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Sports Illustrated January 2, 1956

Johnny Podres.

"1955: The Year, The Monent and Johnny Podres" by Robert Creamer.

"Report from Underground" by Robert Halmi.

"Crawling After Floyd Collins" by Coles Phinizy.

"Cars of the Golden Age" Kenneth Rudeen.

"What To Do After a Heart Attack? Exercise!" by Dorothy Stull.

Price: $18.95

wish list Sports Illustrated January 9, 1956

Bob Cousy.

"Bob Cousy: Basketball's Creative Genius -- First of Two Parts" by Herbert Warren Wind.

"Land of the Rising Ski" by Ezra Bowen.

"Football's Annual Apotheosis -- The Bowl Games".

"Harvey Schur" by Richard Gehman.

"SOme Baseball Statistics, Anyone?" by H. Allen Smith.

"The Tournaments and the Man Who" (Bill Russell) by Roy Terrell.

wish list

Price: $18.95

Sports Illustrated January 16, 1956

Mike Souchak

"Bring on the Hay Bales" (Corvette road test) by John Fitch and Kenneth Rudeen.

"Bob Cousy: The Man and the Game -- Part II" by Herbert Warren Wind.

"Ten Weeks of Splinters" (indoor track) by Robert Creamer.

  • Arnold Sowell
  • Ron Delany
  • Bob Richards
  • Harrison Dillard
  • Brian Newson
  • Wes Santee
  • "The Biggest Bird Watch" by John O'Reilly, paintings by Roger Tory Peterson.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated January 23, 1956

    Jean Beliveau

    "The Marvels From Montreal" (National Hockey League) by Whitney Tower.

    "Yale Churns on at the Waterworks" by Alfred Wright.

    "Rocky Marciano" by Joan Flynn Dreyspool.

    "The Muskrat: Rogue of the Marshes" by Dr. William J. Long.

    "Timberline: Triumph After Scandal".

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated January 30, 1956

    Jayes Jenkins and Tenley Albright.

    "Meet the Next Heavyweight Champion" (Floyd Patterson) by Paul O'Neil.

    "The Wicket Men of Hollywood" by James Murray.

    "The Embattled World of Aery Brundage" by Robert Crearmer.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated February 6, 1956

    Ralph Miller.

    "Halfway at Cortina -- Russia Takes Over" by Andre Laguerre.

    "Part II: Avery Brundage" by Robert Creamer.

    "The Bronze Age in Boating".

    "Soccer's Old Man Stanley" (Stanley Matthews).

    "Hero Worship at Work"

  • Carl Erskine
  • Dan Towler
  • Adrian Burk
  • George Kell
  • Robin Roberts

  • Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated February 13, 1956

    Charles "Chick" Maute.

    "The Lessons of Cortina -- And the Beau of Cortina" by Andre Laguerre.

    "Joe Yancey and the Pioneers" by James Poling.

    "Dick Irvin" by Whitney Tower.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated February 20, 1956

    "Boosterism Explodes at the U. of Washington".

    "Goodby, Mr. Mack" (Cornelius "Connie" Mack).

    "The Everglades: Bird Watching's Paradise" by John O'Reilly and Horace Sutton.

    "Hot Words at Happy Knoll" by John P. Marquand.

    "King and Queen of Sharks" (Bob and Dolly Dyer) by Coles Phinizy.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated February 27, 1956


    "The Big Business of Baseball -- First of Two Parts" by Robert Coughlan.

    "Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright" by John Huston.

    "The Scandal on the Beaverkill" by Sparse Grey Hackle.

    "A Toy Poodle Wins at Westminster" by Alice Higgins.

    "Nashua and Swamps Return to the Wars" by Whitney Tower and James Murray.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated March 5, 1956

    Bill Virdon, Harry Elliott, Rip Repulski, Wally Moon and Stan Musial.

    "Baseball Blooms in the Southland" by Gerald Holland.

    "Needles and the 3-Year-Olds" by Whitney Tower.

