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Best from Playboy (Playboy Newsstand Special 1982)

Al Pacino by Lawrence Grobel.

"Jerry Lewis, Birthday Boy" by O'Connell Driscoll.

"The Fine Art of Being the Boss" by J. Paul Getty.

"The Public-Sex Breakthrough" by James R. Petersen.

"My Night At Playto's Retreat" by Buck Henry.

"The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol" (fiction) by Philip Jose Farmer.

"Clark Ghent's School Days" by Robert S. Wieder.

"You Bet Your Life" by Brock Yates.

"Astral Projection and the Horse That Could Count" by Carl Sagan.

Playmates International


  • Elizabeth Plaza


  • Yue Ching (Japan)


  • Ursula Buchfellner
  • Doris Anders
  • Beate Grotzinger
  • Jasmin Kompatscher
  • Anna Thorberg
  • Bea Fiedler
  • Marie-Luise Gassen


  • Patricia Morales


  • Darcy Aleixo


  • Katia Scolari

    Moons in June

  • Rita Lee
  • Debra Jo Fondren
  • Nicki Thomas
  • Bebe Buell
  • Christine Maddox
  • Cyndi Wood
  • Patricia Margot McClain
  • Denise Michele

    Brief Encounters
    Photography by Richard Fegley.

    Once More With Fondren
    Debra Jo Fondren
    photographed by J. Frederick Smith.

  • Adults Only
    Price: $41.95
    Adults Only

    Girls of Playboy number 5 (Playboy Newsstand Special 1982)

  • Jeana Tomasino (cover)
  • Wanda Huizenga
  • Betsy LeVeille
  • C.J. Mobley
  • Martha Thomsen
  • Lisa Welch
  • Susan Smith
  • Gig Gangel
  • Terri Welles
  • Henriette Allais
  • Bo Derek
  • Brandy Ray
  • Janet Quist
  • Laura Gemser
  • Norma Jean Fregeau
  • Susan Jensen
  • Debra Jo Fondren
  • Sylvie Garant
  • Sammie Gre
  • Marine Jetty
  • Linda Kerridge
  • Leila Hunt
  • Suzanne Baldwin
  • Ola Ray
  • Eiana Lobo
  • Barbara Hawthorne
  • Dorothy Mays
  • Candy Loving
  • Wendy Carlson
  • Denise Gauthier
  • Mardi Jacquet
  • Nesa Strong
  • Tamara Follett
  • Lisa Welch
  • Victoria Cunningham
  • S.J. Fellowes
  • Paula Parkinson
  • Sandy Funkhouser
  • Julia Floyd
  • Candace Collins
  • Akemi Crockett
  • Kim Bateman
  • Patti Duggan
  • Jeana Tomasino
  • Denise McConnell
  • Rosanne Katon
  • Anita Russell
  • Victoria Cooke
  • Christina Hui
  • Dorothy Mays
  • Julia Lyndon
  • Barbara Carrera
  • Carolyn Fritz
  • Tracey Salvidge
  • Pamela Bryant
  • Debra Jensen
  • Monique St. Pierre
  • Missy Cleveland
  • Tammy Feuer
  • Liz Glazowski
  • Sondra theodore
  • Lee Ann Michelle
  • Patricia Margot McClain
  • Yvette Chemise
  • Dorothy Davis
  • Debra Peterson
  • Maggie Brown
  • Karen Patterson
  • Darlene Aubrey
  • Phyllis McCreary
  • Patti McClain
  • Sandy Cagle
  • Claudia Mendron
  • Jill Zaleski
  • Lenita Shilling
  • Louann Fenald
  • Michele Drake
  • Linda Brooks
  • Moira Shane
  • Teri Peterson
  • Jacquelyn Rohrs
  • Julie Makin
  • Shannon Starling
  • Flower
  • Vicki McCarthy
  • Erinn Bann
  • Vanessa Buchanan
  • Paula Macoubrie
  • Ursula Buchfellner
  • Adults Only
    Price: $39.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy Fashion Guide for Men (Fall/Winter) (Playboy Newsstand Special 1982)
    Cover:Raquel Welch and Andre Weinfeld photographed by Eva Sereny/Sygma.

    Adults Only
    Price: $33.95
    Adults Only

    Playboy Fashion Guide for Men (Spring/Summer) (Playboy Newsstand Special 1982)
    Cover:Tina Turner photographed by Andrew Su. Interview:William F. Buckley Jr. Shape Up Section:Susan Sarandon, Katharine Ross, Jayne Kennedy, Pat Benatar, photographed by Andrew Su.

    Adults Only
    Price: $33.95
    Adults Only

    Dreams -- Richard Fegley (Playboy Newsstand Special 1982)
    Richard Fegley

    Adults Only
    Price: $32.95
    Adults Only
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