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wish list Sports Illustrated January 3, 1955

Roger Bannister.

"1954: The Year and Its Greatest Sportsman" (Roger Bannister) by Gerald Holland.

"A Fast Man With a Basket" by Octavus Ray Cohen.

"The Hunting Dog Has His Day" by Reginald Wells.

"Black Ice and Flying Skates" by Sheila Muldowny.

"The New European Sports Cars" by John Bentley.

"Otto's Big Goodby" (Otto Graham) by Martin Kane.

wish list

Price: $19.95

Sports Illustrated January 10, 1955

"Football's Fiesta Day" by
  • Red Sanders (Rose Bowl)
  • Bud Wilkinson (Cotton Bowl)
  • General Bob Neyland (Orange Bowl)
  • Herman Hickman (Sugar Bowl)
  • "Strub's Santa Anita" by Jim Murray.

    "TV Money May Wreck College Athletics" by Robert Hall.

    "Pheasants From the Hill".

    "THe Unknown Story of Young Jack Dempsey" by Robert Coughlan.

    "America's Noblest House Pet" (Rock Falls Colonel).

    "To the Ski Slopes by Camel Back".

    "How We Licked the Aussies" (Davis Cup) by Bill Talbert.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated January 17, 1955

    "Boxing Gets a Racket Buster".

    "How the I.B.C. Runs Boxing" by Robert Coughlan.

    "Give Me a B for Bradley" pictorial by Hy Peskin.

    "Fishing the Florida Keys" by Gordon Lewis.

    "A Supermarket for Motorboats" by A.C. Spectorsky.

    "Death and Glory in the Bull Ring" by John Stanton.

    "A Conditioning Program for Men in Middle Age" (Professor Thomas K. Cureton) by William H. White.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated January 24, 1955

    Doris Hedberg and Maud Karlen.

    "Gordon Howe & Company" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "A Nobel Prize Novelist Writes on Hockey" by William Faulkner.

    "The World's Most Exclusive Golf Course".

    "How to Steal a Fighter From a Manager" by Robert Coughlan, Sam Welles and Robert Boyle.

    "Western Skiers Start Young" by Wolfgang Lert.

    "Hunting at Horseshoe Plantation".

    "Pro Basketball at Midseason" by Gerald Astor.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated January 31, 1955

    Jill Knmont.

    "Sweat & Tears in Chicago" (bowling) by Victor Kalman and Richard Meek.

    "A Coast-to-Coast Look at Boxing's Straw Bosses".

    "Hot Rod and the Best" (Hot Rod Hundley) by Roy McHugh.

    "How Russia Outshoots Us" by Paul R. Walker.

    "The Changing Look of Fox Hunting" by Reginald Wells.

    "Apple Pie in Sun Valley" (Jill Kinmont) by Joern Gerdts.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated February 7, 1955

    Carol Heiss.

    "Two Men Against the World" (Fritz Feierabend and Franz Kapus) by James Bell and Ralph Crane.

    "Diplomat in Short Pants" (Mal Whitfield).

    "Dogs on the Run".

    "Figuring on Tenley" (Tenley Albright) by Maribel Vinson.

    "Pautzke and His Supertrout" by Joe Miller and Paul O'Neil.

    "Preview: Millrose Games" by Bogart Rogers John Groth.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated February 14, 1955


    "The Riotous Wanamaker Mile" Robert Creamer.

    "Great Day for England".

    "Cricket for the Baseball Fan" by Paul Gallico.

    "The Westminster Dog Show" Reginald Wells.

    "Trout in the Clouds".

    A Visit to the Hall of Fame" by James T. Farrell.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated February 21, 1955

    Betty di Bugnano.

    "U.S. Colleges Take to the Ice" by Whitney Tower.

