio, Tom Smothers, Samantha Jones, Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Buck Henry, Milena Dravic, Michael Sacks, Valerie Perrine, Tina Herazo, Keith Carradine, Kris Kristofferson, Joy Bang, Viva, Barbara Hershey, Robert F. Lyons, Elizabeth Taylor, Susannah York, Nathalie Delon, Sybil Danning, Victoria Vetri, Solomon Sturger, Aimee Eccles, Jeff Pomerantz, Claudia Jennings, Charlotte Rampling, Oliver Tobias, Francesca Annis, Cheri Caffaro, Anne Heywood, Christiane Kruger, Siegfried Rauch, Laura Cannon, Cybill Shepherd, Richard Benjamin and Karen Black.

Gwen Welles photographed by Roger Vadim, Pamela Rawlings (cover) photographed by Rowland Scherman.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy December 1972
Playmate of the Month
Mercy Rooney photographed by Alexas Urba.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko by Michael Laurence.

"Head of the Family" by Anthony Scaduto
"My First Orgy" by Dan Greenburg
"The Way to Medenine" by Nelson Algren
"Pinball" by Marshall Frady
"In Front of God and Everybody" by Donn Pearce
"The Mississippi" by Richard Rhodes
"Truckin' With Gretchen" by Craig Vetter
"Who or What Was It?" by Kingsley Amis
"Wave-Making Idea" by Scot Moris.

Woman Eternal
Female nude portraits by Martin Hoffman.

Sex Stars of 1972
Burt Reynolds, Karen Black, Dominique Sanda, Cybill Shepherd, Elaine May, Barbara Hershey, David Carradine, Liza Minnelli, Susan George, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, James Caan, Al Pacino, Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Woody Allen, Brenda Sykes, Angel Tompkin, Valerie Perrine, Victoria Principal, Timothy Bottoms, Jon Finch, Edward Albert, Stacy Keach, Michael York, Ron O'Neal, Raquel Welch, Ali MacGraw, Jane Fonda, Ann-Margret, Ryon O'Neal, Richard Roundtree, Jon Voight, Dustin Hoffman, Jim Brown, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Jill St. John, Sean Connery, Joey Heatherton, Stella Stevens, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Cheri Caffaro, Inge-Maria, Christiane Kruger, Tina Herazo, Paula Pritchett, Liv Lindeland Mary and Madeleine Collinson and Claudia Jennings (not all previously named are nude).

Nancy Robinson (Joffrey Ballet) photographed by Herbert Migdoll, cover illustration by Maddon Sundblom.

Adults Only
Price: $11.45
Adults Only
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