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Playboy January 1978
Holiday Anniversary Issue

Playmate of the Month
Debra Jensen photographed by Phillip Dixon.

"Alex Haley's Candid Conversations" (Miles Davis, Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and George Lincoln Rockwell) by Alex Haley
"A Conversation About Sex and Women With Jean-Paul Sartre" by Catherine Chaine.

"Take My Wife -- Please!" Dan Greenburg
"Hollywood Goes Big-Budget Bananas" by Jim Harwood
"The Making of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" by Jim Harwood
"So That's How They Do It!" by Pennfield Jensen.

Film Directors' Erotic Fantasies (Eight of the world's great film makers portray their sexual visions for Playboy)
Federico Fellini, Louis Malle, Michelangelo Antonioni, Roger Vadim, Jerry Schatzberg, Sam Peckinpah, Gordon Parks and Richard Brooks.

The Terrible Beauty
Drawings by Drad Holland.

Playboy's Playmate Review
Susan Lynn Kiger, Virve Reid, Rita Lee, Sheila Mullen, Lisa Sohm, Nicki Thomas, Julia Lyndon, Ashley Cox, Star Stowe, Debra Jo Fondren, Kristine Winder and Sondra Theodore.

Rita Lee (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler, The Year in Sex.

Adults Only
Price: $11.45
Adults Only

Playboy February 1978
Playmate of the Month
Janis Schmitt photographed by Ken Marcus.

Don Meredith by Lawrence Linderman.

"Wired to the Teeth" by Neil Amdur
"Pushed to the Edge: Part One -- The Ice Climb" by Craig Vetter
"The End of the World" by Senator George McGovern
"Eureka! I'm Coming" by John Lobell.

Playmates International
Doris Anders, Elizabeth Plaza, Yue Ching, Ursula Buchfellner, Beate Grotzinger, Darcy Aleixo, Patricia Morales, Jasmin Kompatscher, Marie-Luise Gassen, Anna Thorberg, Bea Fiedler, Katia Scolari, Mona and Anne.

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind
Photographed by Bill Arsenault.

Hope Olson (cover) photographed by Claude Mourgin.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy March 1978
Playmate of the Month
Christina Smith photographed by Arny Freytag.

Bob Dylan by Ron Rosenbaum
"Conversation With a Newsmaker Israel's General (Ariel "Arik") Sharon: As Tough as Ever" by Ranan R. Lurie.

"Fans: The Sorry Marjority" by Ralph Nader and Peter Gruenstein
"Pushed to the Edge: Part Two -- Jump!" by Craig Vetter
"Tom Swift is Alive and Well and Making Dildos" by D. Keith Mano
"Get Rich in Your Spare Time While Doing Absolutely Nothing (Almost)" by Robert Billings.

Pretty Baby (film)
12-year-old Brooke Sheilds, Keith Carradine, Susan Sarandon, Cheryl Markowiz, Bill Holliday, Don Hood, Gerrit Graham photographed by Maureen Lambray (not all previously named are nude).

Sex on Wheels
models photographed by Phillip Dixon.

Debra Jensen (cover) photographed by Phillip Dixon.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy April 1978
Playmate of the Month
Pamela Jean Bryant photographed by Richard Fegley.

David Frost by Lawrence Linderman.

"The Breaking of Richard Nixon" by James Reston Jr.
"Inside Sirhan" by James McKinley
"Pushed to the Edge: Part Three -- The Sky Dive" by Craig Vetter
"Nine and a Half Weeks: An Incredible Love Affair" by Elizabeth McNeill.

The Fillies of Crazy Horse
Lova Moor, Lena Trumbull, Baba Moleskine, Goody Pentagone, Polly Underground, Miko Miku, Sofia Palladium and Moony Frafalgar.

Cynthia, Deborah and Pamela Zinszer, Susan and Patty Kiger (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler, Marge and Judy Kehert, Lyn and Leigh Holiday (twins), Kim and Kathy Kennec, Nancy and Cynthia Elledge.

Adults Only
Price: $10.15
Adults Only

Playboy May 1978
Playmate of the Month
Kathryn Morrison photographed by Phillip Dixon.

Anita Bryant by Ken Kelley.

