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Sports Illustrated August 16, 1954

Premier Issue

Ed Mathews.

"The Miracle Mile At Vancouver".

"The Dashing Duke of Edinburgh".

"The Battle of the Bubble Gum" by Martin Kane and Jerome Weidman.

"The Golden Age is Now" by Gerald Holland.

"Trouth Fishermen, Go West!" by John McDonald.

" The Eager Beaver Makes a Comeback" by John O'Reilly.

Price: $198.95

wish list Sports Illustrated August 23, 1954

"The $75,000 Nod" (race horses) by Joe Estes and Whitney Tower.

"Fastest Man Afloat" (Stan Sayres).

"The Yankees are Still the Team to Beat" by Robert Creamer.

"My Midsummer Nightmare" by Marjorie Osterman.

"The U.S. Amateur" (golf) by Herbert Warren Wind.

"Let's Smile Again" (Billy Joe Patton) by Coles Phinizy.

"Armored Warrior of the South" (alligator gar) by Hart Stilwell.

"Airbase Classic" (Jim Kimberly) by John Bentley.

"A Pay Night for Old Archie" (Archie Moore) by Budd Schulberg.

wish list

Price: $223.95

wish list Sports Illustrated August 30, 1954

"The Tip That Let Bannister to Victory" (Roger Bannister) by Julian Snyder and Percy Knauth.

"The Boston Massacre" by Robert Creamer.

"The National Singles" (Forest Hills) by John R. Tunis.

"Football From the North" by Keith Munro.

"The Truth About Spinning" (fishing) by Bryan Collier.

"King of the Cow Palace" (Bobo Olson) by Budd Schulberg.

wish list

Price: $26.95

Sports Illustrated September 6, 1954

Yacht racing Long Island Sound

"Battle For the Amateur" (golfing) by Herbert Warren Wind.

"New Vogue For an Old Favorite" (poodles) by Alace Wagner.

"Why Ronnie Knox Quit Calfornia" by Harvey Knox.

"Low-Pressure Lopez" (Al Lopez) by Ernest Havemann.

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated September 13, 1954

"The Nation's Eleven Best Elevens" by Herman Hickman.

"The Golden Arm of Johnny Antonelli" by Dan Parker.

"The High Himalayan Sweepstakes" by Dr. Charles Houston and William H. White.

" See How They Run" (Grand Prix) by John Bentley.

"The Big Fight: The Men and Their Muscles" by Budd Schulberg.

"Freedom Under the Seas" by Philip Wylie.

wish list

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated September 20, 1954

"Twilight of the Baseball Gods" by Roger Kahn.

""Pro Football Tunes Up Across the U.S."

"1954's Minor League Heroes".

"A Short Story: Brooklyns Lose" by William Heuman.

"The Real Boss of the Yankees" (George Weiss) by Robert Shaplen.

"Our Physical Education Program is a Failure" by Arthur Morse.

"Football in the Great Midwest" by Herman Hickman.

"Here Come the Cranes" by John O'Reilly.

"One Fish's Poison" by Charles L. Cadieux.

wish list

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated September 27, 1954

Calvin Jones.

"A World Series Preview" by Gordon Cobbledick, Roger Kahn and others.

"The True Spirit of Notre Dame" by Father Theodore M. Hesburgh.

"Football From Pike's Peak to the Pacific" by Herman Hickman.

"Vancouver Fun & Games" by Mark Kauffman.

"Something for the Girls..." by Gussie Moran as told to Deirdre Budge.

"Rematch is No Match" (Ezzard Charles) by Budd Schulberg.

"New Deal for New York Racing" by Whitney Tower.

"The Case of Telesopic Sights" by Paul R. Walker.

"The Mighty Stumps" by John O'Reilly.

wish list

Price: $20.95

Sports Illustrated October 4, 1954

Joyce Sellers.

"Baseball -- The Vivid Season of 54" by Roger Kahn.

"Treasure Hunter of the Deep" (Art McKee) by Coles Phinizy.

"My Life as a Sports Widow" by Cornelia Otis Skinner.

"How Good is the Ford Thunderbird?" by John Bentley.

"Football From SOuth Bend to the Solid South" by Herman Hickman.

"My First World Series" by James T. Farrell.

"Of Fish and Fishermaen" by John Steinbeck.

"The Possums Aren't Playing" by John O'Reilly.

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated October 11, 1954

"One...Two...Three...Four" by Roger Kahn.

"Football is Getting Too Vicious".

"The Hounds Go on Trial in Missouri" by Ed Everett.

"The Martial Music of the Football Field" by Martin Kane.

"Duke Wins Again But All's Well With the Ivy" by Don A. Schanche and Richard Meek.

"Putt Telfer: The Brady of Sports Photographers" by John Durant.

"Woodsmoke from Old Cabins" by Edmund Ware Smith.

"Return of a Native" by Erwin A. Bauer.

wish list

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated October 18, 1954

"Nashua: A Horse to Watch" by Whitney Tower and Albion Hughes.

"The Gueen Who Loves the Sport of Kings" by Andre LaGuerre.

"College Football is an Infernal Nuisance" by Robert M. Hutchins.

"A Boom Year for American Sailors" by Robert N. Bavier Jr.

"SI19's Second Short Story: Grom" by Will Stanton.

"The New Porsche on Trail" by John Bentley.

"The Hockey Wars Resume".

"Football: Wisconsin and the Men in the Middle" by Herman Hickman.

"Found: Theodore Gordon's Fly Box" by John McDonald.

"The Shark That Won't Give Up" by Chuck Meyer.

"Elk Down East" by James B. Trefethen.

wish list

Price: $20.95

Sports Illustrated October 25, 1954

"Russia Will Win the 1956 Olympics...".

