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wish list Rolling Stone January 4, 1973 -- issue 125
Honeymooners (cover), Byrds, Captain Beefheart, Doobie Brothers, Alice Cooper.

wish list

Price: $8.95

wish list Rolling Stone January 18, 1973 -- issue 126

Tom Wolf on the Astronauts: Post-orbital remorse II (cover)

Table of contents:


  • Ray Charles by Ben Fong-Torres
  • Max Fledischer by Lslie Cabarga
  • Perspectives: Stepin Fetchit's life by Ralph J. Gleason
  • Duane Thomas by Wells Twombly

wish list

Price: $8.95

Rolling Stone February 1, 1973 -- issue 127
Diana Ross (cover), Joan Baez, Pretty Things, Duane Allman (r2+), Rolling Stones.

Price: $8.95

wish list Rolling Stone February 15, 1973 -- issue 128
Bette Midler (cover), Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull.

wish list

Price: $10.95

wish list Rolling Stone March 1, 1973 -- issue 129
Rolling Stones (cover), Eric Clapton, Lou Reed, Johnny Cash, Doug Sahm (r2+), Beach Boys.

wish list

Price: $8.95

Rolling Stone March 15, 1973 -- issue 130

Robert Mitchum (cover)

In this issue:


  • Al Green by Ben Fong-Torres
  • Max Yasgur: The landlord of woodstock Nation is dead...
  • Bobby Vee
  • Adam Faith by Paul Flattery
  • Gary Glitter
  • Nick Gravenites by John Grissim
  • Robert Mitchum by Michael McClure
  • Bob Dylan in Mexico by Chet Flippo

Price: $8.95

wish list Rolling Stone March 29, 1973 -- issue 131
Dr Hook (cover), George Burns, Four Tops, Ronettes, Dion.

wish list

Price: $8.95

Rolling Stone April 12, 1973 -- issue 132
Truman Capote (cover), Claudia Lennear, Willie Nelson, Marianne Faithfull, Byrds.

Price: $8.95

Rolling Stone April 26, 1973 -- issue 133

Mark Spitz (cover) illustration

In this Issue:

  • The Beatles: Yoko is in; John is out; they'll appeal. and from L.A., Ringo does a session, and three Beatles get together

  • Roger Daltrey: Who's lead singer goes solo by Andrew Bailey

  • Jerry Garcia: Now he's a member of Old and In the Way (too). Thinking about some bluegrass festivals by John Grissim

  • Bruce Springsteen: In the shadow of Bob Dylan; discovered, even, by the man who signed Dylan by Stuart Werbin

  • Persuasions: The masters of acapella sing their way through an interview by Steve Moore

  • Poco: Why is it that after four good years and five good albums, they're only doing good? by Cameron Crowe

  • Press Freedom: Nixon wants "guidelines"; publishers & broadcasters are watching their wallets; who wants to be a reporter? by Timothy Ferris

  • Mark Spitz: The late of Mark and the Seven Masters; of psych, hype & goob tag by Tim Cahill

  • Lance Loud: An American son makes failure a career in New York by Dotson Rader
  • Stevie Wonder: Being black is heavier than being blind by Ben Fong-Torres

  • Price: $8.95

    Rolling Stone May 10, 1973 -- issue 134
    Alice Cooper (cover), Liza Minelli, John Lennon, Todd Rundgren (r2+), Procol Harum.

    Price: $9.95

    wish list Rolling Stone May 24, 1973 -- issue 135

    Death in the wilderness by Joe Eszterhas (cover) illustration

    In this Issue:

    • Neil Young: His first effort as a moviemaker, Jouney Through the Past, premieres at the US Film Festival, dallas. "Basically," he said, "the film is about me" by Janelle Ellis

    • POW's Festival: You could count on one hand the number of POW's at the " Young People's Welcome Home POW's Rock Festival"; deputies "put the quietus" on the partyby towing away cars

    • John Prine: The Chicago city boy plays a West Virginia coal miners' benefit; they liked the one about the town called paradise by Wayne Slater

    • Slade: They're a big hit in Great Britain, but after tree shows in the US, the jury was still out...and it may never return by Stuart Werbin

    • Toni & Terry: The organic duo from Joy of Cooking searches fror new approaches, Toni By writing, Terry with a new band by Steve Moore

