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Sports Illustrated January 9, 1995

Tom Osborne.

How Sweet It Is!!!
Slaying Them Slowly by Phil Taylor
The Last Ride by Richard Hoffer
Showdown by Micheal Silver
The Face by Tim Crothers
Ball of Confusion by Leigh Montville

Price: $9.75

Sports Illustrated January 16, 1995
The Real Super Bowl!
Destoyers by Rick Telander
The Last Hurrah by Michael Silver
Putting His House in Order by Richard Hoffer
Back in Style by Michael Farber
The Crash by Leigh Montville
A Latin Beat by Leigh Montville
Special Delivery by Steve Wulf

Price: $9.75

Sports Illustrated January 23, 1995

Steve Young.

Beaten Deep: NFC Championship
The Last, Best Word by Michael Silver
Drop Those Pucks! by E.M. Stewart
UConn, UMass, U Bet! by Gerry Callahan
A Quick Reverse by Jack McCallum
No Mas...Please by Leigh Montville
Lake Show by Richard Hoffer
Swing Shift by Tim Kurkjian
Snowboard Nation by Michael Farber

Price: $9.75

Sports Illustrated January 30, 1995
Super Bowl XXIX Preview
Bad Actors by Phil Taylor
Wings of Hope by Austin Murphy
Duke Takes a Dive by Tim Crothers
The Daily Double by Christian Stone
Going for the Green by Rick Reilly
True Miami by S.L.Price

Price: $9.75

Sports Illustrated February 6, 1995
#5 for the 49ner's
Sweet Music by John Garrity

Beauty and Baldy by Sally Jenkins

Smooth and Nutty by Franz Lidz
The Philadelphia Story by Jack McCallum
Attitude for Sale by Ed Hinton

Price: $9.75

Sports Illustrated February 13, 1995

Anfernee Hardaway.

Price: $9.75

Sports Illustrated February 20, August 1995 (Swimsuit Issue)
Daniela Glistens in Bermuda
  • Ashley Richardson
  • Manon von Gerkan
  • Rebecca Romijn
  • Cheryl Tiegs
  • Vendela
  • Angie Everhart
  • Judit Masco
    Costa Rica
  • Patricia Valasquez
  • Stacy Williams
  • Roberta Little
  • Yasmeen
  • Ingrid Seyhaeve
  • Talisa Soto

  • Price: $15.95

    Sports Illustrated February 27, 1995

    Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated March 6, 1995

    Jerry Stackhouse (Player of the Year).

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated March 13, 1995

    Andre Agassi.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated March 20, 1995

    Michael Jordan (illustration).

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated March 27, 1995

    Michael Jordan.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated April 3, 1995

    Corey Beck.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated April 10, 1995

    Ed O'Bannon.

    There are multiple covers for this issue we will ship what is on hand

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated April 17, 1995

    Ben Crenshaw.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated April 24, 1995

    Joe Montana and family.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated May 1, 1995

    Cal Ripken Jr.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated May 8, 1995

    "Anybody Home?" by Tom Verducci.

    "This, Bud, Is for You" by Kelly Whiteside.

    "A Rocky State in Denver" by Rick Reilly.

    "The Royal Treatment" by Tim Kurkjian.

    "The Last, But Not the Least" by Gordon Edes.

    "Gut Checks" (Celtics, Cavs and Lakers) by Tim Crothers.

    "Song of the Siren" (Serena's Song) by William F. Reed.

    "Forget Those Jokes" by Ed Hinton.

    "Born to Be Wild" (Helen Alfredson) by Amy Nutt.

    "Torn Asunder" (Mike Keenan) by Gary Smith.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated May 15, 1995

    Bobby Cox, Gary Moeller and Dennis Erickson.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated May 22, 1995

    Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated May 29, 1995

    Dennis Rodman.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated June 5, 1995

    Matt Williams.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated June 12, 1995
    Why the Universary of Florida should drop foorball.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated June 19, 1995

    Clyde Drexler.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated June 26, 1995

    Kevin Garnett.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated July 3, 1995

    Mike Tyson (illustration).

