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Best From Playboy Number 4 (Playboy Newsstand Special 1970)

"Fidel Castro by Lee Lockwood.

"An Actor's Life for Me" by Rhilip Roth.

"Bugatti" by Ken W. Purdy.

"The Age of Overbreed" by Sir Julian Huxley.

"The Shel Silverstein Songbook" by Shel Sivlerstein.

"Look Away" by Hoke Norris.

"The Educated Barbarians" by J. Paul Getty.

"The Sex Institute" by Ernest Havemann.

"Naked Nude" by Bernard Malamud.

"Far-Out Safari" by Robert Ruark.

The Delicate Operation" by Jon Edward Manson.

Sellers Mimes the Movie Lovers
Peter Sellers (not nude) with nude models.

MM Remembered
Marilyn Monroe
Featuring the re-print of Playboy's first issue nude centerspread.

The Playboy Cover Story

  • Sharalee Conners
  • Teddi Smith
  • Cynthia Maddox
  • Donna Michelle

    The Girls of the Riviera

  • Arlette Dobson and Uschi Bernell (not nude)
  • Clarence Cavieux (not nude)
  • Jade Maillol
  • Miriam Michelson (not nude)
  • Anne-lis Swensen
  • Inge Bohm (not nude)
  • Madeleine Arentoft (not nude)
  • Reine Rohan
  • Thao Phuong (not nude)
  • Terry Barella
  • Veronique Vendell (not nude)
  • Christiane Thiry
  • Helene Urbini (not nude)
  • Jacqueline Luccioni (not nude)
  • Tania Bosset
  • Elen Stoetinga
  • Catherine Frank (not nude)
  • Renata Aldigeri and Inez Beinhauer
  • Virginie de Solenn
  • Claudia le Bail (not nude)
  • Josick de Cupper (not nude)
  • Simone Darot
  • Denise Perrier (not nude)
  • Andela Krejci
  • Christiane Pavesi (not nude)
  • Corrine Bedu
  • Simone Bovinah (not nude)
  • Eva Schaulaud (not nude)
  • Florence Fougere
  • Claire Davidson
  • Annie Pouliquen
  • Caron Gardner

  • Adults Only
    Price: $139.95
    Adults Only

    Holiday Album (Playboy Newsstand Special 1970)

    Wit, Wisdom and Whimsy
    "Red Ryder Nails the Hammond Kid" by Jean Shepherd.

    "Playboy's Christmas Cards" by Judith Wax.

    "For Christ's Sake" by Harvey Cox.

    "The Christmas Eve Supper" by Guy de Maupassant.

    "The Return of the Smilling Wimpy Doll" by Jean Shepherd.

    "What a Night Before Christmas!"

    "Santa Clause Confidential" by William Iversen.

    Joy is a Playboy Bunny

    A Quartet of Stories
    "Square Christmas" by Walt Grove.

    "So Pretty and So Green" by MacKenlay Kantor.

    "The Birthday Party" by Evan Hunter.

    "A Corking Evening" by Lawrence Durrell.

    The Girls of Christmas
    A Playmate Portfolio

  • Shay Knuth
  • Gwen Wong
  • Melodye Prentiss
  • Cynthia Myers
  • Lisa Baker
  • June Cochran
  • Dede Lind
  • Britt Fredriksen
  • Connie Kreski
  • Anne Randall
  • Leslie Bianchini
  • Jo Collins
  • Marjken Haugedal
  • Angela Dorian

    Cartoons and Comics

    Parties and Places to Go

  • Adults Only
    Price: $89.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy's John Dempsey (Playboy Newsstand Special 1970)
    John Dempsey

    Adults Only
    Price: $49.95
    Adults Only

    Sexual Revolution (Playboy Newsstand Special 1970)
    Articles:"Letting Go" by Robert Kaiser, "The Sexual Freedom League" by Jack Lind, "The Swingers" by Richard Warren Lewis, "Sex, Ecstasy and The Psychedelic Drugs" by R.E.L.Masters, "The Sex Institute" By Ernest Havemann. Interview:Masters and Johnson.

    Adults Only
    Price: $99.95
    Adults Only
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