    • Humboldt County: A suspect is fatally shot in the back, and a narcotics agent becomes the first in BNDD history to be charged with homicide by Joe Eszterhas

    • Sonny & Cher: The frontstage & backstage ups & downs of Mr. and Mrs. Bono; a semi-exhilerating tale, but maybe you suspected that ...... by Chris Hodenfield

    wish list

    Price: $8.95

    wish list Rolling Stone June 7, 1973 -- issue 136

    Infiltrating the Jesus army: part one by Tim Cahill

    In this Issue:

    • Soul Train: How Dick Clark entered the black market; a battle of two Bandstands; Jesse Jackson to the rescue by Ben Fong-Torres

    • Fat City rock: They came to Stockton to hear music and went away with tear-gassed eyes by Patrick Sullivan

    • Sir Doug's Bust: After an Eastern tour Sahm and band returned to San Antonio, and five of them landed in jail

    • Country Joe: At the California Institution for Women, the sisters consider an appearance by Joe McDonald something special by Judith Sims

    • Wayne Cochran: The Foamingo in Vegas didn't approve of the blues, so the White Knight hit the road by Mike Bourne

    • Swamp Festival: At the Swamp Cabbage Festival in LaBelle, Florida, a bull got loose, Mel Tillis got proud and Vermont Owens won the beard contest by Dan Geringer

    • Other Planets and the possibility of life there, among other things, considered by Carl Sagan of the Mariner Project by Timothy Ferris

    • Party Time for some POW's and the Green Berets who tried to free them; a non-event in San Francisco by Burr Snider

    wish list

    Price: $8.95

    Rolling Stone June 21, 1973 -- issue 137
    Rod Stewart (cover), War, Sandy Denny, Deep Purple, Soul Train.

    Price: $9.95

    Rolling Stone July 5, 1973 -- issue 138

    Paul Newman (cover)

    In this Issue:

    • Watergate: A cartoonist's hideous vision by Ralph Steadman

    • Carole King: Her "little something" for New York packed Central Park, but Faye Dunaway had to take a hike by Stuart Werbin

    • One to One: A TV newsman's personal assiagnment; a benefit show, a mini-telethon and a helping hand

    • Crusader: After 21 years thay're contemporary; but please don't mention jazz-rock by Chet Flippo

    • The Pointers: Four singing sistersin gladrags find a taste of success, sure beats keypunching by Steve Moore

    • John Keen: Once he was a hooligan from the Who's turf; now he's virtually a one man band by Nik Cohn

    • John Fogerty: With no mention of Creedence -or even John Fogerty- he's resurfaced as the Blue Ridged Rangers by Ralph J. Gleason

    • Paul Newman: He heats up Chicago's Union Station, grabs a burger at the Pump Room & deals some sharp words about critics by Grover Lewis

    • Fear & Loathing in the Past: The long-awaited Final Wrap-Up on last year's Presidential Campaign by our National Affairs Editor by Hunter Thompson

    Price: $9.95

    Rolling Stone July 19, 1973 -- issue 139
    Tatum O Neal (cover), Bobby Womack, Chicago, George Harrison, David Bowie.

    Price: $8.95

    Rolling Stone August 2, 1973 -- issue 140

    J. Geils (cover)

    In this Issue:


    • Memo from the sports desk: "When the Buzzards come home to San Clemente" by Raoul Duke

    • Drugola: A US Senator sees a possible "corporate Watergate" and calls for inquiry into the record calls for inquiry into the record business by Ben Fong-Torres

    • BBC Scandal: After a 19th month investigation, Scotland Yard makes arrests in an alleged payola operation by Andrew Bailey and Paul Gambaccini

    • Leon Russell: Filmmaker Les Blank did OK by Clifton Chenier, but Leon Russell was another story by Chet Flippo

    • Gilbert O'Sullivan: He knows he's just a mechanical man; the true stories behind the hit songs by Paul Gambaccini

    • Beale Street: The City of Memphis razes the home of the blues by Walter Dawson

    • Little Feat: One of the great unknown bands relates indignities they've suffered by Steve Moore

    • Alan Price: The ex-animal finds fulfillment as he scores the movie O Lucky Man! by David Rensin

    • Malcolm McDowell: Adventures in the coffee game & since by a man who doesn't believe in luck by Andrew Bailey