    "Tournament Time Approaches"

  • Bill Russell
  • Art Bunte
  • Jack Twyman
  • George Bonsalle
  • Darrel Floyd
  • Don Boldebuck
  • Maurice Stokes
  • Jerry Harper
  • Dick Boushka
  • Willie Naulls
  • Bob Burrow
  • Kick Garmaker
  • Terry Rand
  • "Pay-Off for the Pros" by Piers Anderton.

    "The Sport that's Mostest" (U.S. Navy's Blue Angels).

    "The Dartmouth Winter Carnival" by Budd Schulberg.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated February 28, 1955

    "California Gets a Gleam in the Eye" (horse racing) Jim Marray.

    "The Perils of Winter Ball" photographed by Mark Kauffman.

    "Design for Anarchy" by Gerald Astor.

    "Get Your Mitt, Johnny -- It's Time for Class!" James T. Farrell.

    "Fishing at 20 Below" by Sigrud Olson.

    "Golf's Green Pastures".

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated March 7, 1955

    Joseph Cameron Alston.

    "5,000 Miles of SUn-Tanned Golf" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Winning Problem Child" (Nashua) by Whitney Tower.

    "Flamingos at Home" by John O'Reilly.

    "Mr. Rickey and the Game" (Branch Rickey) by Gerald Holland.

    "Daytona's Roaring Week" by John Bentley and footnote by Horace Sutton.

    "Wilderness in Westchester" (Camp Fire Club of America) by Russell Barnett Aitken.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated March 14, 1955

    Buddy Werner.

    "Look Out! Here Comes Casey" (Casey Stengel) by Alfred Wright and Casey Stengel.

    "An Olympic Skiing Gallery" by WIlliam Johnson.

    "Eyes on the Buzzer" (Buzz Wilkinson) by Booton Herndon.

    "Keep in the Pink".

    "The Wariest Bird in the Forest" (wild turkey gobbler) by John Curtis Bush with Emmett Gowen.

    "The Tewksbury Foot Bassets" by Coles Phinizy.

    "The Russians Take a Licking" (hockey) by Denis Fodor.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated March 21, 1955

    Parry O'Brien.

    "October Heroes in March" by Robert Creamer and Hy Peskin.

    "Parry's Power of Positive Thought" (Parry O'Brien) by Joel Sayre.

    "I Always Had More Fun Than Anybody" by Al Schacht.

    "Gymnastic Gyrations".

    "A Boston Bird Watcher Walks With His Hero" by Gerald Holland.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated March 28, 1955

    Steve Nagy.

    "The Maharaja Bags a Tiger".

    "The Big Suprise of 1955" by Hy Perkin.

    "A Riot for Rocket" (Maurice Richard).

    "Fame and Hearbreak in the Golden Gloves" by Lee Griggs.

    "Is This a Sport?" (square dancing).

    "Athletes vs. Altitude" by Arthur Lidov and Paul Peck.

    "Thirty Thousand Bowlers" by Victor Kalman.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated April 4, 1955

    Ben Hogan.

    "The Masters" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "My Friend, My Playmate" by Jong Yang Pak and Jock Carroll.

    "The Vest-Pocket King of Six-Pocket Billiards" (Willie Mosconi) by Robert COughlan.

    "A Rascal in Fur" (raccoon) by John O'Reilly.

    "Grace in a Dive" by Lee Griggs.

    "On to Australia!" by David Richardson.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated April 11, 1955

    Willie Mays, Laraine Day Durocher and Leo Durocher.

    "Red Smith on National League Baseball".

    "The Eight National League Teams: A Preview" by Robert Creamer.

    "Handball Gets a New Champ" (Jimmy Jacobs) by Phil Bath.

    "Professional Wrestling: Heroes and Villains".

    "An Ode to Spring Fever" by Edmund Ware Smith.

    "Irish Horse Sence".

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated April 18, 1955

    Al Rosen.

    "Red Smith on American League Baseball".

    "THe Eight American League Teams: a Preview" by Robert Creamer.

    "Set 'Em Up in Executive Alley!" by Victory Kalman.

