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Best From Playboy Number 5 (Playboy Newsstand Special 1971)

Norman Mailer by Paul Carroll.

"BB: The Sex Kitten Grows Up" (Brigitte Bardot) by Andre Maurois.

"The Incredible Shrinking Ferrari" by Stirling Moss.

"Executive Saleries" by Vance Packard.

"The Pop-Op Caper" by William F. Nolan.

"Papa and the Playwright" by Kenneth Tynan.

"The Cold Society" by Nat Hentoff.

"Love, Death and the Hubby Image" by William Iversen.

"Noises in the City" by Irwin Shaw.

"Satyrs and Nymphs" by Eldon Dedini.

"The Sonics Boom" by Max Gunther.

"Symbolic Sex" by Don Addis.

"Chronicle of an Event" by Ken W. Purdy.

"The Jam" by Henry Slesar.

A Hypothetical History of Harems
Peter Ustinov (not nude) with nude models.

The Vargas Girl from the Twenties to the Present
By artist Alberto Vargas.

The Bunnies of Hollywood

  • Linda Ridgway (not nude)
  • Kathy Foster (not nude)
  • Tanya Teran
  • Marilyn Kendall (not nude)
  • De Russell (not nude)
  • Judy Ryder (not nude)
  • Suzanne McDonald
  • Heidi Becker
  • Pat Wright
  • Chere Davis
  • Sandy Molen (not nude)
  • Marianna Case (not nude)
  • Astrid Schulz
  • Melba Ogle
  • Sophia Sipes (not nude)
  • Sam Moorman (not nude)
  • Sharon Rogers
  • Lynda McDaniel (not nude)
  • Vicky Valentino
  • Donna Haas
  • Ana Lizza (not nude)
  • Christine Williams
  • Nancy Scott
  • Gwen Wong

  • Adults Only
    Price: $99.95
    Adults Only

    The Playboy Cartoon Album 4 (Playboy Newsstand Special 1971)

    More Than 350 Cartoons
    150 in Full Color.

    Artists:Don Addis, Brad Anderson, Jim Beaman, Buck Brown, E. Simms Campbell, Censoni, Chon Day, Eldon Dedini, John Dempsey, George Dole, Alden Erikson, Joseph G. Farris, Jules Feiffer, Michael Ffolkes, D. Fradon, Edward Frascino, Leo Garel, Bud Geisenheimer, Mort Gerberg, Herbert Goldberg, Herb Green, J.B. Handelsman, R. Hansen, Sidney Harris, William Hoest, Phil Interlandi, Al Jaffee, Al Kaufman, Reamer Keller, Dennis Kennedy, Jack Kent, B. Kliban, Art Krusz, Robert Kyle, Don Lewis, Ronald Lindquist, Lorenz, Don Madden, Charles E. Martin, Jerry Mayer, Robert Merz, J.M.Mulligan, Bill Murphy, Marty Murphy, Alphonse Normandia, Virgil Partch, Gardner Rea, Donald Reilly, Dennis Renault, Renfro, Mischa Richter, Charles Rodrigues, John Ruge, Brian Savage, Howard Schneider, Joseph Serrano, Howard Shoemaker, Dinl Seigel, Shel Silverstein, Claude Smith, Francis Smith, Doug Sneyd, Erich Sokol, Marvin Tannenberg, Richard Taylor, Torst, Sam Van Meter, Alberto Vargas, Robert Weber, Wende, Gahan Wilson, B. Wiseman, Glenn Zulauf.

    Adults Only
    Price: $54.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy Girls of the World (Playboy Newsstand Special 1971)

    The Girls of Tahiti: an eye-filling encomium to the legendary lovelies of that idyllic isle.
    The Girls of Russia and the Iron Curtain Countries: Playboy offers pictorial proof that feminine beauty knows no political boundaries.
    The Girls of Scandinavia: a pictorial pangyric to the free-spirited sun goddesses of nordic islands.
    The Girls of Germany: a salute to an arresting array of the fairest of frauleins.
    The Girls of Paris: Playboy toasts the dazzling jeunes filles who sparkle in the city of light.
    The Girls of the Riviera: a tribute to the mediterranean playground's international panorama of sun-kissed, barely clad, pleasure-prone beaches.
    The Girls of Canada: a salute to the comeliest chicks of our neighbor to the north.
    The Girls of Israel: A profusion of cultures exotically commingle in the superbly feminine beauties who grace this land of milk and honeys.
    The Girls of Africa: a salute to the multicolored maidens of a continent of contrasts.
    The Girls of Australia: A words-and-pictures salute to those sun-bronzed beauties from down under.
    The Girls of the Orient: A words-and-pictures bow to the temptingly exotic, subtly sesuous lovelies of the far east.
    Models:Patricia Garcia, Mareva Merahi, Myriam Rydge, Marie Here, Carlosa Lee, Rosine Copie, Mirielle Hart, Annie Typaia, Vaea Bennett, Lara Obradovic, Sarah Stephane, Marina Christellis, Eva Barlo.