    • J. Geils: Blues purists plus showmanship plus dark forces by Timothy Cahill

    Price: $9.95

    Rolling Stone August 16, 1973 -- issue 141

    Elton John (cover) illustration

    In this Issue:

    • David Bowie: Stardust Rock's premier entity says he's through with live performances by Andrew Bailey and Paul Gambaccini

    • Drugola': Sen Buckley sees attempts to "gag" hi record business inquiry by Ben Fong-Torres

    • Newport Jazz: More than 1000 musicians spend ten days in New York by Robert Palmer

    • Funk Meets Runt: The unlikely alliance of Grand Funk and Todd Rundgren in the studio by Timothy Ferris

    • Everly Brothers: Quitting time for Don and Phil

    • Black Oak Arkansas: The raunch & rollers from the Ozarks at ease on their spread by Chet Flippo

    • Pot Shots: An ex-cop tells how to avoid a bust; an attorney tells how to prevent conviction by George Frazier and Michael Stepanian

    • Elton John: He and Bernie Taupin talk about the ups, down, and in-betweens by Paul Gambaccini

    • Poetry Corner: 100 short takes by 100 American seducers

    Price: $9.95

    Rolling Stone August 30, 1973 -- issue 142
    Dan Hicks (cover), Sly Stone, Van Morrison, Redd Foxx, Beatles.

    Price: $8.95

    Rolling Stone September 13, 1973 -- issue 143
    Watergate (cover), Stevie Wonder, Cat Stevens, Anita Bryant, Mott the Hoople.

    Price: $8.95

    wish list Rolling Stone September 27, 1973 -- issue 144
    Nixon (cover), Temptations, Lou Reed, Monty Python, Dr John, Maria Muldaur.

    wish list

    Price: $8.95

    Rolling Stone October 11, 1973 -- issue 145
    Art Garfunkel (cover), Elton John, Rolling Stones, Chris Jagger, Dobie Gray.

    Price: $8.95

    wish list Rolling Stone October 25, 1973 -- issue 146
    David Carradine, Byrds, Wendy Waldman.

    wish list

    Price: $8.95

    Rolling Stone November 8, 1973 -- issue 147

    Let facts be submitted to a candid world (cover)

    In this issue:

    • A Midsummer Night's Dream, or just a Magnolia Nightmare? Ever since Mary Ann Mobley copped the Big One in Atlantic City, folks in Mississippi have taken their beauty contest seriously . Aspirants stream into Vicksburg, thedir Hattboxes Full of Dreams, and the most unpardonable of all sins is the failure to smile. But the question lingers: Are beauty queens what they used to be?

    • Coup D'Etat!: One bloody month was all it took for Chile's brutal baptism into the world of Pentagon CIA technology by Richard E. Feinberg

    • Liza Minnelli & Ronnie Spector &... Alice Cooper?: Well, why not. Clutching his omnipresent can of Bud, Alice explains how he assembled a dream lineup of "backup chicks" for his new album. Liza witha Z Meets Alice with a C by Stuart Werbin

    • Jethro Tull is off the road and Ian Andereson has plans for a movie, War Child. Ian will play God by Robin Denselow

    • Producer Joe Boyd discusses the three-way democratic system behind the making of the "impressionistic" A Film About Jimi Hendrix by Judith Sims

    • Goodbye David Bowie; leader Ian Hunter declares that Mott the Hoople has found its niche by Gordon Fletcher

    • Bob Marley & the Wailers express themselves on a hot summer's day; Reggae in Beantown by James Isaacs

    • Look out Fanny, here comes Isis, an eight-piece all-woman band by Glenn O'Brien

    Price: $8.95

    Rolling Stone November 22, 1973 -- issue 148
    Grateful Dead (cover), Carol Kaye, Eric Andersen, Jackson Browne (r2), Elton John.

    Price: $8.95

    wish list Rolling Stone December 6, 1973 -- issue 149
    Allman Brothers (cover), David Bowie, King Crimson, Earth,Wind & Fire, Bonnie Raitt.

    wish list

    Price: $8.95

    Rolling Stone December 20, 1973 -- issue 150
    Hugh Hefner (cover), Alice Brock, John Stewart, Marc Bolan, Who.

    Price: $8.95
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