    "A Quarter Horse Cuts Out His Calf".

    "The Wonder Woo of the Sage Grouse".

    "The Doc Shows the Masters How" (Cary Middlecoff) by Herbert Warren Wind.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated April 25, 1955

    Tenzing Nargay.

    "The A's Find Friends in Cowtown" by Gerald Holland.

    "Baseball? It's All in the Mind" by Jeremiah Tax.

    "Flies and Lines: The Best for Trout".

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated May 2, 1955

    Tom Courtney.

    "Nashua Beats Summer Tan By a Nose" by Whitney Tower and Hy Peskin.

    "Stranger on the Beach" by Jerome Weidman.

    "Tenzing: Tiger of Everest" (Tenzing Nargay) by James Ramsey Ullman.

    "Brooklyn's Happy Streak" by Robert Creamer and Robert Riger.

    "Walter Alston's School for Boys" by Dick Young.

    "Hunting in the Grand Manner" by Virginia Kraft.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated May 9, 1955

    "Queen and Clown of the Air" by Coles Phinizy.

    "1,000 Miles of Italy at 98 MPH" by William Rospigliosi.

    "Golf, Gambling & Auctioneers" by James Murray.

    "The Kentucky Derby in Preview" by Whitney Tower.

    "Lacrosse -- Or How to Play Really Rough" by Booton Herndon.

    "Tenzing: Tiger of Everest -- Part III" by Tenzing Norgay and James Ramsey Ullman.

    "Fishing for Channel Bass" by Paul Gallico.

    "THe Rube is No More" by H. Allen Smith.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated May 16, 1955

    "Spectacle: Yachs on the Way" by Ezra Bowen.

    "The 81st Kentucky Derby" by William Faulkner and Whitney Tower.

    "Suburbia's Dreamboat Comes of Age" by John Bentley.

    "Tenzing: Tiger of Everest" by James Ramsey Ullman.

    "Swimming Pools, the Nation's Dunk" by Horace Sutton.

    "Fine Feathers and Fancy Housing" by Robert Cushman Murphy and Arthur Singer.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated May 23, 1955

    Zale Parry.

    "Spectacle: Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race" by Jerry Cooke.

    "Wembley's Big Afternoon" by Andre Laguerre.

    "Hunting Alaska's Great Bear" by Hy Peskin.

    "Dry-Fly Temple on the Beaverkill" by Sparse Gray Hackle. Trenchermen, Tuck In!" by Herman Hickman.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated May 30, 1955

    Herb Score.

    "Spectacle: Half-Milers Sowell and Courtney" by Hy Peskin.

    "The Three Governors and Boxing's Dirty Business" by Martin Kane.

    "The Indianapolis 500: A Preview" by John Bentley and Wilbur Shaw.

    "The Nine Lives of Leo Durocher -- Part II" by Robert Shaplen.

    "The Walker Cup" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "The Gun That Wouldn't Die" by Paul R. Walker.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated June 6, 1955

    "Victory and Death at The Brickyard" by Alfred Wright.

    "The Nine Lives of Leo Durocher -- Part III" by Robert Shaplen.

    "Fun in Europe".

    "Navy's Mr. Rowing" (Rusty Callow) by Paul O'Neil.

    "Operation Big Breakfast" by John O'Reilly.

    "Harpoons Away!" by John Huston.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated June 13, 1955


    "The Cubs -- Chicago's Happy Traveling Men" by Robert Ceamer.

    "We Are Destroying Our National Parks" by Wallace Stegner.

    "Tenzing Finds Traces of the Mysterious Yeti" (Abominable Snowman).

    "Ted Atkinson: Wife's View of a Long Shot" by Walter Bernstein.

    "The Land of the Smallmouth Bass" by Mel Ellis.

    "Queens of the Deep Water" by Robert N. Bavier Jr.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated June 20, 1955

    Ed Furgol

    "Collegians, Man Your Oars" by Lee Griggs.