    Adults Only
    Price: $67.95
    Adults Only

    Holiday Album (Playboy Newsstand Special 1971)

    Our Annual Gift of Entertainment for Christmas and New Year's

    Wit, Wisdom and Whimsy
    "Red Ryder Nails the Hammond Kid" by Jean Shepherd.

    "Playboy's Christmas Cards" by Judith Wax.

    "For Christ's Sake" by Harvey Cox.

    "The Christmas Eve Supper" by Guy de Maupassant.

    "The Return of the Smilling Wimpy Doll" by Jean Shepherd.

    "What a Night Before Christmas!"

    "Santa Clause Confidential" by William Iversen.

    Joy is a Playboy Bunny

    A Sextet of Stories
    "Square Christmas" by Walt Grove.

    "So Pretty and So Green" by MacKenlay Kantor.

    "The Birthday Party" by Evan Hunter.

    "Santa Claus in the Jungle" by Paul Theroux.

    "Another Christmas Carol" by P.G. Wodehouse.

    "A Corking Evening" by Lawrence Durrell.

    The Girls of Christmas
    A Playmate Portfolio

  • Allison Parks
  • Gwen Wong
  • Melodye Prentiss
  • Cynthia Myers
  • Lisa Baker
  • June Cochran
  • Jean Bell
  • Tish Howard
  • Dede Lind
  • Linda Forsythe
  • Donna Michelle
  • Britt Fredriksen
  • Connie Kreski
  • Anne Randall
  • Leslie Bianchini
  • Jo Collins
  • Marjken Haugedal
  • Angela Dorian

    Cartoons and Comics

    Parties and Places to Go

    Second Edition

  • Adults Only
    Price: $24.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy's Phil Interlandi (Playboy Newsstand Special 1971)

    More than 270 Cartoons
    115 in Full Color.

    Adults Only
    Price: $89.95
    Adults Only

    Youth Culture (70's Playboy Newsstand Special 1971)

    New Life-Styles

    Peter Fonda by Lawrence Linderman.

    "On His Way to Epley's Bike Shop Charley Meets a Girl with Twelve Dogs" by James D. Houston.

    "Sexus Perplexus" by John Dempsey.

    "West of Eden" by Jules Siegel.

    The No-Bra Look
    Photographed by Douglas Kirkland.

    Gloria Root photographed by Pompeo Posar.

    Drugs Playboy Panel
    "The Drug Revolution"
  • Joel Fort
  • John Finlator
  • Baba Ram Dass
  • Harry J. Anslinger
  • Joseph S. Oteri
  • Alan Watts
  • William S. Burroughs
  • Leslie Fiedler
  • James Coburn

    "Dance With a Stranger" by Jacob Brackman.

    "Silverstein Among the Hippies" by Shel Silverstein.

    Debbie Hooper.

  • Music Personalities
    "Head Stone: Jagger" by Alan Coren.

    "All She Needs is Love: (Janice) Joplin" by John Bowers.

    "Good Ole Boy: (Johnny) Cash" by Saul Braun.

    "Alice & Ray & Yesterday's Flowers" by Saul Braun.

    The Girls of Hair

  • Florence Rollin
  • Donna Lee
  • Shelley Plimpton
  • Lyvia Bauer
  • Jutta Weinhold
  • Hanny Kirchhoff
  • Carolyn Blakely
  • Leata Galloway
  • Betty Berr
  • Elisabeth Berger
  • Lynn Kellogg
  • Ghristine Guenther
  • Vanina Michel
  • Alica Ottawa
  • Sally Eaton
  • Gayle Hayden
  • Corinne Broskett

    Jennifer Liano.

  • Politics

    "Portrait of the Marxist as an Old Trouper" (F. Ambrose Clark) by Michael Horowitz.

    "Revolution" by Jules Siegel.

    "Counterrevolution" by George Fox.

    "Saul Bird Says: Relate! Communicate! Liberate!" by Joyce Carol Oates.

    "The International Comix Conspiracy" by Jacob Brackman.

    "The Chicago Conspiracy Circus" by Nicholas von Hoffman.


  • Vicky Drake photographed by Dick Rowan
  • Gale Olson

  • Adults Only
    Price: $99.95
    Adults Only
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