"Cruising with Anita" by Ken Kelly
"Women's Lib and Me" by Robert Kerwin
"Mind Control" by Peter Schrag
"Pushed to the Edge: Part Four -- The Wing Walk" by Craig Vetter
"The Bookie as Hero" by Pete Axthelm
"A Class Act: the Betting Parlor" by Jay Cronley
"The Public-Sex Breakthrough" by James R. Petersen
"My Night at Plato's Retreat" by Buck Henry.

Debra Peterson (cover) photographed by Phillip Dixon, Anita Russell.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy June 1978
Playmate of the Year
Debra Jo Fondren (cover) cover photographed by Robert Scott Hooper, inside photographed by Francis Giacobetti.

Playmate of the Month
Gail Stanton photographed by David Chan.

George Burns by Arthur Cooper.

"Telly (Savalas) Loves Ya!" by Mark Goodman

"Wheeling and Dealing" by Bobby Baker with Larry L. King
"Getting Any?" by Sharon O'Hara
"Pushed to the Edge: Part Five -- The Cliff Dive" by Craig Vetter
"Playboy and Margaux (Hemingway) Go to Cuba" by Margaux Hemingway.

Moons in June
Ria Lee, Bebe Buell, Christne Maddox, Debra Jo Fondren, Nicki Thomas, Cyndi Wood, Patricia Margot McClain and Denise Michele.

Apollonia photographed by Ara Gallant.

Adults Only
Price: $16.25
Adults Only

Playboy July 1978
Playmate of the Month
Karen Elaine Morton gatefold photographed by Ken Marcus.

William Colby by Laurence Gonzales.

"Saint Jane and the Hollywod Dragon" (Jane Jonda) by Jim Harwood.

"Astral Projection and the Horse That Could Count" by Carl Sagan
"First-Night Disasters" by Dr. William Masters
"The Secret Life of Soccer" by Maury Z. Levy.

Pamela Sue Martin (cover and inside) cover photographed by Phillip Dixon, inside photographed by Dick Zimmerman, The World of LeRoy Neiman, Susan Jensen photographed by Ken Marcus.

Adults Only
Price: $11.45
Adults Only

Playboy August 1978
Playmate of the Month
Vicki Witt gatefold photographed by Pompeo Posar.

Ted Turner by Peter Ross Range.

"The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Brothers Gibb" (Barry, Robin and Maurice) by Bruce Jay Friedman
"Chief Running Bear" (Walter Payton) by Robert E. Carr.

"Frozen Guys" by Bruce Jay Friedman
"Darwin and the Double Standard" by Scot Morris
"Playboy's Pro Football Preview" by Anson Mount.

"Eyes" Has It (Eyes of Laura Mars, film)
Faye Dunnaway, Darlanne Fluegel and Lisa Tayol (Dunnaway not nude).

The Girls in the Office
Monna Winn Sanchez, Dawn L. Vilmar, Monica Rio, Jada, Nina Blackwood, Wendy VeVerka, Gail Turner, Betty Tidwell, Stephanie Daugherty, Karen Devers, Cherie Molden, Sonja Horsak and Nancy Jean Collins photographed by Nicholas DeSciose.

Nicki Thomas (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy September 1978
Playmate of the Month
Rosanne Katon photographed by Mario Casilli.

Sylvester Stallone by Lawrence Linderman.

"The Plot to Wreck the Golden Greek" by Jim Hougan
"Dracula Country" by Gahan Wilson
"Playboy's Pigskin Preview" by Anson Mount
"Pusher in the Gray-Flannel Suit" by James McKinley
"Stree-Wise" by Arthur Stickgold.

Girls of the Pac Ten Part I
Karen Codwin, Emily Wallin, Candace Breed, Heather Campbell, Anne Healy, Ali Duerr, Lynda Sun, Nancy Carrol, Gigi Stirnkorb, Julie Carlson, May Lee, Sonja Nelson, Jeri Kishiyama, Renee DuBois, Pamela Kiser, Jessica France, Debra Williams, Andrea Shepherd, Vicki Sponhauer, Christine Kurriger and Sunday Parker.

Sue Paul (cover) photographed by Tom Staebler, Simone Boisseree.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy October 1978
Playmate of the Month
Marcy Hanson photographed Mario Casilli.

Dolly Parton (cover) by Lawrence Grobel, cover photographed by Harry Langdon.