    "Baseball, Part II: The Happy Serf" by Robert Coughlan.

    "Salute to Speed" (NASCAR) by Kenneth Rudeen.

    "Tomorrow's Dream Cars Today" by Norman E. Nicholson.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated March 12, 1956

    Taejon Of Crown Crest.

    "The Magic of Mercedes".

    "Wes Santee's Overwhelming Saturday" by Roy Terrell.

    "Mano a Mano in Maracay" (bull fighting) by Rafael Delgado Lozano and Mark Kauffman.

    "Louie Radzienda's Big Question" by Jack Mabley.

    "The Afghan: Daring and a Dandy" by Alic Higgins.

    "The Ghosts Come to Life" by (Mercedes) Kenneth Rudeen.

    "Chickens in the Rough" (gamecock fighting) by John O'Reilly.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated March 19, 1956

    Alfred Glassell Jr.

    "The Dodgers' Problem: How to Do It Again" by Robert Creamer and Hy Peskin.

    "Basketball's Tournament Time" by Roy Terrell.

    "The Year the Red Wings Lost the Pennant" by Herbert Warren.

    "Bohlke's Wonderful Landing Field" (William Bohlke) by Whitney Tower.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated March 26, 1956

    Jim Kimberly.

    "Another Coaxial Shock for the Boxing Fans" (Johnny Saxton) by Martin Kane.

    "The Big Race and the Golden Age" (Jim Kimberly).

    "How the Reds Paid One Amateur" (skating) by James Poling.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated April 2, 1956

    Al Wiggins.

    "Honest Bill Daly" by Robert H. Boyle.

    "The Face of Boxing, Coast to Coast" by James Murray.

    "Wave Riding is Spreading Out" by Coles Phinizy.

    "April...Golf...and Now the Masters" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Leadfoot and Lightfoot" (Bob Sweikert and Juan Manuel) by Coles Phinizy.

    "The Crisis of African Game" by Arthur Shay.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated April 9, 1956

    "A Majority Opinion by the Chief Justice of the U.S." by Earl Warren.

    "Major League Preview, With 16 Pages of Scouting Reports" by Robert Ceamer.

    "The New Managers" by Alfred Wright.

    "Jogi and Campy" (Yogi Berra and Roy Campanella) by Joan Flynn Dreyspool.

    "Three Hours and a Million Choices" by Jeremiah Tax and Robert Riger.

    "10 Years at a Glance" by Les Woodcock.

    "Flannels and Fields" by Gerald Holland.

    "Facts of 40 Arguments" by Paul Abramson.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated April 16, 1956

    Barbara Romack.

    "The Ages of Baseball" by Mark Kauffman.

    "The Opympian Fields of Moscow" by Horace Sutton.

    "And Then -- On the Fourth Day -- Jack Burke Took Charge" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Spring in Kentucky" by Whitney Tower.

    "P.T. Chinn" by Gerald Holland.

    "Does a Porcupine Throw It's Quills?" by Dr. William J. Long.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated April 23, 1956

    Billy Martin.

    "The Bulls of Death" by John Kolber.

    "The Case Agains the IBC" by Martin Kane and James Shepley.

    "The Damndest Yankee of Them All" (Billy Martin) by Paul O'Neil.

    "Hell-Bent Hydroplanes" by Jim Atwater.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated April 30, 1956

    "Golf in the Desert" (Las Vegas' Tournament of Champions) by Robert Wernick.

    "Quite a Week in Pro Boxing" by Martin Kane.

    "The Brown Trout: A Success Story" by Cecil Heacox.

    "Ike Returns to the Fairways" (President Eisenhower) by Hank Walker.

    "Introducitn Captain Humphrey Bogart" by James Murray.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated May 7, 1956

    Dave Erb and Needles (illustration).

    "The End of an Era in Boxing" (Rocky Marciano" by Joan Flynn Dreyspool.

    "The Boatingest City of All" (Seattle) by Emmett Watson.