    "Jim Norris' Garden Party" (Madison Square Garden) by Martin Kane.

    "The Night Their Boy Carmen Won" (Carmen Basilio) by Budd Schulberg.

    "The Joy of Running -- Part 1 of Roger Bannister's Own Story.

    "The Olympic Gets an Overhaul" (golf) by Robert Trent Jones.

    "The Age of Hogan" (Ben Hogan) by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Ben Hogan" by Joan Flynn Dreyspool.

    "Motor Sports" by John Bentley.

    "Color in the Dust" (marbles) by Reginald Wells.

    "High-Jumping Babies" (miniature tarpon) by James Shepley.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated June 27, 1955

    Duke Snider.

    "Duke or Willie?" (Duke Snider).

    "Jack, The Giant Killer" (Jack Fleck) by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Four Million Minutes" by Roger Bannister.

    "The Amalfi Drive in Words and Color" by Horace Sutton.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated July 4, 1955

    Kippax Fearnought.

    "The Brave Bull Becomes Top Dog" by Reginald Wells.

    "Windjamming Round the World" by Lydia Edes.

    "The World's Fussiest Shooters" Paul R. Walker.

    "Yesterday: Sports of the Founding Fathers: by Robert H. Boyle.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated July 11, 1955

    Yogi Berra.

    "Wimbeldon's Winners" by William Talbert and Freb Tupper.

    "Squaw Valley's Million-Dollar Coup" by David Hulburd.

    "Happy Knoll Runs a Deficit" by J.P. Marquand.

    "A Great New Trout is Born" by Gilbert Paust.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated July 18, 1955


    "A Champion Lives in My House" (Shelley Mann) by Hamilton H. Mann.

    "Wilderness Campsite" by George Tichenor and Ted Trueblood.

    "At Home With Swaps in California" (Trainer Meshach Tenney) by James Murray.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated July 25, 1955

    The Matterhorn.

    "Don Campbell's Jet Waterbird" by Ezra Bowen.

    "Breakage at Happy Knoll" by J.P. Marquand.

    "Mountaineer's Mecca: The Mattterhorn" by Horace Sutton.

    "Fishing's Zaniest Rodeo" by Emmet Gowen.

    "The Pinky in the Red Sox Boot" (Mike Higgins) by Al Hirshberg.

    "Australia Toes the Mark" by Coles Phinizy.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated August 1, 1955

    Ted Williams.

    "Civil War in Virginia" by Rober Creamer.

    "The Compleat Fish Watcher" by Philip Wylie.

    "Gentleman Farmer of a Great Tradition" (F. Ambrose Clark) by Whitney Tower and Ronny Jaques.

    "Golf's Big Sugar Daddy" (George S. May) by Jack Mabley.

    "Austria's Fountain of Youth" by Paul Deutschman.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated August 8, 1955

    Ann Marston.

    "The Dog and the Kit Boat" by Richard Austin Smith.

    "Ball Team on the Road" by Mark Kauffman.

    "Gueen of the Salmon Rivers" by Wallace Stegner.

    "The Longbow is Back" by Reginald Wells.

    "Are We Losing the Olympic Ideal?" by Dr. Charles A. Bucher.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated August 15, 1955

    "The Golden Year" by Gerald Holland.

    "Spectacle: U.S. Water Babies" photographed by Mark Kauffman.

    "Stan Tinkhams' Teen-agers" by Lee Griggs.

    "Detroit Steals Seattle's Pride" by Paul O'Neil.

    Joe Schoenith wins speedboating's Gold Cup.

    "The Report that Shocked the President" by Robert H. Boyle.

    "The Golden Year" by Gerald Holland.

    "New Patterns of Sport" by Sidney L. James.

    "The Way the Ball Bounces" by J.P. Marquand.

    "The One Who Lived" by Thomas Dozier.