Leon Spinks by Phil Berger.

20 Questions
Cheryl Tiegs by John Hughes.

"The Inner Game of Sex" by Robert Shea
"Kings Don't Mean a Thing" by Arthur Bell.

Girls of the Pac Ten Part II
Suzanne Birket, Kirsten Reed, Wanelle Fitch, Helen Hestenes, Julie Lynch, Renee Masi, Paulette Spirit, Beth Funner, Lindy Edwards, Marilee Buster, Sarah Henry, Nancy Amons, Erica Edwards, Lisa Lewis, Victoria Cooke, Martha Thomsen, Laurel Haniman, Denise Bradley, Donna Marie Barrington, Karen Blessing and Toni Turner.

Observing "Older Women" (film)
Helen Shaver, Tom Berenger, Karen Black, Alexandra Stewart.

Denise Creedon photographed by Richard Fegley and Jim Hudnall.

Adults Only
Price: $11.75
Adults Only

Playboy November 1978
Playmate of the Month
Monique St. Pierre (cover) cover photographed by Tom Staebler, inside photographed by Richard Fegley.

Gerlado Rivera by Jim Siegelman.

"The Haffa Wars" by Dan E. Moldea
"High on the Hill" by Lois Romano and Ken Cummins
"Playboy's College Basketball Preview" by Anson Mount.

Bunnies of '78
Kelly Murphey, Cathy Gobel, Monica Walker, Pamela Rawlings, Miyuki Kishimae, Naomi Shashoua, Michelle Palombi, Shannon Starling, Donna Marie Zuk, Nobuko Chitane, Sharon Reid, Bernie McCool, Pamela Bunn, Susan Crane, Brooke Rowe, Yurika Aoki, Dori Knecht, Diane Schwehr, Janis Schmitt, Julie Makin, Leigh Portner, Leila Hunt, Monica Barry and Cheryl Furuya.

Sex in Cinema 1978.

Adults Only
Price: $8.85
Adults Only

Playboy December 1978
Gala Christmas Issue

Playmate of the Month
Janet Quist photographed by Ken Marcus.

John Travolta by Judson Klinger.

"Sex in America: Miami" by Peter Ross Range
"Future Highs" by Howard Rheingold
"Twelve Tough Muthuhs" by Dan Greenburg
"How to Survive an Air Crash" by F. Lee Bailey
"Eros and Power" by Max Lerner
"Who Gets Screwed in a Divorce? I Do!" by Asa Baber.

Pro Football's Main Attractions (NFL Cheerleaders)
Linda Kellum, Charyl Russel, Debbie Kepley, Janice Garner, Meg Rossi, Diahann "Dee" Miller, Lynda Hatfield, Lynita Shilling, Jill Zaleski, LouAnn Ridenoure, Ita, Claudia Mendron, Bunny Hover, An Leuba, Kim Santy, Andrea Mann, Jacquelyn Rohrs, Julie Jourdan, Tina Guide, Stephanie Grooms and Elizabeth Caleca photographed by Arny Freytag.

Viva Vargas!
Illustrations by famous artist Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chavez.

Brief Encounters
Lingerie photography by Richard Fegley.

Sex Stars of 1978
John Travolta, Brooke Shields, Warren Beatty, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Cheryl Tiegs, Suzanne Somers, Cheryl Ladd, Jon Voight, Jane Fonda, Bruce Dern, Jacqueline Bisset, Sylvester Stallone, Diane Keaton, Raquel Welch, Ann-Margret, Faye Dunaway, James Caan, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Olivia Newton-John, Peter Frampton, Barbara Bach, Gary Busey, Frank Langella, Anne Sachs, Marjoe Gortner, Candy Clark, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Leslie Brown, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Valerie Perrine, Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, Barbara Carrera, Pamela Sue Martin, Barbi Benton, Andrew Stevens, Barbara Parkins, Jaclyn Smith, Serena BlaqueLord, Jamie Gillis, Carol Connors, Claudia Jennings, Sondra Theodore, Marcy Hanson, Sonia Braga, Laura Gernser, Sydne Rome, Joan Collins and Lesley-Ann Down (not all previously named are nude).

Farrah Fawcett-Majors (cover and inside) cover photographed by Claude Mougin, photos by Chris Callis.

Adults Only
Price: $27.75
Adults Only
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