    "The Kentucky Derby" by Whitney Tower.

    "Five Ferraris and Il Bello" by William Rospigliosi.

    "Classic Duel of Speed at the Drake Relays" by Roy Terrell.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated May 14, 1956

    Al Kaline and Harvey Kuenn.

    "The Mile" (John Landy and Jim Bailey) by Paul O'Neil.

    "The Derby" by Whitney Tower.

    "A Derby Letter to Happy Knoll" by John P. Marquand.

    "Babe and George Zaharias" by Joan Flynn Dreyspool.

    "On the Lookout for a Kaline" by Robert Shaplen.

    "The Brookie: An Early American" by Bob Elliot.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated May 21, 1956

    John Landy.

    "A Man Conquers Himself" (John Landy) by Paul O'Neil.

    "The Ultimate Storm -- Part I" by William A. Robinson.

    The Koon Kreek Kids" by Helen Markel.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated May 28, 1956

    Bob Sweikert.

    "The Indianapolis 500" by Alfred Wright.

    "The Ultimate Storm -- Part II" by William A. Robinson.

    "Isle of the Mighy Blue Fin" by Gordon Lewis.

    "Safe in the Wild" by Dr. William J. Long.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated June 4, 1956

    Floyd Patterson.

    "Dave Sime: Superman in Spikes" by Roy Terrell.

    "The Biggest Elephant Ever Shot" by Jose Fenykovi.

    "The Patterson-Jackson Fight" (Floyd Patterson and Hurrican Jackson) by Robert Riger.

    "The Father of the Fly Rod" (Hiram Leonard) by Sparse Grey Hackle.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated June 11, 1956

    Sam Snead.

    "The American League? Phooey!" by James Murray.

    "The U.S. Open" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "The Indianapolis "500" Saw Some Awful Tangles" by Alfred Wright.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated June 18, 1956

    Mickey Mantle.

    "The Mantle of Ruth" by Robert Creamer.

    "How to Print Your Fish" by Elaine St. Maur.


    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated June 25, 1956

    Cover Warren Spahn.

    "The Chase of the Doc at Oak Hill" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Rhubarbs and Baseball -- The Roman Way" by George Weller.

    "Are Lefties Human?"

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated July 2, 1956

    Dave Sime and Bobby Morrow.

    "And Now: The Biggest Battle of All" by Roy Terrell.

    "America's New Gibson Girl" (Althea Gibson).

    "First Blow for Fitness" by Dorothy Stull.

    "50 Million Campers Hit the Trail" by Toni Frissell.

    "The Pikes Peak Boys" by Albert Rosenfeld.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated July 9, 1956

  • Dale Long
  • Ken Boyer
  • Ernie Banks
  • Stan Musial
  • Bob Friend
  • Harvey Kuenn
  • Duke Snider
  • Mickey Mantle
  • Yogi Berra
  • Tom Brewer
  • Features
    "Olympians are Your Neighbors" by Roy Terrell.

    "All-Star Attitudes".

    "Subject: Stan Musial" by Joan Flynn Dreyspool.

    "The Lament of a Trusting Wife" by Joanne Jackson Bratton.

    "The White Giant of the Icy North" by William A. Fisher and Robert Halmi.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated July 16, 1956

    Ted Kluszewski, Wally Post and Gus Bell.

    "The Cincinnati Story: Power, Power, Power!" by Robert Creamer.

    "First Dream Track".

    "Wimbledon: Two COntinued Stories" (Lew Hoad and Althea Gibson) by William F. Talbert.

    "Be Happy, Go Healthy" (Bonnie Prudden) by Dorothy Stull.

    "Another Giant From the Valley" (Rafer Johnson) by Coles Phinizy.

    "Sporting Tour of Europe".

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated July 23, 1956

    Luther Lyons and Adios Harry.

    "Casey Puts It on Ice" by Robert Creamer.

    "The Mackinac Race".