    Spanish matador Juan Belmonte

    "Promised Land of Pike" by Erwin A Bauer.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated August 22, 1955

    Don Newcombe (illustration).

    "The Boston Red Sox Have Got Ideas" by Roy Terrell.

    "Subjest: Don Newcombe" by Robert Creamer.

    "Brooklyn's Mad Golf Course" by Jane Perry.

    "Ah, For Trouth in Titicaca!" by Elmo C. Wilson.

    "The Isles of Greece" by Horace Sutton.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated August 29, 1955

    Tony Trabert.

    "...And Now the Match Race".

    Man to Beat at Devil's Lake" (Don Baldaccini) by Ezra Bowen.

    "Dufy at the Sea" (Raoul Dufy).

    "Mr. Smith Meets the President" by Edmund Ware Smith.

    "World's Greatest Pleasure Horse" by Reginald Wells.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated September 5, 1955

    Fred and Art Pinder

    "The Battle Royal" )American Leage pennant race) by Robert Creamer.

    "Brothers Under the Sea" (Fred and Art Pender) by Coles Phinizy.

    "Bunkhouse King of the Polo Field" (Cecil Calvert Smith) by Robert Shaplen.

    "The Pros Hit the Clover" (football) by Alfred Wright.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated September 12, 1955

    Bud Wilkinson.

    "Spectacle: Ride, Rancheros!" by Barron Beshoar.

    "Nashua & Arcaro: First All the Way" (Nashua, Arcaro and Swaps).

    "Mr. Fitz's Story" by Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons.

    "The Eleven Best Elevens" by Herman Hickman.

    "Conversation Piece: Subject: Bud Wilkinson" by Flynn Dreyspoll.

    "Bobby Jones's Grand Slam" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Dogs Strang and Rare".

    "Polo at Windsor".

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated September 19, 1955

    Rocky Marciano

    "Tip: Watch for Quick Chief" (Little Brown Jug race) by Jeremiah Tax.

    "How's Marciano Gonna Hit Me?" (Archie Moore) by Ezra Bowen and Martin Kane.

    "Football in the Far West" by Herman Hickman.

    "Hey, Mr. Banjo!" (Charles John Grimm) by Don Connery and Gerald Holland.

    "Where the Wild Goose Waits" by Scott Young.

    "The Silver Anniversary of Jones's Grand Slam -- Part II" (Bobby Jones) by Herbert Warren Wind.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated September 26, 1955

    Walter Alston.

    "Tarheel Triumph in the Old Dominion" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Midwest Football Preview" by Herman Hickman.

    "Three Touchdowns for Harvey" (Ronnie Knox and Harvey Knox) by James Murray.

    "Trouble in the Bar at Hapy Knoll" by J.P. Marquand.

    "Kings in a Cauldron" by William Worden.

    "Royal Sport in Ancient Egypt".

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated October 3, 1955

    Doak Waler.

    "Spectacle: Autumn in Indiana" by Paul O'Neil.

    "Maryland Stops the Knoxes" by James Murray.

    "A Champion Proves His Greatness" (Rocky Marciano) by Budd Schulberg.

    "Southwestern Football Review" by Herman Hickman.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated October 10, 1955

    "Preview: Upland Game Birds".

    "Bonnie Cashin's Backyard".

    "A Grouse Shoot in Scotland" by Herman Hickman.

    "Too Many Dark Jerseys" by James Atwater and John Zimmerman.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated October 17, 1955

    Princeton Band.

    "College Athletics: Best of Two Worlds" by Dr. A Whitney Griswold.

    "1958: A WIld Blue Dream of Glory" by James Murray.

    "Michigan Marches On".

    "Tennis Without Trabert" by William F. Talbert.

    "Go Fly A Kite".

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated October 24, 1955

    Howard Cassady (illustration).

    "The Rodeo's Magnificent Misfit" Helena Huntington Smith.

    "THe Pros are Upside Down -- And Scrambled" by Alfred Wright.