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated July 10, 1995

    Hideo Nomo.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated July 17, 1995
    The Return: Monica Seles
    Quality Wins by Sally Jenkins
    Carew's Crew by Tom Verducci
    Road Warrior by Ed Hinton
    Tightly Focused by Johnette Howard
    Point of View by John Garrity

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated July 24, 1995

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated July 31, 1995
    Against All Odds: John Daly
    An Epic Finish by Rick Reilly
    Rocky Mountain HomeRun Fever by Tom Verducci
    A Test of the Heart by Austin Murphy
    Dashing to Daylight by Tim Layden
    Sun Burned by Leigh Montville
    Is William Floyd the Next 49ner Superstar? by Peter King
    Catch-21 by Steve Rushin
    Special Report: Sports Dirty Little Secret by William Nack and Lester Munson

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated August 7, 1995
    Cal Ripkin Jr.: Man of Iron
    Special Report:Credit Risk
    Drawing First Blood by Peter King

    Back in Full Swing by Sally Jenkins

    Vexed by Vertigo by Leigh Montville
    One More Drive by Gerry Callahan
    Words to Win By by Donald Katz

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated August 14, 1995

    Greg Maddux.

    'Bama Busted!!: Trading Places

  • Once in a Lifetime
  • Rebirth in the Bronx
    Football: The Legacy
    Tack and Field: Primal Scream
    Disabled Athletes: Ready, Willing, and Able. Two different covers.

  • Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated August 21, 1995

    Mickey Mantle.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated August 28, 1995
    Suthern Cal: Keyshawn Johnson
    College Football Preview
    Con-Job by Richard Hoffer
    Still the One by Sally Jenkins
    All Fired Up by William F. Reed
    Glory Days Again by Tim Layden
    Top 25
    Playing in Pain by Johnette Howard
    One to 108
    Top of the Line by S.L.Price
    Leap of Faith by
    Division 1-AA by Tim Layden
    Division II by Teddy Greenstein
    Division III by Michael Farber
    Once Upon a Time... by John Ed Bradley

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated September 4, 1995

    NFL Preview 1995

    Dan Marino.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated September 11, 1995
    Cal Ripken Jr.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated September 18, 1995

    Emmit Smith.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated September 25, 1995

    Danny Wuerffel.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated October 2, 1995

    Mo Vaughn.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated October 9, 1995

    Deion Sanders.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated October 16, 1995
    Ken Griffey Jr.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated October 23, 1995

    Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated October 30, 1995

    Bo Jackson.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated November 6, 1995

    "Brave Hearts" (Atlanta) by Tom Verducci.

    "Red November" (Nebraska and Colorado) by Tim Layden.

    "Don't Look Back" (Cigar) by William F. Reed.

    "Zeier on Fire" (Eric Zeier) by Austin Murphy.

    "Par for the Course" (Billy Mayfair) by Michael Bamberger.

    "Bitter Medicine" by Joseph Nocera.

    "Skins Game" by Leigh Montville.

    "This Isn't Babysitting" (Lou d'Almeido.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated November 13, 1995

    Darnell Autry.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated November 20, 1995

    "Untouchable" (Dallas and San Francisco) by Michael Silver.

    "The All-Pro Bono" (Steve Bono) by Michale Silver).

    "Rink Rats" by Leigh Montville.

    "Pride of Hyden" (Tim Couch) by Steve Rushin.

    "Whoa, Canada" (Toronto and Vancouver) by Michael Farber.

    "Coming Into Focus" by Tim Layden.

    "Eleven Seconds" (Travis Roy) by E.M. Smith.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated November 27, 1995
    1995-1996 College Basketball Preview
    Riding High by Austin Murphy

    Still in the Hunt by Peter King

    Ticket to Ride by Ed Hinton
    The Blues by Gerry Callahan
    Chemistry 101 by Alexander Wolff
    Slam Duncan by Tim Crothers
    Holy Hoops by Scott Menchin
    The Top 20 by Tim Crothers
    Center Stage by Dana Gelin
    Connecticut and Co.
    Dynasty by Richard Hoffer

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated December 4, 1995

    Art Modell (illustration).

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated December 11, 1995

    Pat Riley and Don Shula.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated December 18, 1995

    Cal Ripken Jr. (Sportsman of the Year).

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated Double Issue December 25, 1995 - January 1, 1996

    Steve Tasker.One of two different covers

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated Fall 1995 (extra issue) (Special NFL Classic Edition)

    Special NFL Classic Edition

    Bobby Layne.

    Price: $9.75

    Sports Illustrated Year in Pictures 1995

    Price: $16.95
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