    "Are Women People at Happy Knoll?" by John P. Marquand.

    "Golf and the Women" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Robert Frost Goes to the All-Star Game" by Robert Frost.

    "Subject: Marty Marion" by Joan Flynn Dreyspool.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated July 30, 1956

    Joe Adcock.

    "Arms (Five) and the Man" by Roy Terrell.

  • Lew Burdette
  • Bob Buhl
  • Warren Spahn
  • Ray Crone
  • Gene Conley
  • "Nerve Test on the Needles".

    "A Manager and His Fighter" (Robert H. Boyle) by Russell Hoban.

    "Uncle Lou's Dream Boat" (Lou Marron).

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated August 6, 1956

    Jeanne Stunyo.

    "The College Football Crisis -- Part I" by Herman Hickman.

    "The August Delights of Saratoga" by Frank Sullivan.

    "Are Umpires Ever Wrong?" by Gil Stratton Jr.

    "Rich Man in the Driver's Seat" by Jeremiah Tax.

    "Two in a Bull Fight" by Rafael Delgado Lozano.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated August 13, 1956

    "Brooklyn's Money Men Come Through" by Roy Terrell.

    "France's Mad Bicycle Race" by WIlliam McHale.

    "The College Football Crisis: Part II" by Herman Hickman.

    "Smooth Pack Trip Through the Rough Rockies".

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated August 20, 1956

    "Dedication: To the Participants".

    "Red Fans and Fair Ladies".

    "Ted Williams Defies His Critics".

    "Sires, Sales and the Challenge" by Whitney Tower.

    "New Look in Minneapolis: Old Look in New York".

    "Nobody Sleeps on Sunday Afternoons" Paul O'Neil.

    "The Age of Sport: 1954-2004 A.D." by Gerald Holland.

    "Jet Outboards and Plastic Hulls" by Ezra Bowen.

    "Locker Room Trouble at Happy Knoll" by John P. Marquand.

    "The Sweetheart from Luna" Russell Hoban.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated August 27, 1956

    Doris and Ruth Gissy.

    "Can the Soviet Girls be Stopped?" by Mary Snow.

    "Big Noise in Detroit" by Horace Sutton.

    "Avery Brundage on the Spot" by James Murray.

    "Where are America's Milers?" (distance runners) by David Richardson.

    "Fun at the Family Fair" by Richard Meek.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated September 3, 1956

    Lew Hoad.

    "Lew Goes for Number 4" by William F. Talbert.

    "Mile-High Regatta" by Jack Tobin.

    "College Ball Was Never Like This" by Robert Riger.

    "The Striped Bass: A Detective Story -- Part Two" by Gerald Holland.

    "Up a Lazy River" by W. Eugene Smith and Paul O'Neil.

    "It's Test Time for the 2-Year-Olds" by Whitney Tower.

    "Golf's Grand Old Man" (Bernard Darwin) by Herbert Warren Wind.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated September 10, 1956

    Whitey Ford.

    "The Pitcher Who Could Win the Series" (Whitey Ford) by Robert Creamer.

    "Rogers Hornsby" by Dorothy Stull.

    "War is Declared" (harness racing) by Jeremiah Tax.

    "Profit from Power" by John O'Reilly.

    "Test Time for Tuna" (International Tuna Cup Match) by Thomas H. Lineaweaver.

    "Presistent Sportsman" (President Grover Cleveland) by John Durant.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated September 17, 1956

    Willie Hartack.

    "Three Clubs, and Only a Few Days to Go".

    "The Front Runner" (Willie Hartack) by Joe Hirsch.

    "Fishing and Hunting in America: A National Survey.

    "Hunting Big Game in America" by Reginald Wells.

    "This is My Story of the Black Sox Series" by Arnold (Chick) Gandil as told to Melvin Durslag.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated September 24, 1956

    "Baseball: A Time for Valor" by Robert Creamer.