"Winning Combination: Ameche and Williamson" (Alan Ameche and Ivan "Ivy" B. Williamson) by Booton Herndon.

"The First Scent of Fox" by Reginald Wells.

"The New Look in Bowling" by Victor Kalman.

"Game of the Week: Pen State Gets Its Comeuppance" by Don A Schance and Mark Kauffman.

"Champion Driver of the Tough Tracks" by John Bentley.

"Little Man, Big Ocean" (William Willis).

"Pheasants vs. Foxes" by Edmund Gilligan.

Price: $20.95

Sports Illustrated November 1, 1954

"Boxing's Dirty Business Must Be Cleaned Up Now" (Johnny Saxton and Kid Gavilan) by Dubb Schulberg.

"Football at Midseason: Five Great Games" by Herman Hickman.

"Souped-Up and Hot: Stock Cars, Midgets and Hot Rods" by John Bentley.

"A Day at the Races in East Berlin".

"The Lady Who WOn Too Often" (Josephine Abercrombie) by Helen Markel.

"Nashau's Great Sire and Mr. Fitz" by Whitney Tower.

"Bugling for Elk in Idaho" by Ted Trueblood.

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated November 8, 1954

"The Pros Come Marching In" by Roger Kahn and Mark Kauffman.

"I Taught Bud Wilkinson to Play Football" (Patty Berg).

"The Handicap That Nobody Counts" (Betty Meckley) by Edward Lockett.

"The Airplane They Said Was Too Safe" by Bill Mauldin.

"The Strenuous Life of Theodore Roosevelt" by Elting E. Morison.

"Christy Ring of Cork" (Nicholas Christopher Michael Ring).

"Game of the Week" (University of Cincinnati and College of the Pacific) by Herman Hickman.

"The Veteran Hunter is a Menace" by Lew Dietz.

wish list

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated November 15, 1954

Painting by Athos Menaboni.

"Banana Nose Shows 'Em How" by Whitney Tower and Albion Hughes.

"Buddy Parker -- The Coach Almost Nobody Knows" by Tommy Devine.

"Rover Boy in the Jungles of Boxing" (Robert Christenberry) by Dan Parker.

"The WIld and Wonderful Widecombe Fair" by Larry Burrows.

"Goalie Sawchuk's Rough Night" (Terry Sawchuk) pictorial by Hy Peskin.

"Slippery Rock and the Rockets" by Robert Creamer and Jerry Cooke.

"The U.S. Queen of Mexican Racing" (Mrs. Deborah Rood Everitt) by Dickson and Patricia Hartwell.

"The Ducks Are Flying South" by Scott Young.

wish list

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated November 22, 1954

Y.A. Tittle

"Martinez & The $20,000 Fix That Failed" (Vince Martinez and Carmine Fiore).

"The Boxing Guide & The $100 Receipts"

"Games of the Week" by Bill Rappleye.

The Mighty Orphans of Mooseheart" by James Poling.

"The Reds Put Their Stamp on Sports" by Ira Seebacher.

"Title of the 49ers" by William Worden.

"No. 44: Portrait of a Halfback" by Gilbert Millstein.

"How Red Blaik Brought Army Back to Power" by Booton Herndon.

"Killing Predators Isn't the Answer" by Durward L. Allen.

"Country Full of Deer" by Carhles C. Niehuis.

"Venison Is Great Eating" by Harry Botsford.

wish list

Price: $20.95

Sports Illustrated November 29, 1954

"Maybe Somebody Did Rob Me, But I Don't Know Who" (Beau Jack) by Charles Samuels.

"A Call to Arms" by Budd Schulberg.

"Thums Down on the One Platoon" by Clarence L. (Biggie) Munn.

"Fishing by Cybenetics" by Frank Cameron.

"Columbia Gets a Lot With a Little" (Lou Little) by William Peters.

"Fintailed Brutes and Buzzing Hornets" Melvin Crook.

"Love Sets and Dirty SHirts" (Sid Wood and Don Budge) by Sam Boal.

Price: $20.95

Sports Illustrated December 6, 1954

"The New King of the Mountains" (Umberto Maglioli) by John Bentley and Coles Phinizy.

"Navy Let George Do It" (George Welsh) by Herman Hickman and Mark Kauffman.

"Fire on the Ice" (Maurice Richard) by Herbert Warren Wind.

"The Return of Paddy Kinsella" by Bryan MacMahon.

"Mother Stands at Guard" (field hockey) by Sarah Palfrey.

Price: $20.95

Sports Illustrated December 13, 1954

"Norris and Boxing's Dirty Business" Harry Thomas.

"Here Comes College Basketball" Roger Kahn.

"Hostile Galleries -- Hooey!" Harry Hopman.

"Sam Colt's Amazing Peacemaker Revolvers" by Paul R. Walker.

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated December 20, 1954

Ken Sears.

"Forget Something, Boys?" by William Sharp.

"You Have to Think to Lift" by Ezra Bowen.

"The Davis Cup: An Answer and a Forecast" by William F. Talbert.

"A Tip From the Top for Golfers" by Gene Sarazen.

"Cubertson's Coup in the Match of the Century" by H. Allen Smith.

wish list

Price: $20.95

wish list Sports Illustrated December 27, 1954

"Queens, Crowns -- And Football"

"Feekaboo War in the Woods" by Coles Phinizy.

"A Princely Boar Hunt in Bavaria" by Charles Thayer.

"Bobo Olson Fights Strictly for Loot" by Robert Shaplen.

"In Philadelphia Nearly Everybody Likes Gola" (Tom Gola) by Milt Gross.

"Farewell to a Sportsman" (Fred Miller) by Ernest Havemann.

wish list

Price: $20.95
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