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Best From Playboy Number 6 (Playboy Newsstand Special 1972)

Ralph Nader by Eric Norden.

"The Crazy One" by Norman Mailer.

"The Myth of a Balanced Federal Budget" by J. Paul Getty.

"Day of Good Fortune" by Rafael Steinberg.

"The Thinking Lovers" by John Dempsey.

"The Great Girl Nut Contest" by Roger Price.

"Symbolic Sex" by Don Addis.

"The Public be Dammed" by Justice William O. Douglas.

"Turn Left at Mata Hari" by Ray Russell.

"Out on a Limerick" by Ogden Nash.

"The Immortalist" by Alan Harrington.

"The Sea Was Wet as Wet Could Be" by Gahan Wilson.

The Playmate as Fine Art


  • Salvador Dali
  • Andy Warhol
  • Larry Rivers
  • Ellen Lanyon
  • George Segal
  • Roy Schnackenberg
  • Ben Johnson
  • Tom Wesselman
  • James Rosenquist
  • Alfred Leslie
  • Frank Gallo

    Barbi Benton photographed by Mario Casilli.

  • Adults Only
    Price: $99.95
    Adults Only

    The Playboy Cartoon Album 5 (Playboy Newsstand Special 1972)

    More Than 350 Cartoons
    157 in Full Color.

    Adults Only
    Price: $49.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy's Little Annie Fanny (Playboy Newsstand Special 1972)

    The Satirical Misadventures of Playboy's Sexy, Comic Heroine
    Over 150 pages!
    By Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder

  • Annie and Her Roommate Ruthie

  • Annie and Her Press Agent Solly Brass

  • Annie and Her Boyfriend Ralphie Towzer

  • Annie and Her Girlfriend Wanda Homefree

  • Annie and Her Friend Sugar-Daddy Bigbucks

  • Annie and Her Friend Benton Battbarton

  • Annie's Other Friends

  • Annie Sends You Christmas Cheer

  • Adults Only
    Price: $41.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy Bunnies (Playboy Newsstand Special 1972)

    Club Bunnies

    New York

  • Lynn Passinger (not nude)
  • Monique Murphy (not nude)
  • Candice Bajada
  • Gina Loren
  • Karen Ferber
  • Judy Juterbock (not nude)
  • Gisela Moseman and Ricki Shapiro (not nude)
  • Anita Jabbour (not nude)


  • Lieko English (not nude)
  • Lyn Love
  • Ava Cherry (not nude)
  • Marion McEvoy
  • Rosemary Over
  • Roxanne Demitropoulos
  • Deven English (not nude)

    Los Angeles

  • Mercy Rooney
  • Tricia Williams (not nude)
  • Ruthy Ross (not nude) (cover, back)
  • Chere Davis
  • Mary Taylor
  • Avis Miller (not nude)
  • Gwen Wong (not nude)


  • Joan Lusenhop (not nude)
  • Elisa Simone
  • Kim Bjornson


  • Lana Brewer
  • Nicole Cisar (not nude)
  • Paulette Cote (not nude)
  • Amy Gibb (not nude)


  • Dolly Tanaka
  • Pam Paluch (not nude)
  • Sandra Lawrence (not nude)


  • Ella Garland (not nude)
  • Marilyn Cole (not nude)


  • Mickey Hersch (not nude)
  • Morgan Wyler
  • Debbie Ellison

    San Francisco

  • Linda King
  • Songe Songey (not nude)
  • Wendy Abbett


  • Susan Stirling (not nude)
  • Deanna Baker
  • Candy Winter (not nude)
  • Kay Brook (not nude)
  • Heather Van Every (cover, front)

    Kansas City

  • Mary John (not nude)
  • Bobbi Thompson
  • Gina Lathrope (not nude)
  • Crystal Smith
  • Brigitte Keating


  • Vicki Owen-Jones (aka Catherine Parr) (not nude)
  • Maryse Larose (not nude)

    New Orleans

  • Daisy Mathis (not nude)
  • Brittney Lee
  • Alix Smith

    St. Louis

  • Marty Wilson (not nude)
  • June Handy (not nude)
  • Jackie Sabatino (not nude)
  • Barbara Crawford


  • Bobbi Festagallo
  • Cheryl Carroll (not nude)
  • Bonnie Norris (not nude)
  • Janine Loria


  • Donna Langford (not nude)
  • Pat Duffel (not nude)
  • Vicki Snell
  • Connie James


  • Ann Shettle
  • Lynn Cole

    Jet Bunnies

  • Anne Denson (not nude)
  • Kathy Jovanovic
  • Linda Donnelly
  • Carole Green
  • Rosemary Melendez
  • Gewn Wong
  • Avis Miller
  • Lieko English

    Resort Bunnies


  • Irene Caneal
  • Gillian Van Bolan (not nude)
  • Marjie Martin
  • Carolyn Bedient
  • Candis Stona (not nude)

    Lake Geneva

  • Judy Greno
  • Dale Johnson and Kristi Willinger (not nude)
  • Cynthia Hall
  • Shay Knuth

    Miami Beach

  • Kandy Whitbeck
  • Donna Silsby
  • Joyce Bennett-Odlum
  • Simone Evertson (not nude)
  • Carol Vitale

    Cruise Ship

  • Georgina Protheroe (not nude)
  • Sharon Fletcher (not nude)

    Great Gorge

  • Lydia Wickman (not nude)
  • Michele Voyer (not nude)
  • B.J. Thompson
  • Beep Clark
  • Cheryl Lee (not nude)
  • Betsy Nardi (not nude)
  • Daryl Chazak
  • Sue Kimsey
  • Libby Saleh (not nude)

    Bunny of the Year

  • Gina Byrams (1970)
  • Cheryl Lee (1971) (not nude)
  • Ruthy Ross (1972)

    Playmate Bunnies

  • Majken Haugedal
  • Carol Imhof
  • Karen Christy
  • Deanna Baker
  • Crystal Smith
  • Kai Brendlinger
  • Helena Antonaccio
  • Jill Taylor
  • Barbara Hillary
  • Debbie Ellison
  • Dolly Read
  • Jennifer Jackson
  • China Lee
  • Priscilla Wright
  • Jean Bell
  • Jo Collins
  • Heather Van Every
  • Leslie Bianchini
  • Marilyn Cole

  • Adults Only
    Price: $29.95
    Adults Only
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