    "Basilio Night in Syracuse (Hound Carmen Basilio and Rabbit Johnny Saxton) by Martin Kane.

    "Encore for Harvie Ward" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "March, March to Victory" (football) by Paul O'Neil and Tex Maule.

    "The Eleven Best Elevens" (footbal) by Herman Hickman.

    "Saturday's Heroes" by Don Parker.

    "What Happens to Football Players? Part I" by Robert Couchlan.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated October 1, 1956

    Mickey Mantle.

    "Cocky Nationals and Mighty Yanks" by Robert Creamer and Roy Terrell.

    "Footloose in the National League" by Horace Sutton.

    "The Illegal Whole's Legal Half" by Robert H. Boyle.

    "What Happens to Football Players? Part II" by Robert Coughlan.

    "Twenty-Four Hours to Paradise" by Horace Sutton.

    "Casey in teh Stretch" (Casey Stengel) by Gerald Holland.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated October 8, 1956

    Paul Brown and George Ratterman (illustration).

    "The Great Drama: Last Act" (baseball) by Robert Creamer.

    "My Baseball" by William Saroyan.

    "Pros Aweigh" (football) by James Murray.

    "U.S. Tennis is Being Killed" by Whitney Tower.

    "Farewell to the Babe" (Babe Didrikson Zaharias) by Paul Gallico.

    "The One-Shot Killer" (Roy Weatherby) by Martin Kane.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated October 15, 1956

    Harold S. Vanderbilt.

    "The Curtain Rises" (baseball) by Robert Creamer.

    "Par's New Girls" (Marlene Stwart and JoAnne Gunderson) by Herbert Wannen Wind.

    "Hail the Tubas" by Chester L. Smith.

    "The Mammoth Kill" by Lincoln Barnett.

    "The Vanderbilt Story -- Great Days Under Sail - Part I" by George Plimpton.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated October 22, 1956

    Dr. John Chambers.

    "Go! Go! Go! Go! -- Football: Fourth Week".

    "One By One and Seven" (World Series) by William Saroyan.

    "The Name Is Yogi" (Yogi Berra) by Robert Creamer.

    "The Gantlet Run Begins" (duck and goose hunting).

    "The Clouded Victory -- The Vanderbilt Story: Part II" by George Plimpton.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated October 29, 1956

    Paul Hornung.

    "Big Ten and Nine Points".

    "Golf and the Seasons" by Herbert Warren Wind.

    "Michigan State 47, Notre Dame 14 -- Football: Fifth Week".

    "This Week: Oklahoma!" (football) by Jack Olsen.

    "Inside Florida" (scuba diving) by Coles Phinizy.

    "The Ultimate Triumph -- The Vanderbilt Story: Part III" by George Plimpton.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated November 5, 1956

    Handsom Dan IX, Yale mascot.

    "Now in November" (college football).

    "Fun Amoung the Ivy" pictorial by Jerry Cooke.

    "Australia: Sporting Continent" by William L. Worden.

    "1956: Year of Change" (America's Cup) by Ezra Bowen.

    "House of Cards -- The Vanderbilt Story: Part IV" (Harold Vanderbilt) by George Plimpton.

    Price: $18.95

    wish list Sports Illustrated November 12, 1956

    Tom Maentz and Ron Kramer.

    "Down Goes Mr. Brodie" (John Brodie) by James Murray.

    "The Elite at Laurel" by Whitney Tower.

    "Around the Country -- Football: Seventh Week" by Don Parker.

    "Legendary Loula" (Loula Long Combs) by Helen Markel.

    "Dufy Will Think of Something!" (Duffy Daugherty) by Gerald Holland.

    wish list

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated November 19, 1956

    Olympic Preview Issue

    "Huj, Huj, Hajra!" (Olympics).

    "A Day of Decision -- Football: Eighth Week".

    "The 1956 Olympics" by Coles Phinizy.

    "Watch the U.S." (track and field) by Roy Terrell.

    "The Host is Best" (swimming) by Coles Phinizy and Fred Hubbard.