    "Ohio State: Team With 8 Million Coaches" by Robert Shaplen.

    "Football: Games of the Week".

    "Riders of the Underwater Deep".

    "Struggle for Stripers" by Emmett Gowen.

    "Here Comes Hockey" by Whitney Tower.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated October 31, 1955

    Pamela Phillips.

    "Richest Race in the World" by Whitney Tower.

    "Tigers, Truncheons and Tradition" by Coles Phinizy.

    "Frank Leahy" by Gerald Holland.

    "The Hores Show" by Alice Higgins.

    "Armor That Does as Much Harm as Good" by William H. White.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated November 7, 1955

    Bob Pelligrini.

    "From RAH to the Supersonic" by Martin Kane.

    "The Annual Dinner at Happy Knoll" by J.P. Marquand.

    "The Great Horse of the West" by Holland McCombs.

    "Pheasants by the Score" by George Laycock.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated November 14, 1955

    Ernest Burton.

    "India's Girls: From Purdah to Playing Fields" by Alexander Campbell.

    "Football fo the Week".

    "The Yankees Take Japan" by Curtis Prendergast.

    "Stirling Moss" by Paul Deutschman.

    "The Dreadful, Delightful Screech Owl" John O'Reilly.

    "Texas Christian: Football for Fun" by Seth Kantor.

    "Horseracing's Caviar: The Steeplechase" by Whitney Tower.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated November 21, 1955

    Skeeter Werner

    "To Save the Herd: Shoot More Deer" by Ed Zern and Reginald Wells.

    "Hungary Becomes a Great Power -- In Track" by David Mayer.

    "Whoop for Cranes" by John O'Reilly.

    "Skeeter Tunes Up" (Skeeter Werner) pictorial.

    "A Mountaineer Dream is Over" (Art "Pappy" Lewis) by James Atwater.

    "Charlie and the Boys" (Carlos de Cardenas and Carlos Jr.) by Henry Wallace.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated November 28, 1955

    Don Holleder

    "Army vs. Navy" by Alfred Wright.

    "Pro Football is Plenty Rough" by Melvin Durslag.

  • George Connor - Chicago Bears
  • Chuck Bednarik - Philadelphia Eagles
  • Hardy Brown - San Fancisco 49ers
  • Ed Sprinkle - Bears
  • "The Inland Waterway: Sea Road South" by Ezra Browen.

    "Hopalong's Day at Ann Arbor" by James Atwater.

    "Midseason Survey on Waterfowl" paintings by Artur Singer.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated December 5, 1955

    Louise Dyer.

    "Horses of the Year" by Whitney Tower.

    "The Army Arrived by Land" by Alfred Wright and John Groth.

    "We Want to Win, But..." by Robert W. McEwen.

    "Ambush in the Coliseum" by James Murray.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated December 12, 1955

    Aldwin's Jewell and Aldwin's Adele.

    "Miami-In-Mexico" by Horace Sutton.

    "Basketball Bounces In" by Roy Terrell.

    "Part II: The University of Eighth Avenue" by A.J. Liebling.

    "The Badgered Dog" by Reginald Wells.

    "Starlight on the Alleys" by Victor Kalman.

    "Curling: Brithers A" by Andrew Crichton.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated December 19, 1955

    Billy Andre and Josephine Thaler.

    "The Hoosier Madness" by Charles W. White.

    "THe Man on His Back Was Bobo Olson" by Budd Schulberg and Hy Peskin.

    "Skiing: A Builders' Year" by Ezra Bowen.

    "Sporting Art: The Racquet Club".

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated December 26, 1955

    Jim Swink

    "The Art of Skating" by Gerald Holland.

    "The Day of the Bowls are Here" (Orange, Sugar, Cotton, Rose) by Alfred Wright and Roy Terrell.

    "He Flies On One Wing" (Henry "Red" Sanders) by Joel Sayre.

    "This is Cortina" by Horace Sutton.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95
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