    "Exclusive: Bannister's Olympic Forecast" by Roger Bannister.

    "Mr. Helms's Happy Hobby" (Paul Helms) by Joel Sayre.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated November 26, 1956

    "Greatest Show on Earth" (USC and UCLA) by James Murray.

    "Everybody Gets Into the Act" by Tex Maule.

    "Last Change for Old Arch" (Archie Moore) by Martin Kane.

    "Around the Country -- Football Ninth Week" by Don Parker.

    "The Mysterious Mentor of Melbourne" (Franz Stampfl) by Terry O'Connor.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated December 3, 1956

    Chuck Conerly.

    "World's Eye on Sport" (Olympics) by Andre LaGuerre.

    "A Star-Spangled Symphonly" by Roy Terrell.

    "Hungary's Heroes in Their Hour of Staggering Strain".

    "Wild and Wet" (San Fancisco Bay sailors) by Richard Pollard.

    "The Titans Were Tied" (New York Giants and Chicago Bears) by Tex Maule.

    "Day of the Big Game -- Football: Tenth Week".

    "Caveat Annapolis" (Earl Blaik) by Don Parker.

    "Down to the Sea in Subways" (Brooklyn party-boats) by Evan EcLeod Wylie.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated December 10, 1956

    "Distance Runners" painting by Morton Roberts.

    "The Man the System Could Not Beat" (Floyd Patterson) by Martin Kane.

    "Golden Melbourne" (Olympics).

    "Swaps's Year" (Swaps and Willie Shoemaker) by Whitney Tower.

    "Quail Hunt De Luxe" by Holland McCombs.

    "Bob Lights a Navy Fire -- Football: Eleventh Week" (William Earle Smith) by Don Parker.

    "The Search for a Superhorse" (Ribot) by Luigi Barzini Jr.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated December 17, 1956

    Elizabeth Guest.

    "Down a Road Called Liberty" by Andre Laguerre.

    How Hungarian athletes in Melbourne approached Sports Illustrated to ask for help in coming to America -- And how 35 made the decision for freedom.

    "Animal Kingdom of the Cage" (basketball) by Jeremiah Tax.

    "Laurentian Holiday" (Lodge at Mont Tremblant).

    "Alex Cushing on the Spot".

    "Track and Field Medal Winners at Melbourne's Olympic Games".

    "Down the Keys to Wonderland" by Reginald Wells.

    Price: $18.95

    Sports Illustrated December 24, 1956

    "It Started With Flowers" (Tournament of Roses) by Ray Duncan.

    "Bowl Hunches by Hickman".

    "Now the Playoff" (Chigago Bears and New York Giants).

    "The Pros Reassemble at Los Angeles" (Los Angeles Open) by James Murray.

    "A Fender, A Poem" by Kenneth Rudeen.

    "Dynamite on Wheels: The Ferrari".

    "Men of the Quarter Century" (Silver All-America award) by Jack Tibby.

    "1931-1956: Men of Achievement"

  • Roger W. Blanchard
  • Charles C. Tillinghast Jr.
  • Clem E. Bininger
  • A.U. "Buck" Priester Jr.
  • James Haley
  • William H. Morton
  • James W. Heckman
  • Josiah C. Hall
  • William Barry Wood
  • James W. Bampton
  • Ray Eliot
  • G. Douglas Reed
  • Edward W. Suarez
  • Clarence L. "Biggie" Munn
  • Louis J. Kirn
  • Ernest L. Massad
  • Ralph Dougherty
  • Willis M. Tate
  • Wilson H. Elkins
  • J. Earl Rudder
  • Eldon C. Upton Jr.
  • Edward M. Winant
  • John E. Doyle
  • John W. Tuthill
  • Douglas MacArthur II
  • "First Artist of the Winged Wild" (Alexander Wilson) by Robert Cantwell.

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    wish list Sports Illustrated December 31, 1956

    wish list

    Price: $18.95
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